Global Psychics is all about answering your questions. Here are some questions that come up again and again, so frequently asked that we took the time to publish our answers.

1. You say you are psychic – is anybody really? How is that possible?

We at Global Psychics firmly believe that psychic ability is natural and that being psychic is our birthright. The time has come for us as a collective consciousness to reclaim our birthright. Call it being psychic, intuitive or having a sixth sense… essentially these terms all refer to the same abilities, abilities that are as natural as our five physical senses. Some of us are able to access this part of ourselves more easily than others. Through practice and education, many of us increase our abilities and learn to trust what our senses say.

We believe that all of us use this sixth sense without thinking about it. Intuition and “gut feeling” guide some of our decisions. Dream imagery also provides important information for directing and interpreting our lives. Many look for a spectacular occurrence, and consider only dramatic events as real psychic experiences. However, although dramatic experiences do occur, most psychic or intuitive experiences are much more subtle and therefore not necessarily recognized as valid. In short, everyone has the ability, everyone uses varying degrees of psychic and intuitive faculty in their lives The only limit to gaining limitless access into the psychic realms is our own beliefs.

2. How is it possible to read for someone who is not physically present?

It is actually very easy. One of the basic tenets of our spiritual beliefs is that “All is One.” We are all infinitely connected to one another, and our subconscious minds communicate with each other, whether we know it or not. If you were to take an overview of the phone lines running all around the world, you’d wonder how on earth one specific person can connect with another specific person. It works because we dial a certain number which is programmed to find it’s way through the network of phone lines to connect you. To do a remote reading, a name or date of birth, along with psychic intuition, will allow a practiced reader to “zone in” on the individual posing a question, essentially “dialing” their number, connecting only with them. Most psychics find that with as few as two “locators”, often just a birthdate and name, they can easily “see” and “feel” another’s vibrations. We also believe that the crystals used in computer technology act as a conduit carrying the energy of the client to the reader and vice versa.

3. What is the significance of the various techniques readers use and what is the difference between them? (Astrology, numerology, tarot, runes and so on…)

Many of us employ various divining tools (astrology, numbers, tarot etc.) to help access information about our clients. Each tool has its own specific history, meaning and methods. The planets, signs and houses in astrology, the images in the tarot, the relevance of number vibrations and so on have been developed over centuries. There is a specific language associated with each modality. A reader’s job is to “break the code” hidden within each tool, learn the language and be able to translate images, thoughts and sensations that come as the reader meditates with the tool to bring useful and relevant information for the client. While techniques vary, the information produced is usually similar. Let’s use an analogy here. I can write a story, in any one of a hundred different languages. The words, character and symbols of each language are unique, however, the essence of the message is the same regardless of the language. The same theory applies here. No one tool is “better” than another. Some tools are better at divining certain types of information, but all roads lead to the same place. The reader simply chooses which system (or systems) will work best for them. By the way, most readers are adept with more than one discipline. Many of us use two (or more) techniques simultaneously. Spirit/soul energy is spectacular. Its signature is everywhere in life, both in us and in our physical world. Being a reader becomes a matter of learning to read the symbols, being able to analyze the soul’s signature.

4. So, what about freewill? Is the future pre-destined?

Destiny vs. Freewill – an age old spiritual debate! We believe that these two terms are not mutually exclusive. We believe that the soul chooses its birth. Prior to incarnation, as the soul readies itself for physical manifestation on earth, certain conditions are set. (Get a pre-birth planning reading to learn what conditions you set for yourself and why.) When we feel destiny had a hand in what happens to us it is because, prior to incarnation, certain decisions were made by your soul as requisites – plans – for this life. However, how we achieve the goals we set before our birth seems to be our choice. And we also have the option of changing the script, moving off course, diverging from our original path. We do not believe destiny ensures certain successes. This is where freewill and destiny meet. We all have the choice to self-sabotage. We do not have to do anything. We may have structured our paths before we came into this life, but it is up to us to actualize our potential and to get to where we know we want to go. The concepts of Destiny and Free Will may seem contradictory. However, we do believe that destiny and freewill work hand in hand. We make choices every moment which hold the potential for changing our lives, and we set certain goals, lesson we want to integrate, relationships that we want to repair, or move along, but how – and even if – we decide to follow through on these plans is up to us to figure out once we are here.

