My mom died two years ago of cancer, and we have a cat who is very loving, and cuddled with her a lot while she was in her last stretch, well lately I’ve been getting a lot of signs from her, and my cat will stare up at the ceiling like he sees something, and he has done  this for the past two years, do you think it could be my mom he is looking  at?…sometimes he’ll get spooked when I randomly smell insulin (she was diabetic). Kelly

Yes, I think your mother comes and looks in on you.  Spirit often indicates their presence with a smell that can be associated with them. Your cat can be your barometer for those times.  Now you can relax. Love, Laura

I feel strongly that yes this is in fact your mom making contact with you as in leaving signs for you etc also feel that your cat is also seeing your mom’s spirit which in turn is making your cat look up at the ceiling etc… I am sensing your mom passed quite quickly coming to the end and does like to know that you are ok; which is a fantastic feeling and it is also fantastic that you are seeing these signs and smelling insulin as this is also your mom letting you know that she is with you… animals I feel are very sensitive to the spiritual world and when our loved ones come to visit us, our animals do tend to pick up straight away and also see our loved ones spirits… I truly hope this is of help to you… sending you much health and happiness, Love & Light xxx Karen

  1. i think that it is true

  2. cool i love spirits and animals!!!

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