Memories of our past lives bleed through in many ways, in encounters we have with people, in events that repeat themselves from previous lifetimes and also in dreams.  Old memories may also be stirred by stories we see on the news so they are confused with bits from our current lives. For example, reading of a plane crash could trigger a dream of of a plane crash which is really you processing a past life memory of  a serious fall from favour in a previous lifetime, even a coup when many were killed.

I used to think I was a very bad person as I would have dreams of people, mainly men doing bad things eg, stalking to abduct and kill children, a school campus murder where the janitor was the slain killer, this one was a very graphic detailed dream, sickening to me, terrified me. I would be there but I don’t see myself in them. It’s like I’m really there  and I could see things happening. I would be screaming at the detectives trying to tell and describe the Janitor but no one can see or here me. I can hear what they are saying, I would continuously wake but would go back to the same point when I went back to sleep.  The dreams with the children again. In great detail I knew I was there and could hear his breathing and see his hands, he was in long grass on the banks where a lake runs and it was like where he looked, I looked. Whatever he saw or was thinking I saw and knew. I was powerless and just knew this little girl had no chance. I want to stop him but I can’t I have anyo control, he doesn’t even know I’m there.  I can still remember details, eye colour, hair etc from the dreams as though it was yesterday. I also feel exhaused upon waking like I hadn’t had any sleep.

I had these dreams since my teens and after the Janitor one I couldn’t take it anymore. I cried and pleaded with God to stop them. I was scared to sleep and I just wanted to sleep and dream nothing I was so tired. Believe it or not from that night they stopped for several years But now and then I’ve started to dream again in this way. My latest was several months ago about an aeroplane crash and I saw the dead bodies over the ground and there was one particular man I seemed to focus on which I remember in detail. I could smell burning flesh, hear screams and cries.  This time I could see me in the dream, I was in a car driving with someone I didn’t know, the plane clipped power lines on its way down to land. It was an airbus with red on the tail.

I don’t know why I have such awful dreams. I don’t believe I am a bad person, but lately have been thinking what if I’m meant to find out about these things…I just don’t know what to do, all I know now with maturity is I’m not terrified anymore. What do you think of me? Is this normal and does everyone dream this way? I do hope to hear. thank you for taking the time to listen and read this. Any insight on why my subconcious shows me such things would be appreciated. Regards Denise.

No, you are not a “bad” person in the least – you’re merely a “sensitive” – someone who is very receptive to past-life memories that will pop up from time to time in dreams and elsewhere. The only way to deal with them properly is to understand them from within this context of them being past-life memories, and then to launch into an investigation into the laws of karma and reincarnation. Many secrets can be revealed by reading
extensively on the great mysteries of why we are all here at this time, as one clue will undoubtedly lead to another, and so on. This is known as a spiritual path, just so long as you never stop for too long at any one place. The idea of this path is to justifiably feel the need to move on fearlessly.

These past-life bleed-throughs of yours are appearing as crashes in modern vehicles, and the random madman, because you wouldn’t want to imagine the aftermath of any of them as being anything less than accidental or insane acts of insane men. This is because many scenes of death and horror played out in non-accidental manners in the past, with seemingly rational men doing very irrational things, and I mean way back – back a thousand years ago or so during various Inquisitions. A lot of us these days are having similar past-life atrocities presenting themselves in this way, in sleeping dreams and in day-dreams, or waking-dream nightmares, so you are not alone. I’ve been having these things all my life, especially when I watch the news on TV or hear the news on the radio. My Soul wants to scream out “Never Again!!!” and I’d like you to consider that this is also your life’s purpose – to see injustices where they are, and to do what you can to prevent such atrocities from happening in the future.

There’s a cause and effect – and an effect and a cause – in what you’ve been dealing with, and an investigation into the nature of karma, and the connections to be made within your individual karma, can make these past-life bleed-throughs of yours make sense. Read about the lives of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Thoreau, Buddha. They’ve already been down the roads I’m hoping you will consider travelling. Peace, Phil the astrologer
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  1. thank god im not alone.When i was about 6 or 7 yrs old, i had a memory of a psychopathic doctor. his name was dr. moron.i had memories of being one of his victims.(too horrible to describe) JUST THIS MORNING, out of the blue, i remembered more details.(im now 42). i seem to remember walls in a hospital (light blue) also being so terrified.why now this bleed through?

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