A Real Life Ghost Story

My Daughter and Grandsons moved to Kansas this past Dec. that’s when we found out the big home they rented is haunted. This home has 2 bedroom and living room down stair and the same up stairs. One evening my oldest grandson – which is 6ft tall and football player – was walking down stairs when he was ‘hit’ on the back of his head and fell down the remaining stairs. When he came to – he thought someone must of sneaked into the home and realize Adrian was home. But when Adrian got up – all the doors were locked and windows were locked. So he then realized it was a ghost … Adrian had a good size knot on the back of his head. The electrical would stop working in my youngest grandsons room and in Amy’s room -which is next to Amy’s bedroom. Lights would go off through out the home ,.. the fan on the Air Vent over the stove would come on by it’s self. Amy would be woken weee hours of the morning hearing 2 people talking but it was muffled so could make out the words. …. The weekend I went up there to stay … Amy let me sleep in her room and honestly I had forgotten she told me about the voices. I was woken weee hours of the morning by 2 people talking. I sat up but couldn’t make out what they were saying. It was clear thou there was a woman and a man.

We took my grandsons to a Hotel so they wouldn’t be there while the investigation was going on.

Amy made plans with a Paranormal group to come in and investigate her home … I was there when they arrived. They had downloaded a new system in their PC …. just for this night. When they went to plug in their equiment …. the PC went down and wouldn’t come on …. None of the electrical outlets would work for them … and we had been downstairs most the day on the computer and watching the TV downstairs. So we knew right then that the energy in the house wasn’t going to let them set up any equipment up. So they had to turn to their hand held equiment … Temp gauge, camera, EVP recorders and etc..

When they began … all the house lights were turned off – cell phones turned off and Amy and I were just relaxing on the couch. We weren’t nervous – just chillin while the group did their thing.

They started in my youngest grandson’s room … the ghost in there physically turned off their equiment 3 times … and after the 3rd time the batteries were drained … Which they had new batteries in all their equiment. So the lady’s that were there with us went back out to the car and put new batteries in. Then they went into my daughers room .. they kept getting energy but were ‘told’ … the woman wanted Amy in the room. Amy joined them in her room and was able to contect with the Female ghost – she share the pain and concerns the female ghost had. The female ghost said she was there to help protect Amy and her sons from the Male ghost. The Male ghost was contected to the female and very jealous of the Female ghost children… during their time on earth….. ( I hope all this makes sense to anyone )

When they felt they were finished in Amy’s room … one of the lady’s stood on the stairs where Adrian was hit …. and she started talking to the male ghost .. telling him that he was a bully for hitting a child and now was his chance to speak to her or try to hit her … the whole time I was seating on the couch I was relaxed until – the lady started to get the Male ghost to ‘act up” and show himself. The whole time I started getting this deep anger inside of me … ( he was trying to use me to speak) I refused to say the words he wanted me to speak … so I softly walked over the the top of the stairs and told the lady standing half way down stairs ……. He is up here with me! ……… he is trying to get me to tell you to ” get the H@## out of here and shake my finger at her” … it was a battle between him and me. But I wouldn’t give in to him …… he attached himself to me. The lady came up stair with their equiment …. I expressed to them what I was feeling and the words that wanted to flow out of my mouth … but I refused. At one point I had to set back down … with their equipment my body temp way going down the air space around me was extremely cold / which I was to. My body temp got down to 85 .. and the air was 78 …. At that point the ladies told me to say what I was feeling and express …. so I told the Male to Leave this home and express how he was to go to the light. Plus a few other words I used…. At that point my body started to warm back up and the the cold in the room started to leave. One of the ladies was able to see the dark mass in the corner. They took pictures and the EVP equipment was able to pick up voices but was mulled.

The next day Amy and I opened all the windows and doors, went from room to room praying and putting oil on every door way, window and every stair, told the ghost if they were still here that they need to go to the light. That their family was waiting for them to join them on the other side … We felt like the Lady Ghost crossed over but wasn’t sure about the Male. Since he was there due to the Female ghost………… I told Amy that when I think of the male ghost I keep getting the name – Peter.

They were able to get pictures of orbes … 1 in my grandson’s room has a face on it … which to Amy looked like an animal …. That grandson is a lover of animals … he even has a pet snake in his room.

The house seems to be more quite ………… but Peter …… I don’t know if he is still in her home or if he followed me home .. ?????

I beleive I need help getting Peter to cross over … because once his name came up in the reading that was done for me today by Serena … I felt he was still hanging around. And not a nice ghost at all ! I welcome any help I can get.

Oh … and by the way … the new system the Paranormal group had downloaded to their PC … when they plugged thier PC into the outlet at Amy’s home …..it burned up the mother board ….

Hi Danielle, She needs to personally become, and then let the spirit KNOW she is more powerful than it is.  There are a lot of hokus-pokus things that people will say to do that they insist will work, but bottom line is, she needs to buck up to the entity and tell it to leave and be firm about it. Nothing can harm you unless you allow it.  The more you let a disruptive entity know you are fearful, worried, care and give bad energy attention, the more it will persist. So, don’t do it!  The spirit and its energy will leave. 
This is my experience and what I tell my clients and it works at 100% for those that really want to be rid of a spirit that is not of their liking. Hope she will listen to this.  When it does not work it is generally someone looking for attention for these things, a professional victim waiting for people to play into their neurosis to get attention.  Not saying this case, just statistically.  
Love you girl, Nancy Bradley
Goodness me!!!!!!!!!! This is definitely for real… there is something else though… when such activity is so forceful, it is often in response to some turmoil, anxiety or pain that is experienced in the family… I am wondering what is going on – perhaps especially for Adrian, a sense that spirit is delivering this shake up for a good reason, some negative feelings, fear, anger whatever in the air that gave this ghost an entry point – may not be obvious… in any case, smudging and sea salt around every room will also be useful, and I recommend having the home blessed by a priest or minister… Hope that helps a little, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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