This is the time of year when the spirits are restless and will manifest whenever and wherever they can – even our pets are prone to scary paranormal experiences in this period.

My husband and I rent an old farm house; it was built in 1900. We’ve had some strange things happen there; not often enough to be a huge problem, but definitely enough to make me aware. We’ve had lights turn on when we’ve turned them off, our cat Karma is really sensitive, we’ve had chairs move, a dish fly across the floor and break, cold breezes, things end up in strange places, very “real” dreams of ghosts in our house, you name it. My husband is always skeptical and tries to think of “logical explanations”, but I’m always aware when there is a presence near. I haven’t ever actually seen anything in our house yet– only something out of the corner of my eye– and never heard anything (i.e. voices) until recently. It seems to be the strongest amount of activity happens in the fall season, so right now we seem to be in the thick of it.  About two weeks ago, one of our cats, Felix who is, strangly, not the more sensitive of our two cats– he’s the easy going one– had what appeared to be a seizure in our living room around 9:30 at night near our hope chest. I’ve been around human seizures before and so I knew what I was seeing. It scared me as we’ve never seen him have one before and he’s 2 1/2 years old; he’s otherwise happy and healthy, and his fur coat is shiny and healthy. Of course, my panic set in thinking he has something physically wrong with him. I called the vet, they said it sounds like he did have a seizure and said there are some tests they could run to see what’s causing them, but they are expensive. They also said that sometimes an animal can have one seizure and then never again. So, after speaking with my husband about our options we decided to wait and see if he had any more before dishing out $300 or more. Then, last night at about 9:30 pm– the same time as the first one– Felix had another seizure (a long one too) in the SAME place as the last one. I was really worried about him, as they seem to really scare him. Felix is a lover-boy and seems to get very clingy and needy after the seizures, so we let him sleep with us that night, which he did, snuggled in right between us. At 3:33 this morning I woke up to Felix laying next to me acting very strange; his muscles were tightening and he was bracing himself against me and I thought, “oh, no… not another seizure..” and I so I put my hands on him to comfort him, and not two seconds later I heard a woman’s laugh coming from the corner of my bedroom!! It started with a chuckle and progressed to a malicious laugh. My husband did not wake up (the man could sleep through anything), but it was definately audible. To say the least, I was FREAKED OUT. It took me about 45 minutes to calm down enough to sleep but I kept waking up thinking I was hearing things, but I’m sure I was just being paranoid from the previous malicious laugh.  I was wondering, from reading the story about the lady’s cat who had seizures near the haunted stair case, if fear can cause seizures in an animal, or if ghosts can make a cat have a seizure? It seems odd to me that he’s had 2 siezures in the same place at the same time, both in the fall during our “high paranormal” season in our house. Do you have any advice for me? I’m really worried about our cats. I can’t stand to think that “something” is tormenting my helpless animals! Please let me know what you think. Thank you.    Marta

I don’t know that this energy is deliberately going after your cat, or that fear is at the root of the seizures,  so much as your cat is getting caught in an energy vortex that is shorting out his electrical systems. My first advice is to place a large piece of furniture over that spot so your cat can’t rest there any longer.

 I feel there is something else going on here  – cats are often drawn to sleep in a space that needs some healing…. so I have a sense that your cat is attracted to sleep in that spot because he senses that there has been some pain or suffering there…. perhaps some time long ago someone died or was hurt on that spot. The incident very likely involved the woman you heard laughing.

 I think you would find it useful to do some clearing work in your home, to smudge it, lay sea salt around each room, and say some prayers…. call on your angels and guides and the devas that work with Felix to clear the space and send any lost souls to the light where they can find their own home. You might find it useful to research the history of this home and the surrounding area to see of you can identify what happened to leave such an energy behind.

I do hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

  1. my name is terri and me and my husband just moved in this townhouse apartments thats been here since 1929 .we have only been here a month and stuff is already happening, like tvs turning off when we wasnt in the room and our dog jack is acting weird. he will be laying somewhere and all of a sudden he will jump up and start sniffing the air and he is watching something because i watching him follow whatever he is looking at. i can feel it when they walk in the room with me.

  2. There are some things you can do yourself such as putting some salt in front of all the windows, doors etc. Smudging etc. Check with some people. There are ways to keep them away.

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