Superstitions are rarely founded on fact, but occasionally there is something to what seems like an irrational belief.  This visitor discovered that there is some truth to the stories about peacock feathers. Although Peacocks are honoured as good fortune and associated with royalty, glory and resurrection, their feathers can be unlucky… perhaps the peacock is such a regal and powerful totem, that it demands that even its feathers be honoured by leaving them in their natural environment.

I am writing is in regards to the superstitions about peacock feathers being kept indoors. I personally am a lover of peacocks, being such beautiful and protective creatures. I was so happy a few years ago when a friend of the family gave me a large bunch of peacock feathers. I was still in school at the time and was into lots of different types of superstitions, i.e. wicker, meditations, egyption oracles…etc. I dabbled in quite a few different things. I found my life to be average at that time… always found I had to strive harder than most to get where I knew I had to be. I was known to be clumsy, constantly late, and the bearer of general bad luck. Things never seemed to go right for me.

I read on the internet one day about peacock feathers and being the cause of bad luck when being kept in the house… I immediately realized that I had my peacock feathers kept in my bed room for quite a long time by this time. When I thought about it, my luck seemed to have diminished not long after receiving them from our friend. I quickly discarded them…though i was reluctant as I loved them so much, I knew they had to go.

All I can say about it, is it was a strange feeling when I walked back into my bedroom from throwing them in the trash outside. I felt a warm sensation and a feeling of being relaxed. When i sat on my bed things just felt ‘better’.

I noticed in the weeks that passed, I wasn’t being late for school, I was getting work done alot easier and my mind didn’t feel so crowded. I knew from this that it had to be true. The feathers were just holding things back for me. I tell you now, I don’t believe supersitions easily, hence why I have tried so many things. I find I need proof of something to be real… and this experience definitely proved it for me. I now warn people about keeping peacock feathers inside… though i tell them i had them in my room…which I’m not sure if it makes a difference. I just know from my experience, I will never keep peacock feathers again, instead i will simply enjoy their beauty where they belong…on their owner. Chantal :-)

And after his expereince with peacoco feathers, this visitor now doesn’t want ANY feathers in his home.

My family and myself are members of the national trust and English heretage, which looks after old and protected buildings and sites around England. Twenty or so years ago, my sister suffered from Crohns disease.S he went through hell and back and she died on the operating table twice over the years of constant operations. Nine years ago, my sister was having another major operation. We all went to the hospital chapel to pray and let out our emotions. We couldn’t understand why we were going through so many years of heartbreak and sadness. A couple of years before this last operation, we had also bought a large amount of peacock feathers from a stately home we had visited. We heard soon afterwards about the badluck that they brought.

When we arrived home from visiting my sister in hospital, I took it on myself, collected all the feathers and burnt them. Up to this day (touch wood), she has not suffered the way she did many years ago.

Two weeks ago, my mother was doing some house cleaning and found some other bird feathers “not sure which ones they were”.  I immediately took them outside and destroyed them.

Last week , my sister was in a position to lose her job because of the current financial situation. Three days ago, she phoned us and told us that she has been promoted at a higher grade after being interviewed also:
My neice has found a better job than the one she was currently doing after being told that she was also going to be made redundant. IS THIS STRANGE ?

We will never have feathers of any kind in the house, as we have experienced for ourselves what bad luck they bring. P.P.

  1. Superstition aside, there is a very comprehensive history of myth surrounding peacock’s feathers. The most common is that of Argus, in Greek mythology, who had 100 eyes, (which may have been a romanicisation of Argus having 100 ‘spies’.)
    After being found out by the King of Egypt for an act of deception, he was turned into a peacock and his eyes became the ‘eyes’ on a peacock’s feather. The myth has evolved, adopting the sinister association with the ‘evil eye’ belief.
    So, it has come to represent ‘bad luck’ through the inheritance of this belief.
    Other faiths and cultures see it as good luck.
    Take your pick!

