Two of the fascinating ways that Past Lives will manifest in our present circumstances are through unexplained attachments to a specific place, often somewhere we have never been in this life, and then in a somewhat mysterious ability to easily learn to speak and write in a foreign language, again, often a language we are unfamiliar with.  Parents have at times written to me about small children who speak Polish, or French, or Chinese, yet all they have heard spoken in their home is English…. Some people have found themselves speaking or seeing, in their mind’s eye, some ancient dialect that only an experienced linguist can interpret.  My family has been amused at two of the great-grandchildren who had their own language for the first few years… while the children understood their parents very well, only in time and with careful attention, were their parents able to figure out what their kids were saying.

If you find yourself strangely attracted to and at ease with a specific place or another language, go for it… take the time to learn all you can, to listen to and speak the language.  When these told attachments come up, it is usually because there is some old energy associated with that life that has come back into play in your current situation… for a purpose, an old lesson to finish… The more you connect with your interest in this new language, the more you will connect with that lifetime… and be able to clear or settle whatever was left outstanding from that time.  If nothing else, you will enrich your life be reclaiming a language that was once yours.

 I’ve taken incredible notice of the Spanish language just about everywhere. My eyes seem to naturally glide to the Spanish translation of shampoo bottles, instructions, department store signs and such others. I went and bought a Spanish CD set, I am interested to (one of my new fun goals is to) learn Spanish to fluency, etc. however, I can’t help but think there is more to this universe pointing at the language. I don’t think the universe would just be telling me (or my subconscious via the universe telling me) go for it just for the heck of it, as I have numerous projects on my list. I think there is a reason, beyond what I am thinking (of course there is, as my mind is going to try to rationalize according to my experiences rather than let the messages from Spirit some through). I appreciate my mind’s rational interpretation, however, I feel there is something more, if only I allow myself to trust that sense….there are numerous interpretations, my mind responds to attempting to go with that first impression, although time and time again it proves correct. My intuition is that the universe is nudging me to learn Spanish in a way to acclimate to the cultural topography of a friend of mine who may be interested in furthering our friendship. I have to stop my mind from trying to have me look at the reality of the situation, because i realize it is a trap. I will simply state the fact, though, that unfortunately, there is a non-physical “distance” between us and we are not talking with each other. Any thoughts, suggestions of interpretation? Talia

This is not rocket science.  You have had past lives, and I emphasize lives, as in plural, as in you lived in Spanish cultures over and over again.  Be it Mother Spain or in Latin America.  You have that background and it is no surprise for you to have an affinity for the Spanish language.  It has very little to do with your friend who happens to be Latin.  Spanish is one of the most spoken languages on the planet. There are lots of us who are exposed to Spanish on a daily basis.  I live in Florida during the winter and Spanish is just a neighborhood thing.  I live in Canada in the summer and French is what I deal with on every product and in many a conversation.  I have had to deal with both languages.  English is my first language.  I think in English but I can shift to Spanish or French when I have to. The vocabularies of all three languages will definitely round you out culturally!

Your learning Spanish is a really good idea, and when you learn it enough, you will start thinking in Spanish and will have an entirely different array of words and images that English never provided for you.  So, in a couple of words, learn Spanish.  Learn it for you, not anyone else.  It is part of your past life experiences, and no doubt, will give you a vocabulary that will allow you to expand your consciousness.  Rule number one in all mystical pursuits and questions,  “FOLLOW YOUR HEART.” Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

You are right in assuming that there’s a reason for the past life memories are coming up right now… yes, the Spanish coming to you in this way is probably about a past life or lives when perhaps you lived in Spain or Latin America, or perhaps both in various lifetimes… past life memories come up when there is old karma to be cleared from a lifetime, and often because you have reconnected with someone with whom you shared a past life – and probably also some old karma. It is possible that the friend you speak of is from a past life, but I feel with some certainty that the learning of Spanish is not for him, but for you… to reconnect with yourself and perhaps reclaim some energy that you left in some of these past lives. I think you would find a past life reading very helpful in understanding what is really happening here and what it means to you now.  Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Over the past 20 years I have visited a number of psychics for personal readings – most very good. Out of all of those, though, Anthony is my absolute favorite, not just because his readings are always amazingly accurate with a strong connection, but also because he truly wants to share the information he gets. He has a huge heart and a remarkable talent. I was so impressed with his ability that several months ago I signed up for a one-on-one mentoring program with him. He works not only with his own angels and guides but mine as well to help me with my psychic development. Through his help, I was able to contact my own guides. He is full of insight and is incredibly accurate but most of all he is full of positive energy. I never once felt rushed to end my session and he was dedicated to making sure all my questions were answered. I appreciate his encouragement, patience, and sincere desire to help me succeed. I recommend Anthony’s services with great enthusiasm, whether it be a reading, or mentoring. I am extremely grateful to whatever forces caused us to cross paths. Thank you, Anthony! – Theresa

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  1. Awe language! I wake in the night and words deconstruct for me, and I am experiencing massive synchronicity. I keep an ongoing Diary that I call, My God of Coincidence.

    I do believe I am being gifted to see, How in the Beginning, WAS the Word and I am following a story, like a reporter that is so about love, and a story in which I am a participant, but one I couldn’t possibly have written myself.

    I see deep secrets within words themselves, across Babel. We are all of us more connected to each other than we ever thought possible! We celebrate diversity and yet we are also ONE. We are apart and a part. And yet, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Something beautiful is happening. Hold on!

    As to past lives, YES! I do totally feel this. Your advice is so loving and true on this site. We have been here before. This is a circle dance. I do believe if you can do it with words, it can and will happen, and that we are actualizing the potential of the letters themselves.

    So I say, if we make of our lives a masterpiece, meaning live it with love for all that lives and breathes on this planet, we can, collectively, make of life a master peace. It’s “written” and this story that winds like smoke, a wreath around my small life will out, and it concerns us all, to put the kind back into “mankind” and certainly that’s the mandate, the man and woman date.

    I look to the year 2020 which means perfect vision, and yes, surely 12 will bring riches of understanding to us all.

    With thanks for a beautiful blog!

  2. Hi, this is a very interesting piece of information.
    5 years back I started learning some german online, just coz I had time. I picked it real quick and cleared 3 exams in Goethe inst in the nest 2 years. Started teaching german to kids. All without ever attending a single class myself. Now I have lost touch with it, but I can still understand basic German. Recently I decided to learn another language, chose Spanish. I am not able to pick up more than a few words, forget about grammar and stuff. Its been more than 2 years I am trying.

    I don’t know if i am lazy this time, or there is a past-life connection with german in some way.

    what do you think?

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