There’s a very good reason why we offer Past life readings, as well as Pre-Birth Planning and Akashic Records Readings. Out souls are shaped and marked by the roles we have played, the actions we have taken, and the relationships we developed in previous lifetimes. We have accumulated knowledge, insight, and hopefully wisdom in our travels through time…. this knowledge serves us – and sometimes haunts us – in present time.  For good reason. When past lives bleed through, there’s unfinished business to be dealt with in present time.
“Hi, I really need some advice with my daughter Jesse.  She is so unique and wonderful but has been having a very difficult time lately.  I’m really glad I found your web site.  I thought her and I might both be crazy.  She is twelve but acts and looks like she is about fifteen. Anyway, she has been having bizarre dreams and flashbacks that she doesn’t want to share with me but it is driving her crazy and she wants me to find her a past life psychic. I’m leery because they’re not all what they claim. She has been obsessed with Cleopatra since she was a little girl and reads everything she can find on the subject. She told me years ago that she was her, it is interesting after reading a book about her there are alot of similarities with the two, anyway, I don’t know, I just want to help but with her only being twelve I don’t know what to do, encourage her? support her? find someone for her to talk with and share with? Your help would be truly appreciated. Thanks Julie 
My advice is to support her, to help her find someone to talk with, to help her get some explanation for what she is experiencing… there are also lots of good books on the subject of reincarnation that would be useful for you to get for her… check your local library… Some of what is occurring for her is a result of the hormonal changes that come around this age, but there is usually a reason for these things to come up, so follow the flow and see where it takes you both… I feel that this is as much about you as about her, and could create a real opportunity for the two of you to bond and build trust, at a critical time in her life…  suggest that she keep a journal of what comes up for her, that she draw pictures of what she has seen in her mind, get her some books on the life of Cleopatra, let her learn about what she is experiencing internally.
It is important though for you to understand that there are a number of Cleopatras on planet earth at this time… what I am saying is that I have had similar reports over the years from various individuals around the world who believe they are the reincarnation of Cleopatra…  There can be a number of explanations for your daughter’s memories. For example, she may have been a handmaiden to Cleopatra and been present in many intimate moments which would explain the close connection. Or Cleopatra could be acting as some sort of spirit guide to your daughter in this lifetime, or there could be a soul mate connection between them. There are a lot of reasons why these images are coming to her and they may not be her memories…
Therefore it is important to be open-minded in your explorations with your daughter… There is something to be learned from this journey… if it is coming so strongly to your daughter that she is connected to Cleopatra, there is something left unresolved from that life that she will need to deal with in this – or perhaps some relationships around her now are triggering the memories, if these were people she knew in that time, then these relationship may demand some special attention – perhaps healing – over the next years….  Or it could simply be that her soul has resolved to learn something from the life of Cleopatra. This is why I urge her to keep a journal of her memories and dreams, to draw the pictures of what she sees, to read about those times and then follow the threads… by keeping an open mind as you explore, the right answers will rise to the surface eventually. You could find that getting an email past life reading with Victoria would be very useful for Jessica… a note from her follows.  Hope this helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle
Past lives can have a very direct effect on this one. Not so much the lessons from the last life but there will be flashbacks to certain scenes, dreams will often wander back to the past life memories. I have met many people who knew they were someone else in another life. I have met others who in a former life felt they had been that person and then turned out to have a very close relationship with that person and it creates an unreal memory. Often memories leave around puberty so best she write down all she is experiencing in flashbacks for now. Victoria
Ever since at school, I have shown a purely natural ability for  languages, especially German. My German teachers were completely amazed that I have no German blood in my family. I learn it easily and can write  some really extraordinary work…writing in ways of which is way too advanced for what I should be able to do. Do I have a past life in Germany or spoke in any German?” Anon
I believe that it you have had a past life and even several past lifes in Germany and that is why you are able to easily pick up there language and to write it as well. Past Lives are not that difficult to figure out – they come to you in dreams, dejavu, and as signs given to you. It can be easily accomplished if you wanted to have a past life reading, and you can also seek out a certified hypnosis who can do a past life- regression. Hypnosis can also give you answers like name and age and death even the general layout of that life. If you are not ready for that, take it as a blessing that you are able to accomplish so much in a shorter amount of time then normal, you are a very lucky woman. Take Care, Jennifer
I have a feeling you were a quite well-educated German, very likely a writer, and that the reason this knowledge is coming to you so easily in this lifetime is because you intend to finish a job you started in that life-time…. Go with it and see where it takes you.  Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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  1. i have been googling other people that are claiming they are the reincarnation of cleopatra vii and i have found zero information on any such claims!? i am the reincarnation of cleopatra vii among other lives and i am writing a book to prove my claims. do you have any suggestions that could help promote on proving what i am saying is true? thank you- namaste

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