Psychics provide useful insight that can help you make much better decisions… but if you are looking for a psychic to make your decisions for you, look elsewhere… we can advise, suggest, see possibilities and probabilities based on the options available, but we are not walking in your shoes… In fact, at times, I can be quite indignant when I recognize that a client wants me to choose for them. “Just tell me which one I should choose” always gets the same answer “ I can’t accept responsibility for your life.” Suicide is one of those questions that truly upset me. Why would you ask a perfect stranger to decide whether you live or die? It seems quite unfair and unreasonable to expect me as a psychic to take on such a responsibility.

I’ve been depressed for awhile now. And I’m really considering killing my self. And I’d like to not hear reasons to not do it. But anyway I wanna know where we go if we kill yourself. Thank you for your time Derek

The biggest reason to stay with it here on planet earth is because you take your problems with you and they are a whole lot harder to contain and contend with when you don’t have a body to process them through. Not to mention the bad karma you create in causing so much pain to those you leave

You are here for a purpose, so get on with it… where you go when you die depends on what you accomplished when you lived. See the next article for some insights on what happens to the soul of someone who commits suicide. Lotsa LLLove, Danelle

I am bothered not only that we have received so many similar letters in recent months, but also that folks would write to someone they don’t know for “permission” to commit suicide. Some folks actually come right out and say “I want to know if it’s OK for me to kill myself” – with the expectation that we will say it is???? Under no circumstances could we say that it is OK for anyone to commit such an unloving act.

Global Psychics is about offering loving advice that will enable our clients and visitors to grow personally and spiritually. Suicide puts an end to any opportunity for personal growth in this dimension, and it is not a loving act… we simply cannot “OK” it for anyone… there are consequences. No one can say for sure what they are, but once you understand the dynamics of energy, dharma and karma, you will know that somewhere along the line a price will be paid.

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  1. Suicide is not cowardly these people are not selfish they need help and have not managed to find it in this world.

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