  2. i have a beutifeul wall picture made out of metal it is painted gold and it is a peacock with out the feathers i love it. recently when shopping i bought hair clips that are identical to the feathers i put them on and it has just added to the beauty ive always loved peacocks and was delighted wen i bought this . but someone told me that it is unluky to have ive njoyed reading through the other coments on peacocks ive been so unluky in life sometimes i want to get the real feathers after learning that they are luky and bring good fortune please could anyone tell me if it is unlucky to keep an ordement type peacock at home i know that if you keep ordement elephant you have to face them towards the door. please coment

  3. I was not that superstitious about things until one day I brought some peacock feathers home for my ex girlfriend and my mother.
    As soon as my ex girlfriend took them home and into the house, her mother kinda freaked out and quickly took them out of the house and told her not to bring them in the house as they bring bad luck.
    So I thought to my self ahh what ever there just feathers as I was not that superstitious at the time.
    So when I went home and gave them to my mother she loved them and put them in a vase up high off the ground near the front patio door.
    I told my mother the story of how my girlfriends mother put them outside because of bad luck the can bring,my mother said its ok they are just feathers and look they are so pretty.
    So one month later on Christmas day my step grandmother was walking past the Peakcock feathers that were in a big heavy glass vase ,as she was near out of the blue the hole vase full of feathers fell to the ground,nearly cracked her on her head.
    Thats when I realized maybe my mother in a law was right.
    So I took the feathers outside and dumped them.
    With in 6 months of this mysterious event my step grandmothers life went downhill rapidly.Bad luck seemed to of went her way fast.
    She got into a car accident,and then she had more and more problems in the following months,she later passed away.
    Said story not sure if the feathers had anything to do with it all or not but now I am superstitious about these feathers.
    Now my current partner brought a peacock feather home with her from her recent trip to California.The feather was a gift from somebody she meet down there.
    I was a little surprised when I picked her up from the air port that she had this feather with her on the plane.
    She kinda new about how I felt about the feathers and how they can bring bad luck.
    As I had not seen my partner for two weeks I did not want to upset her and not let her take them home with
    us.So took the feather home and planted the feather in a pot in the bed room.
    The energy in the room was a little werid and unsettling.The next morning my partner and woke up.
    She got out of bed and told me she does not like my energy,I am thinking something is not right here.
    So that night my partner myself and some friends were enjoying some drinks at the bar,we all decided to dance, my partner took her sweater off,and when we she went get her sweater back it was gone.
    She loved this sweater as she bought it from California on her recent trip .
    Seemed to be bad luck not sure.
    The feather is outside the house now.
    She is a little annoyed that I have put the feather outside now too bad as it was a gift.
    I just dont like to take any more chances with these feathers,paranoid or not superstitious,
    I felt that I am doing the right thing.

    • Feathers are actually good luck but don’t keep it in front of mirror or glass vessels, peacock mirror can break mirror

  4. Had large amount of beautiful peacock feathers for may years. Since disposing of them have had constant bad luck.

    Can anyone tell me if PAINTINGS OF PEACOCK FEATHERS are also supposed to bring bad luck?

  5. I have peacocks as well as every feather they’ve ever dropped. I have always had excellent luck they’ve not changed it.

  6. I have to say I have collected peacock feathers for years, even going against family members who believed in this old superstition. I have used them for decoration, hair pieces, jewelery, I have a whole scrapbook using pages with peacocks and their feathers on and added real peacock feathers to them. I have peacock ornaments and my tree at yule is adorned with everything peacock and I have a perfectly happy life. some religions such as the hindu religion believe they have positive properties, and the majority of their Gods/Goddesses have associations with the peacock. a big reason why peacock feathers weren’t brought into the house originally was because they were believed to be used for spying and giving people the evil eye because of the eyes on the feather. today peacock feathers are associated with mystery, romance and illusion. they are also associated with fortune, compassion, kindness and patience. every one of us gets a string of bad luck at some point without feathers. it is sad to associate a string of bad luck with feathers just because it coincides with the ownership of such beautiful things. I believe you attract what you think about, if you think bad luck you are more than likely going to attract it. superstition is the biggest reason people or animals have been killed over the centuries. I dont believe in superstitions such as not walking under a ladder, black cats, spilling salt, breaking mirrors etc and I will deliberately do things because I don’t believe in it and never had anything happen as a result of it. don’t let your mind play tricks and let you be fearful of silly superstition. feathers are not going to be evil or bring you bad luck.

    • Thank you for your balanced view. I have been given peacock coasters and didn't know what to do or think about it. Research about cultures positive towards peacocks is comforting and is very interesting.

  7. Peacock feather is lucky to me n u have not seen something going wrong after keeping peacock feather with me

  8. Superstitious effects follows who believe in them……..

  9. We shloud not blame a non living thing for our mistakes and carelessness.I agree to the words that " superstitious effects folows who believe in them".in hinduism ,peacock feather is place at the crown of lord krishna.I have lot of peacock feathers in my house for many years and also in my books.From keeping it with me i feel that god is with me and i feel protected by someone.

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