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One if the questions we are often asked by first-time clients is: how accurate are you? My answer is simple… I have clients who have been seeing me once a month for almost 20 years. Unfortunately, it has become fashionable in some circles for psychics to quote their accuracy as 100%, or 90%, but I believe this is terribly misleading. As we explained to Elizabeth, there are a lot of factors that go into our accuracy…

I have a question. I had a tarot reading about a year ago, and I’ve got it on tape. I still listen to it, and I’m amazed at how much of it is true, however a lot of it is vague and generalised, and some things she said I still don’t see as being true at all. Is it possible for psychics to make mistakes? Some of the things she said resonate so truly within my heart, but at the same time I doubt it, as she said some things that were completely wrong I think. Please help me to understand. Is it possible for psychics to be not completely 100% correct, or just 95% correct??? Thanks, Elizabeth

Thank you for posing this question. This is one, as a psychic, that I have thought
about a great deal. After 40 years of training/working/teaching as an intuitive
this is what I’ve determined: (at least for me!!)

1) There is no psychic alive who is 100% accurate. . .whatever accurate
means. You see when a psychic does a reading it’s possible to “look” at more
than one strand of possibilities. We live in a quantum universe where time and space are not linear or necessarily predictable. So when a reader is faced with these different strands of possibility. . .she will attempt to choose to one
that most coincides with the querant’s present reality.
2) That “reality” can change. . .in the blink of an eye. You might receive information that you’ll react to: NO! that’s not the way I want it to be. . .and you may possibily have the energy and clear intention to change the outcome.
3) Querants give far too much power to the psychic, thinking that the psychic has some kind of special inside track to Source!! Psychics are human. . .albeit humans that have realized that they can develop extra abilities of perception and awareness. . .but this perception and ability is only as good as the personal work that the psychic has and is willing to do on themself!!
4) Sometimes “accuracy” depends on how open the querant is. If we encounter someone who is closed down. . .it makes it very difficult to “get in there” and “see” what’s going on. . .we try to adjust our energies to your frequency or resonance. . .this is how we make a “connection” that enables us to retrieve the information. This is so much easier in a face-to-face reading. Can you imagine how much more difficult this is when we’re trying to read someone half-way across the planet??
5) And finally, IF. . .just IF we were 100% accurate. . .we probably wouldn’t be on this plane of reality AND, most importantly, YOU would be far too tempted to hand over YOUR power to another. . .to make choices and decisions that can only affect YOUR life. . .

SO!! it’s like a built-in check and balance system. . .just enough accuracy to point you in the right direction. . .just enough mistakes to make sure that YOU are in control!!I hope this helps. . . . Geri De Stefano-Webre, Ph.D.

Dear Elizabeth: First let me begin by saying that no psychic is 100 percent accurate, the best of the best are about 85-90. The only true perfect being is God, Hun. I get a kick out of the psychics out there that say they are 100 % accurate. Answer to your next question is yes, we can have off days and misinterpret the messages wrong. If it comes to affairs of the heart that’s the toughest to read as FREE WILL comes into play. We may see that this person is coming into your life but if this person chooses not to, well, that turns the reading around right there. No reading is ever set in stone and can change at a moments notice. Blessings I hope that helped….. Jody

Psychics are often “wrong,” not necessarily because we’re not psychic, but because our Guides sometimes can’t give the answers that you want to hear. Other times, the “correct” answer is so crucial to your own evolution that it’s something that you can only discover for yourself. And then there are times when Spirit only answers in symbols and metaphors, and these can get really frustrating, but then again, it keeps me on my toes in continuing the search for clearer signals.

For example, a woman might ask me (strictly on an astrological basis) if she’ll meet her soul-mate in the near future. I’ll first explain that it’s the wrong question: everyone you meet is your soul-mate on some level, but if she insists on knowing about a possible romantic involvement, I’ll look for the usual indicators and see real-time Mars on her 5th house Venus trine Saturn in the 7th (and/or a lot of other important significators), and I might think that perhaps she’ll meet an older man with intentions of marriage, and then she’ll sit at home waiting for him to knock on the door.

It just doesn’t happen that way – the answers to so many questions demand we make ourselves available so that they can happen.

Another example: a woman might ask me if she and Mr. X are compatible, and I’ll see a match made in heaven, and a month later she reports that nothing is happening because he won’t leave his wife. I will NOT be party to a divorce, thank you…

Another example: a person might say that stray cats keep coming to their door, and do they have a past-life reason for it. I might not be able to pick up on the fact that they have a huge rodent problem, or an indoor female kitty in heat. Sue me!

These examples really happened, but what is much more common is that I give the client too much credit for actually having evolved into someone who can take my advice to the next level. Too many times, I’ve seen wonderful possibilities for someone’s future, but they don’t have the ambition to take the next step, even though all the “signs” are there. Too much of life relies on a person’s ability (or inability) to exercise their free-wills and move forward.

A famous astrologer and writer says (and I paraphrase) that if we see a challenge in a person’s chart, always assume the worst – always assume that the client has not navigated it successfully. I had always thought that this view was way too pessimistic, but time and again my client’s have proved him correct. I’ve had to modify all my readings with caveats about exercising their free-wills to evolve, and rely on an exalted spiritual path in order to make things happen. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to type “… but nothing ever falls through the ceiling and into your lap…” Oy.

Oh well, I certainly don’t do this for the money – just trying to fulfill my life’s purpose is all… Peace out, Phil, psychic astrologer


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