Pets are very sensitive to spirit life. Cats and dogs are great barometers of spirit activity around us.  So pay attention the next time your normally calm cat is suddenly frantically dashing from room to room, they could very well be chasing a ghost. 

My mom died two years ago of cancer, and we have a cat who is very loving, and cuddled with her a lot while she was in her last stretch, well lately I’ve been getting a lot of signs from her, and my cat will stare up at the ceiling like he sees something, and he has done this for the past two years, do you think it could be my mom he is looking at?… sometimes he’ll get spooked when I randomly smell insulin (she was diabetic). Kelly

Yes, I think your mother comes and looks in on you.  Spirit often indicates their presence with smells that are associated with them, Your cat can be your barometer for those times.  Now you can relax. Love, Laura

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  1. My dad died 3 weeks ago from cancer and i have inherited his lovely wheaten terrier.. He has been with me for a few months as my dad was so sick so i know him well. This past 3 nights in a row he has went totally mental, shaking climbing on me, putting his head under my arm, its as if someone is scaring him, but there is no one else here, there is no other noises to scare him!! He is on top of me as we speak, he is quite a big dog so usually tends to sit on another chair or his cushion, but 3 nights in a row now he has cried and climbed on top of me, shaking, totally unable to relax. Is my dad here? My mum also died 11 months ago and she wasn’t overly fond of the dog..Could it be her? My younger sister is living with me now and im worried that my parents don’t approve of me keeping my sister as my brother is older than me(im 29,not exactly young!!)
    love tracey

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