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I’m 11. And I can see ghosts. When I am around somewhere where a person has died their spirit comes and asks me to help them go to the after life. I’m alone.  My favorite place to visit is the graveyard to!
You are so young! What you need is to learn more about your gift. People who die suddenly often do not understand what happened and are confused. To begin with try talking with them and explaining it is time for them to embrace their new, wonderful life and that they have passed. I do not suggest you hang out at graveyards as the need of the spirits there can be intense especially where so many can be confused and you are too young and inexperienced to put yourself in this situation. To begin with, read books by Sylvia Browne. Her books are easy to read and will help you understand the process. I normally do not recommend her but for young people she is good start. I hope this helps. Blessings, Cate
 I have been thinking of my ex boyfriend who passed away lately. He had came to me in dreams before this time and they were sexual dreams that felt real. then this last dream it was of him coming back to me in the beginning and by the middle of the dream he was leaving bc he had to. His dad wanted him to leave. I started looking at a picture of him in the dream through a magnifying glass and he called and said he was coming. Then I woke up. What does this mean?


Also can spirits of loved ones possess people to be with you? How long can they do that? Is that bad?
It is not uncommon for “passed over” friends, lovers, or family members to appear in dreams.  They are reaching out from the other side.  They do not want you to forget them.  I would do a ceremony for your ex-boyfriend featuring a picture of him. Light some candles for him and have a get together with his friends and family if you can.  You can have a ceremonial dinner. (Think of an Irish wake.) If no one wants to do this with you, then do one for him yourself.  This will give him a “send off” and free him from his latest life, allowing him to move on to a new one.  Sorry for your loss.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree
My friends step father died on Friday morning we went to a medium that does not know us and she said he was saying thank you as he faded away, is this not to soon? thanks, Kim
No. There is no time line for receiving information. It depends on the departed. Some carry their troubles to the other side with them and others, like your dad are happy and with the freedom of spirit can indeed send messages shortly after their passing. I hope this helps you understand the process a little better. Cate

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