5. Is it possible to use psychic means to retrieve someone else’s thoughts and retrieve “brain images”.

Yes it absolutely is, that’s how we do readings… on the other hand, it is also possible to psychically block someone’s roving around in your brain, and it also unethical to do this work without permission.

a) When a psychic accesses images and thoughts of another person, what can they do with them?

I’m not sure what you mean by that, since to me the answers are obvious – for eg, various governments have tried to use psychics as spies… in the end it doesn’t work because the dynamics are wrong, the psychic is breaking universal principles around free will and eventually the connection will break down, images will come back flawed or distorted, or the psychic will break down psychically, physically or emotionally. We teach remote viewing as a way for Moms to keep tabs on their kids, to check in on their mates and family… and I’ve used it to save my life – remote viewing the highway ahead of me on a dangerous night prevented a fatal accident. I use it to determine the best way to approach a presentation or a business deal, and for a lot of useful – and harmless, acceptable ways. Being able to read what’s on someone else’s mind makes it easier to be prepared, to know when they are troubled, about what, the best way to reach out and when to respond, to offer aid to the other… I would say that the most important thing a person does with the information they receive telepathically is tp gain understanding, but it is also useful for sending warnings and transmitting subtle information that can be difficult to articulate, especially for folks who are blocked…

b) How long is it possible for a psychic to maintain his/her focus on an individual in order to retrieve images, thoughts and dreams?

This depends entirely on the psychic – and sometimes one doesn’t need to stay connected or focused for very long in order to get the whole story… there are times when I feel that I’ve received a whole book in a second… it will take some months for all that I have received to be processed into words and images that I can relate to… This happens when I am getting some information of a particular kind, for example a new process or system… I will receive the entire story/transmission in one lump, get the gist of it, then over a period of months the details will fill in as I work on documenting and understanding it. It is important for psychics to meditate regularly and frequently in order to keep their “channels” clear, those who practice regularly are able to maintain a focus for longer periods of time… typically the average is about 45 minutes to one hour… some can stay with it for two or three hours, but this can be very physically draining. Like an athlete, one must train for this and be prepared both physically and mentally. Diet is also very important – can’t drink and do this work, many of us avoid alcohol, drugs, dairy and processed foods in order to help us maintain our focus, clarity and integrity. Certainly caffeine and sugar can affect performance, a heavy meal, being disturbed by some personal issue…. I encourage meditation as a way of staying tuned into and clearing the personal issues that can affect our ability and skill…

c) If a psychic or someone with psychic ability is doing something they should not, how can they be caught and can anyone in the psychic world do something about it ?

Interesting question. I have on occasion been called in to correct these situations where abuse has been obvious… among some esoteric circles, there’s a body known as the “psychic police” spirits attached to the astral plane who are alert for this work and will do what they can when they are notified… but I think the more relevant answer is that we can each be sensitive to the times when someone appears to be roving around in our spaces and quite literally close the doors on them – and yes it is that simple. Furthermore, those who do this work “illegally” eventually catch themselves in a way… there are universal principles at work in this dimension that serve to protect us from these invasions of privacy… ever wondered why the bad witch is depicted as pretty ugly, with warts on her nose, stringy hair and bony hands? That’s because she’s been breaking the laws of free will and all the bad energy she’s been putting out in the world has come back on her. If you want a good life, you have to BE good – especially once you start playing around consciously with energy. So, the short answer to your question is that you catch them through your own sensitivity, and ultimately they get caught by the universe because their lives will always turn sour eventually – sometimes there’s an intervention from the spirit dimensions, when it’s asked for and when it is clear that others are being victimized…

6. How do you explain the recent resurgence in interest in the spiritual/metaphysical field?

Well, we’ve all learned a lot by now! Collectively, we’ve seen revolution and war. We’ve seen such rapid technological advancement that most of us can barely keep up. We’ve tried making money our God (remember the 80’s) only to find ourselves spiritually empty-handed. Downsizing and the growing gap between rich and poor opened the 90’s. Society’s problems multiply with very little resolution apparently in sight. We distrust our governments and politicians, big business, the media and organized religion. We have more information about more topics available to us than ever before. Life is fast and life is busy. Somewhere in all this activity, we seem to have (as a society) stopped to take a look at ourselves, our priorities and our values. Now we are seeing unprecedented opportunities to explore many different lifestyles and many different values. Yet, we return to the basics. We recognize that love and family are life’s top priorities. As we have individually sought our own inner understanding, peace and contentment, we are learning, more and more, to listen to our inner selves. We are learning that it is our inner reality that helps create our outer reality. And, our God/Goddess/Universe is responding, sending us messages and clues as to what is really important.

