If a psychic ever suggests that you are cursed (or that your aura needs to be cleansed), run, don't walk, to the nearest exit. 99% of the time there is no such curse and you are simply being set up for a scam.
These psychics are experts at building your trust, offering insights and predictions that have some validity… and because they are psychic, they can also sense when your aura is a little dark, if you've had a run of bad luck or a painful breakup,or lost a good job. This is their opening to start picking your pocket, preying on your fears.
Here is a typical story submitted recently from one of our visitors
I had a psychic tell me I have a curse from the my past life regarding love. She said I was an important high class person involved in politics and very wealthy. I guess some guy was in love with me and because I was in love with someone else and got married to him. She said the other guy went to 3 witches, who use Indian voodoo on me and put a curse on my future to never find love with a man. This guy who did this apparently died poor and heart broken because of me. Is this a scam or what? She did prayers and candle meditations, which I paid for. I even gave her a gold coin worth 325.00 as she asked if I had any gold. One time she wanted $8000.00  so I told her to get lost. Could she put a curse on me as well? . I need to know if the curse she mentioned could be true or not.  I did a bath for purification today I feel good about it. She said this curse will effect me financially and destroy my love life. Right now that's exactly what I'm dealing with. I have my whole life. Please help!!!!! Darlene R. 
For heaven's sake, don't pay this woman any more money… while it is possible than you can be carrying old karma from a previous lifetime – we all do! THIS IS A SCAM… she can't hurt you unless you believe she can. Fear is the enemy here. Please do yourself a big favour and invest in some very useful books that will help you take your power back and get things moving more in the directions you want… they all deal with the Law of Attraction, the role our thoughts and feelings play in creating our circumstances in life… I urge you to read Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn  and the Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy.
Readings are meant to be, helpful, uplifting and healing, not scary and demanding on money to that extent, curses only work if YOU believe they work, I believe in the power of love being THE most powerful of things. You had a real con-artist at work here. Too bad many people fall for that. Gives the good readers a bad name. It's sometimes good to be a smart consumer, ask the reader what her credentials are.  Lotsa
These psychic predators prey on your fears. Once they have emptied your bank account, they usually disappear, on the hunt for their next victim. LLLove, Danielle
  1. Aura cleansing is a standard procedure when balancing and cleansing chakras and the energy field. Negative energy builds up within the aura as it does the chakras. Please do not give all aura cleansing a bad wrap. It lifts the spirit and enlightens the soul. I’ve been doing this type of work for a long time. My standard fee for any type of energy work is $40.00 an hour. The scam is being into the work for money and not the well fare of your client.

  2. As a clinical therapist working full time in mental health field, I am well aware of the problems and failures of popular self help practices as “power of positive thinking/energy” and “evidence based treatments” such as cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapies and others. The truth is that some human maladies and sufferings go beyond our understanding. While changing a client’s outlook is our goal (we can measure this)and seeing successful outcomes in their day to day lives as indicators of health and change, about half of the clients we see have little or no change in their lives. Saddness, bad luck, illness continues. Modern professional therapists treat the mind and the spirit. From this perspective, I agree with Danielle’s thinking. However, ANYONE given the right circumstances can be cursed. A woman held captive and raped in Darfur for days is cursed because she can not leave the circumstances of her country and for all the smiles and dances you see these woman do in the name of healing-their eyes tell the deeper truth. Their offspring’s generations will still be healing. We see this everyday in our work with refugees and their children. Schizophrenia, believed to have a genetic factor happens in families with no history of mental health problems. Many of these people suffer symbolically on a spiritual level, their delusions speak of the evils and demons of their illness.

    As we consider the problems with mainstram approaches to illness and spirit, lets not fall into the trap of marginalizing those who believe they can help someone through alternative methods. Yes there are ‘snake oil salesmen’ in every field of healing. But lets not discredit those who offer benefit to others in ways that may not make sense to us now.

    Scott Peck a well published and respected psychiatrist (“the Road Less Travelled” and “People of the Lie”) argues in “People of the Lie” that evil is an entity on to itself and that exorcism has its place in modern day life. There are clinical cases that you see “small and big” that defy us. Anyone who spent $150./hr and saw a psychologist for 6 months feeling dissatisfied and let down knows that sometimes we just don’t heal even when we are see a helping professional. Psychology and psychiatry love to blame the client and label someone who seems to resist change as personality disordered. Some times for all a therapist’s effort and a patient’s effort change doesn’t happen or its not enough change. People continue with their negative thoughts, others continue to oppress them, badluck and tradgety seem to follow them where ever they go.

    Historically, the Shaman recognized this and being able to visualize the evil, spell, curse, demon- and then naming it – calling it out of the person helped the shaman to bring the unseen out of unconsciousness and work energy to rid the person of it. He often involved the community in the healing process. He helped the native to take it from the internal and make it external so its effect could be neutralized. Similarily, a person who is cursed by the years of early abuse from a parent may act with great positivity repelling negativity in their daily life. Then later on a series of events or negativity from others can take them into a state of depression lasting years in midlife, where now the original generational curse continues its course. A healer or a clairvoyant may visualize the nature of the evil and work through a healing ritual or series of rituals. Along with appropriate community support and guidance, the therapist or healer will assist the person to rid the depression (or curse oppressing her spirit) and help her resume her previous skills of positivity and resilliency that have helped her along her path. This may or may not be successful immediately-this is a process. We are not alone and we are not ment to be alone-we heal when we are in relationship with another or others. Each healer has a perspective, a way of seeing and being with the potential for healing and helping. It is not disempowering another to offer healing services or rituals.

    While we all need to be aware of those who steal from us we must also recognise the there are those healers with gifts to give legitimate healing and release. We all must work together on many levels of the human experience to promote healing and growth.

    Peace and Blessings,

  3. The curse scam is one of the oldest scams in the book.  It's sad to see when psychics take advantage of vulnerable people.

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