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Past Life Traumas Lead to Present Fears

Why Delve Into the Past

Some folks want to know about their past lives so they can change the past…. however, the real value in digging into past lives lies in gaining understanding of the present. I often urge my clients to "stay present", "stay in the moment", reminding them that our power is in the present. From the present we have the power to change the past, the present and the future… the trouble is that we too often leave bits of ourselves in the past. Remembering the past in such cases enables us to release the old charges associated with past life traumas – and thus to recover those bits we left behind, building our power in the present… 

Hi!  Just a quick question, and one that most people would find to be silly… please don't tell anyone! (shhh!)  What I want to know is this….I am one of those nostalgic types who wants to change his past….most (probably 95 percent) would say that is impossible….but there are those who believe in parallel universes….I would LOVE to know how my life could be if I were reincarnated as Me, Kevin, in a parallel, not identical, but very similar universe….and re-did my life without some of the same mistakes?  Is this possible?  I mean, the universe is infinite….maybe I have serious control issues, maybe I am obsessive-compulsive, but if I could find the "fountain of youth" so to speak, and do things differently from about age 14 on, I would be ETERNALLY grateful!!!!   Thanks!!!

Sorry hon, but what you are asking for is both possible and impossible… within the context of our current game plan, the way to change the past isn't about going back as if we were in a time capsule, but rather in our perceptions and reactions to the past… the way to fix things in a case like yours is to correct the mistakes in the present, to not act on them any longer – to see the purpose and the value in the events of the past as they were, and to move on from there… chances are if you followed yourself through some alternate reality, you would find that although you would not have made the same mistakes, you would have made others… and in some realities, the consequences might be far more severe… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Over the years, I have connected with a number of my past lives. I have been a monk, a scribe, an inventor. My faithful horse and I roved the ranges of the mid-west in one life, flew a plane in the second world war in another… I was tortured for my work as an oracle at one time, and lost my mind in another… I felt these lives, saw them playing like a movie in my mind, and at times felt like I was reliving them, was terrified and horrified by the sensations, and especially by the fear I saw in myself in those times, and the sense of hopelessness in others.

One of the strangest series of experiences occurred when I lived in Lexington, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston…. My work as a systems consultant had me on the road a lot in those days, so I got very used to finding my way around to clients in unfamiliar territory. As long as I had the directions, though, I could make my way in even the most confusing areas… and I always had my directions… something I checked and double checked and triple checked before I left – didn't have time to get lost…. but there was one area that took on a mystical aura over time… whenever I headed for this particular town, no matter how often I checked for directions, I would find myself on the road without them… and some inner self would take over and guide me to the place I needed to be. Too strange, how often I would get out of the car when I suddenly felt compelled to check where I was – only to find that the client I was looking for was just across the street, or around the corner. On one of the most remarkable of these times, I was quite intent on heading in a specific direction, (having forgotten the directions, I was depending on memory) but suddenly the car seemed to have a mind of its own… my eyes and my whole body were all set to make a left turn, but that's not where the car took me… I was so shocked that I immediately pulled over on a side street to get my bearings – and catch my breath… only to discover that this was the very street I had been looking for. A few years later, I discovered that I had lived in this part of Boston some decades earlier – in my previous lifetime…

It can take days to shake off the energy we bring back from these past life experiences.. but over time I have discovered why these journeys through time were so relevant for me.

In the years when the past life memories came flooding back to me, I was on a deep inner quest, searching for answers about myself… I found them in the past. The old memories gave me a new perspective on my life – and helped to explain a lot of my fears… once understood, I was able to release a lot of the old energy associated with these fears… and I collected fragments of my soul that had been left behind in those lifetimes… I started feeling whole again…

Often deep-seated fears, odd behaviours and weird eccentricities can be explained by the memories we contain in our souls… remembering our past lives can make it easier to break old habits, to explain relationships, to live whole… reconnecting with our past can help us to recover the joy in us…

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