Science and psychology have actually helped bring this increased spiritual awareness about. In the field of psychology, much emphasis has been placed on improving the relationship of the self to the self. In the scientific arena, we’ve witnessed fascinating breakthroughs in understanding through quantum physics and recognition of the universe as more than just a mass of dust and gas. Medicine seems to be rediscovering the mind/body connection. New theories and advances in all these fields have expanded our understanding of ourselves and the universe. More significantly, what was once accepted as fact is being challenged and so we are challenging the validity of all “facts”. “Seek and you shall find”. By asking more questions, we open ourselves to more answers. And those answers are leading us back to ourselves and some ancient truths. We are discovering that the evolution of life has not been as linear as we’ve been led to believe and that maybe, the ancients were onto something – and now we can be too!

In the 80’s my guides asked me to be prepared for this shift in consciousness, a shift that appears to be affecting every aspect of our lives, and every corner of the globe. As we approach 2012, the light is dawning in each of us, awakening us, urging us to be ready, to make the most of this golden opportunity to grow and perhaps to move up the evoluionary ladder, to ascend to new dimensions of consiousness.

7. Most psychics say that we are all psychic. How do we go about accessing that ability in ourselves?

Generally, we recommend a series of simple exercises. You can work with meditation, relaxation, visualization. Seek new information sources (books, groups, mentors/teachers). Paying new attention to dream imagery is often suggested as well as choosing and becoming familiar with some sort of divining tool (medicine cards, runes, tarot and so on). Journal keeping is a valuable tool. Often, you will be asked to keep a daily journal where you record intuitions, predictions, personal experiences, dreams, readings, sensations and the like. Day by day, the more you notice about yourself and your world, the more you record, and the more you believe and practice, the more you can expect. The only prerequisite is the desire to expand your intuitive senses. Do the exercises and trust the process. The results are worth it. With “exercised” intuitive and psychic muscles, you become aware that this sense is helping you to make better decisions, as well as to stay focused and relaxed. As we stated earlier, we believe psychic ability is a birthright and as natural as rain. Honing our psychic skills actually raises our IQ’s.

8. “Reading” work is not generally accepted as valid by the “establishment”. Therefore, there are no professional boards, associations or committees overseeing the actions of psychics and practitioners of the divining arts. How do we, as clients, protect ourselves from charlatans?

These are a few of the common scams to watch for:

  • If the reader is scaring you, talking about age-old curses, auras that need cleansing and the like, pack up your bag and run! The next step in this particular game is to get you to believe that s/he is the only one who can fix you. Usually, a request for a large sum of money will follow. Run, run, run! Although curses do exist, and our auras can be damaged, reacting to the fear buttons that these money-hungry psychics know how to push will only exacerbate your problems..
  • If someone tells you to keep the reading secret, not to share anything about your reading with anyone else, take note. It is your reading and you can do whatever you like with it. There is no valid reason that we know of, for a reader to make this request, except that you are being set up for a con. They don’t want you to share for a couple of reasons. One, they do the same reading for everyone and don’t want to be found out. Second, others will give you an objective opinion, which may make you see the reading for what it is. These psychic vampires count on being able to take you in and do not want anyone in your circle to help you “see the light”.

A reader should never leave you feeling like your reading was incomplete and you have to come back. And especially beware of anyone who tells you that you shouldn’t see anyone else or tell anyone what they told you. Also, be wary of those who charge extraordinary fees or have long waiting lists. Anyone charging more than $150/hour in this field is probably not worth it. And those with the month long waiting lists are usually burnt out by the time they get to you.

A good reading should be:

a) specific to your life and circumstances
b) complete, and
c) uplifting (i.e. you should not leave frightened or in any way indebted to your reader).

For more information on Psychic Scams and curses, click here, and for more details on How to Get a Good Reading, click here. Why to Get a Reading, click here, or Why to Choose Global Psychics, click here.

9. So how do I get a reading?

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