As psychics, our challenge is to interpret the signals spirit delivers in a myriad of ways.  It is also important to understand how it was that a particular paranormal experience was triggered…  some visions are not what they seem…

Three years ago,I was spiritually lost and felt suicidal, didn’t know what to do with myself. I made a decision and followed example of Christ, I spent everything I had and fasted. I starved for 14 days and stopped, because of the strange vision that I received. The vision frightened me, it showed me the world that controls ours. There were demons in human image who introduced me to their world. They told me that I’m an angel from heaven, who was sent here to save all people and they were never going to let it happen. Demons showed my private life to the world, even before I was born, all people of the world knew everything about my private life, even every intimate thought! I’ve seen several other visions from demon world of how later in life, I’ll change the world into super modern paradise that I called a Trio system.  Pavel

You must be careful about fasting. Unless one comes from a culture of intense mental discipline such as Budhism or Hinduism it is not wise to fast to the extent that you did. When reaching the brink of starvation, the brain is also starved and is therefore prone to hallucinations which are often based on our fears and childhood belief systems.

I, as a psychic, am very aware of the importance of maintaining energy levels and do not endorse fasting of any kind unless is it for one day- Such as for Yom Kippur, a high holy day for those of the Jewish faith. Even those who fast during lent usually eat light meals or simply skip a meal as a devotional.

As with dehydration, one cannnot place important on what is seen in deprived states. The brain is simply not functioning. If you have recurrent impluses to repeat this experience I highly recommend seeking medical help as being psychic does not demand such extreme sacrifice. Blessings, Cate

I do believe you actually experienced what you describe.  However,  I do not think it was a revelation or vision from God.  What you experienced would be called hallucinations.

Medical Studies show that after starving or depriving your body of food and water for more than a couple of days, you will a variety of neurological and psychiatric symptoms, including hallucinations and convulsions, as well as severe muscle pain and disturbances in heart rhythm.  If you continue to do this it can cause long term serious health problems.  Since the body will combat malnutrition by breaking down its own fat and eventually its own tissue, a whole host of symptoms can appear. The body’s structure, as well as its functions, are affected.

I would strongly advise you against continuing to do this. Shelly

Phil the astrologer here.

This is not necessarily a mystical experience, and as Phil explains following, demons come from within us. Demons are manifestations of our fears.  The visions in this experience are triggered by deprivation and denial as opposed to coming from Higher Self or Spirit Guides – or demons.  These visions come as a chemical response to being starved, thus these images cannot be trusted as messages from demons, but rather as messages from your soul self. I would say the key message here is that fear is getting in the way of progress and growth… that you have it in you to help other heal, once you heal yourself… The vision remind you of our Oneness, and to value your connection to the One.  Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I guess I have to tell you first that I don’t believe in demons. I believe that demons only exist because we create them from within ourselves, and then we project them outside of ourselves to others, or we see them as something outside of ourselves. The reasons I believe this are coming from my life-long personal experiences and dedication to understanding what “demons” really are, coupled with some reassurances from the actual words of the Christ himself.

Some background.

I was force-fed a fire-and-brimstone education since I was in diapers, yet it never made much sense to me. I mean, how could such a genuinely loving, living “Son of God” (Jesus) have such a jealous or vengeful father “God,” like the one found in the Old Testament, relating laws set up during the Bronze Age? Were all the other religions wrong? Why was everyone saying one thing, and then doing the wrong thing? Was dressing up to have perfect attendance in Sunday School really a prerequisite for getting into heaven? And how could followers of Jesus and God do such rotten things to other fellow human beings, like during the Crusades, all the way up to Nazi Germany and the George W Bush administration, in the name of the “one true” God? I heard it said many times that “God is on our side,” which always smelled like an unholy marriage of ignorance and arrogance to my young mind.

When I was old enough to think for myself, I started a search to find the actual words of Jesus, the true Christ Consciousness I intuitively knew existed. To my amazement, it was discovered in a bunch of ancient scrolls found in Nag Hammadi Egypt in 1946 and translated directly into English by linguistic scholars by 1972 – not by Popes and politicians like the Bible was, from Syriac to Aramaic to Greek to Hebrew to Latin or whatever. So much of the true message was lost in the translation regarding demons and such, so the Bible should never be taken literally or as historically accurate.

