Past Loves often reappear in present time. We tend to travel through lifetimes in groups, and to continue to evolve with those souls we have been connected with in the past. Old loves will reappear in some lifetimes to challenge us, and in others, to support us through some trauma, or to watch out over us where they can. Old soul mates come together because there is work to do, either to resolve old issues or to meet new challenges together.  The key to making the most of our past life connections is to accept them as they are in present time… it’s about learning from and moving past the past… the past can explain why we feel so strongly, but it is in the present that we grow.

I’ve had a couple of strange experiences which have left me wondering about past lives. My first experience was when I started going to the local gym. The man who taught me how to use the equipment was originally from Scotland. At first, there was nothing strange. Soon, I realized that when I needed help all I had to do was look over to where he was sitting – usually his desk – and he would immediately come to me. We seemed to be able to communicate telepathically. He knew my name was Jacqueline as it was on my membership card, but he never called me Jacqueline – always Janette. Don’t ask me why, but I got some sort of feeling about a deceased elder sister when he was just a toddler. Could this have been ‘Janette’ or could both of us have been soul partners in a past life together? If it was a case of Reincarnation – was I sent to make sure my baby brother was ok in this life? When I first heard the song The Skye Boat Song I immediately had this ‘flashback’ that I was on a small ferry. I was standing looking over into the sea. Beside me was a lady holding a buggy with a baby boy inside. On a bench behind that sat a man. We were looking at the lovely cliffs and the sea as we were coming into the small harbour. On the harbour key was a lovely old lady who I referred to as Granny. I have never been to the Isle of Skye. When I saw a programme about it, it was exactly as it was in my ‘dream’. Could I have been Neil’s big sister or we have been soul partners in a previous life to meet as friends in this one? Jacqueline

Yes, any and all of the possibilities that you write about could very well have transpired. We would need to open a past life reading to be able to affirm your thoughts, but my sense is that you are probably near right.. at the very least, there was another life when you were close to this man and your name in that life was probably Janette…

There’s a very good reason why we offer Past Life Readings, as well as Pre-Birth Planning and Akashic Records Readings. Our souls are shaped and marked by the roles we have played, the actions we have taken, and the relationships we developed in previous lifetimes. We have accumulated knowledge, skills, insight, and hopefully wisdom in our travels through time…. this knowledge serves us – and sometimes haunts us – in present time. For good reason.

Connections to our past lives usually occur when there is old karma, unresolved issues or questions, work left to be done together and this is somehow affecting our lives in the present. So there is real value in looking back to see who we once were and who we were connected with, when, why and how. However, we must remember that these are memories, old perspectives, available to us for insight and understanding. Knowing the past can shed light on present day issues, enabling us to overcome past mistakes… but when an old love is involved, we can be tempted to get lost in the past… which gets in the way of our future.

My fiancé and I have been together for a very long time. I am convinced that we are “soulmates”, and he is too. We plan on spending our lives together and experiencing things together. I don’t ever want to leave him…and the phrase “til death do us part”, when we marry, will be a lie to me because when I die, I will not leave him. and I hope that he will not leave me. My questions: will we stick together in our afterlife, and our lives after that? also, is it possible that we have virtually known each other forever?? (in past lives, etc.) this question is very important to me and I would love to have some insight on this subject. . Liz

It is very likely that you will reconnect in future lives, because we tend to travel in soul groups, but don’t count on being married again…you may choose different roles in each other’s lives, depending on what lessons and experiences you choose to undertake at that point. It is possible that you have known him forever, but as a soul, you will have different lessons and experiences that you will want to work through, so you haven’t always been a couple and while you will probably come together again in the future, it may be as brother and sister or cousins, or best friends, or even enemies…To find out more about your connection, you can place an order here.

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