Why is that sometimes a good psychic just can’t make a good connection?

While most good psychics are eventually able to break through and deliver a good reading, there are times when we just can’t read for a particular client. We ask ourselves: Why does that happen?, so I know that anyone who has run into this – or will – will be interested in the reasons.

From the psychic’s perspective, there can be several factors that block a good reading:

1) When psychics are tired, have done too many readings without a proper break, or they are not feeling well, or are overwhelmed with some personal issues,  the channels can be warped… burn out can be a real issue for psychics. It is important for psychics to be able to take a break, to ground and recharge regularly.

2) Like many people, a lot of psychics freeze when they feel someone challenging them and playing that “test the psychic” game that some folks waste valuable time on. Some folks want you to prove yourself before you even open the reading, and this immediately creates psychic blocks…  If, instead of opening with a challenge, the client simply asked the question that was most important to them and allowed the psychic time to work, to tune in and respond, they would get a much more useful reading…. which leads to a related issue… every psychic has dealt with clients who didn’t want to believe what the psychic was telling them… “No, No, No, doesn’t fit, not possible,” all challenges that psychics are familiar with… often it is just a question of timing, being open to possibilites… this has been proven to me in the countless times that disbelieving clients returned a month or more later to say I had been right afterall, and so what did I see coming next for them?

3) As Robert notes in his response to a visitor’s inquiry, sometimes, the client’s guides block the reading because it is important for the client to experience what is coming with no foreknowledge or guidance – to wing it. Not making a connection can be as important a signal for a client as getting an actual reading… it clues the client in to the fact that there is some personal work to be done in order to clear the way for the future.

From a client’s perspective, there are also several good reasons why a psychic may be blocked from doing a particular reading;

1) Readiness – perhaps the client is ill, has has been drinking or taken some drugs. Many presciption drugs as well as what some might call recreational drugs will blur or cloud the energy around a client and make it difficult to read for them.  If clients are emotionally very blocked, they may not be ready to hear what the psychic has to say, and as I said earlier, sometimes, it is important for the client to trust their own intuition as they face the future.

2) We have to be open to believing what a psychic will tell us…. while I encourage a healthy skepticism when it comes to the world of the paranormal, I also believe we need to be open to the possibilities.  Sometimes folks want to believe they are open, they want to be proven wrong in their doubts, but they just can’t get past deeply conditioned fears of the unknown. And so, neither can the psychic.

3) Clients will often have a quite set and determined idea of the reading should tell them, what they want to believe, what they want to happen, and simply refuse to accept anything different from what they have their hearts set on hearing. In such a case, there is little a psychic can do but close the reading and suggest that the client be open to other potentials in their life.

4) Very occasionally, a client’s life can be so “on purpose”, the client so connected themselves to their higher selves that their lives are moving along so smoothly, a reading is simply unnecessary.  I have had the great pleasure of telling clients on a few rare occasions, “I really don’t think I can help you right now, you are doing so well on your own.” In every case, the clients were so happy to have their direction affirmed that they decided to ask questions for other family members or friends instead.

There are a lot of variables that can affect a good reading. Timing is everything, even when it comes to psychic work. Mediums encounter spirits who don’t want to talk right now, the client may be having an especially bad day, and it can all change in the blink of an eye, depending on the circumstances.

When it comes to getting or giving a good reading, we must simply trust that all has purpose, even the blocks present opportunities for learning and growth.

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Have you ever had the experiance of not being able to read someone? I have had this on three occasions in the past six years, just wondered if other mediums have experienced this…..God bless, Steve

Oh yeah! Everyone has off days and some people hold back or aren’t honest with you. Don’t sweat it and don’t take it personally. As you know if you strain you will not get right information and giving them this misinformation proves their point of view that psychics are false. Just politely tell them that it seems you can’t help them at this time. It just wasn’t meant to be. They will have to figure it out for themselves.  Be easy with yourself.  Love, Laura

Hi, sometimes I do have trouble too and its usually because the client is a little nervous and doesn’t want me to see. I usually talk to them and explain what is to happen and how I sense they are feeling protected so if they want they don’t have to have the reading and I say no need to pay, etc. That opens them up quickly and I can proceed. Sometimes a client is very defensive too wanting you to jump around on their terms. Like they are testing to see if you are any good.  They say NO NO NO to everything before you can even start the reading. If this is quickly dealt with they usually soften too so you can help them with whatever brought them to you in the first place. I hope this helps, Sharon

Yes this does happen sometimes. What I believe it to be is that the guides are not allowing you to see what is going on with the person as they are to live through what you would tell them about. I hope this helps. Robert

And I would add that I too have had the occasional time when I could not break through the client’s defense mechanisms to be able to read for them… a few times clients left saying I was way off, and then later wrote back to apologize because the reading proved accurate afterall… at the end of the day, I think we simply have to trust what comes – and doesn’t… all has purpose. Wishing you well! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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