One book from the Nag Hammadi Library in particular was the Gospel of Thomas, apparently the only apostle or disciple of Jesus who was a scribe, someone who could actually read and write. Perhaps Thomas, the “doubting Thomas,” was the only scribe who actually knew Jesus, as opposed to the authors of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John who had never even met Jesus, and whose Gospels were written many decades and centuries after Jesus had died and been resurrected. I’ll trust Thomas’ recollections of the actual words of Jesus over all the other’s, as I always want to rely on first-person evidence.

Jesus’ followers seemed to be having a hard time grasping what or who God “the father” was, or what the “kingdom of heaven” was – where God lived – and where the consciousness of Jesus was coming from. For instance, in a passage that has changed my life for the better, when asked by a disciple, “Where is the kingdom of heaven?” Jesus replied (and I paraphrase), “…if the kingdom were in the sky, the birds will have preceded you. If the kingdom were in the sea, the fish would have come before you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known (to God)…”

In other words, God and Heaven are living within each and everyone of us! This is the enlightenment of having become known to God – or rather of our knowing that we are all a part of God. We just need to know this about ourselves and our lives as the ultimate creators if we want to make this world look like anything we want it to. Taken further, if we can recognize and acknowledge God and Heaven within ourselves, we can also see that the “demons” live within ourselves as well. These demons are self-created, and they can safely be self-dismantled – they are only figments of our imagination, arising from the depths of our darkest fears. We only need to eliminate fear in our lives to make God and Heaven real in our lives.

As performance artist Laurie Anderson once put it, “Heaven is a place that looks exactly where we are right now – only much, much better.” The real trick is to keep this level of awareness continuous in every moment and in every place, also known as being fully within the here-and-now. I can’t do it yet but I’m working on it, and so are many others.

As for saving the world, it must be understood that no one will ever be saved unless they already know they need to be saved. It’s up to the individual to choose, based upon exercising their own free-wills, and it’s nothing that can be forced on anyone. Personal redemption can be achieved no matter what religion or culture a person is from – it happens every day all over the world. Again, it can happen in any here-and-now moment when we acknowledge that God and Heaven are living within us, and only then.

By this time, I’d have to say that anyone with any self-awareness already knows we need to be saved – from ourselves – instead of the slow death of global warming, insufferable intolerance of our differences, global indifference to spiritual and economic poverty – the list goes on and on. However, if each of us knows that God and Heaven are within us all, and that true freedom comes from eliminating fear and terror from our lives, then we can know that everything is connected – we’re all in this thing called life together. We can then all move along this e

arthly path together as one – inseparable – in a spirit of oneness and unity of purpose as Divine individuals sharing our human experiences.

I respect and acknowledge your personal experiences during your fasting and earnest prayers. Your path seems to be paralleling the “wandering in the wilderness” of the Buddha, the Christ, and many other spiritual Masters and mystics throughout our human history. They would often refer to these periods of searching as “wrestling with their own demons” before achieving their respective enlightenment. These Masters eventually learned how to peacefully dismantle their own inner demons by eliminating fear from their lives, becoming fearless in the process. This level of consciousness and fearlessness is known by many names, and practiced by many people all over the world. We’ve all seen this level of fearlessness in the lives of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and many others. The rest of us mere mortals are on our own, to put to rest our own inner demons in order to do the works we need to do, in order to make this world a better place – Heaven on Earth – for all of us.

I hope this has made sense. Peace to you, Phil

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  1. Phil, I totally appreciate your in site on so many view points. You might be one of the many few who seem so open-minded and knowledgeable about the actual truth. If you get to read this, there is just one contribution I would like you to please consider, based on my experiences. The demons. I would love to agree with you and say that the demons are within ourselves. Then, they might be easier to fight off, perhaps? Growing from a fearful child, afraid to go to sleep at night, knowing nothing about the world, I still proceed to have trouble sleeping at night. As I transitioned from my 20’s to my early 30’s, I began to see the light in my life. As I pulled away from going to church on Sundays. Only recently, I told a Jehovah’s witness friend that I could no longer study with her. I began to feel confused. During this time, and still in the present, as I struggle through this ongoing transition, I still see demons in my sleep. When I was at my worse, I heard them saying the most negative suggestions to me. I smelled fire and burning wood. I heard frightening growls before I awoke in shock. I felt things laying on top of me, several nights. If on any given day, I feel a slight bit of fear, from anything, although i’ve been working very hard on controlling it, I will see something frightening in my sleep. Not just see, I experience these nightmares. I also strive to know and find out the actual truth about God, so I can feel sure of it myself. I find it ironic that during the years I was partying and could care less about my search for God, that I hadn’t experienced these disturbing nightmares. It was all in the last 3-4 years as I transitioned! Just something to think about! God Bless!!!

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