by PMH Atwater L.H.D.

On March 13, 2009 I sent out a mass mailing from my website, an article entitled “Tidbits for Tough Times,” for the purpose of offering some context to the type of changes we are all going through. This mailing is a sequel, again offering context, but going a little further with a few specifics.

Please understand, we are not just going through a downturn or a recession or a depression right now. We are caught in what is termed “The Great Shifting.” I had a DVD on this at one time that explained in detail what was meant by this. The main crux of that presentation is this:

The Great Shifting refers to the Cosmic Year (in astrology), and how every 25,920 years a full rotation of the zodiac is completed. A Cosmic Month lasts around 2,160 years, and is what we call an “Age,” like the Age of Pisces or the Age of Aquarius (not here yet, by the way, contrary to some rather sensational claims being made lately). This massive cycle of 25,920 years is almost beyond anyone’s ability to fathom. This kind of shift is not just a paradigm shift; it is evolution in our time. We moderns have a pretty good working knowledge of the last hundred years or so, maybe even a couple of thousand, but 25,920 years ago? Only our indigenous people have that memory.

The Great Shifting is here. Now. Everywhere.

The energy of the wheel’s turn represents more than a cycle; it spirals. That means: before the next lift upward to higher levels on the spiral, there is always a dip, a downturn. Spiral downturns can last a while – a year, a decade, or longer. There is logic to this, a harmonic rhythm, that suggests a Great Plan is taking place, one that follows a Higher Consciousness than our own. The Mayan Calendar is based on this, tracking the development and growth of consciousness itself.

As this rotation completes itself and we move up another octave of vibration (evolutionary phase), we face a myriad of other challenges, in tandem to larger ones. Last time I spoke of Uranus opposite Saturn, a particular push/pull we all have been feeling. In review: whatever we have depended on before, whatever seemed solid, dependable, and true, is now falling apart. We feel as if “the rug” is being pulled out from under us. We didn’t do anything in particular to cause this. We were living our lives, making our plans, looking forward to even better times ahead, when, all of a sudden things came to a screeching halt. And it seems sudden, even though this condition has been long in coming. We didn’t recognize it because we weren’t looking.

Uranus in the sign of Pisces is opposite Saturn in the sign of Virgo. The biggest changes that we are dealing with, then, cover religion (church, doctrines, how we worship); spirituality (belief, values, personal relationship with Deity); philosophy (how we live, how we order ourselves, what motivates us); creative imagination (what pleasures us and why, the arts, invention and innovation); security/privacy (are we safe, can we protect what we have); emotions and feelings (do we disappear into WebWorlds or drugs – which detach us from touch and foster a loneliness that is stark and depressing). These changes are in direct opposition to the logic we once trusted that covered employment, savings, investments, banks, social mores, schools, what we possess, how we dress, what defines us as practical/dependable human beings, our very sense of good health and the “miracle” of pharmaceuticals and chemicals (which supposedly make our lives and our food and our world “better”).

What we once depended upon, what we built with our sweat and effort – that is what’s at risk. Uranus rips apart what Saturn puts together. . . for the purpose of waking us up to our own follies so we can transform, shift, redo, remodel, refit that part of our lives and our world that is being affected. This tugging energy between the two extremes has been in our laps for about a year now, and will continue until almost the end of 2010, bringing with it major adjustments in how the world works. Whether positive or negative depends on us.

A big clue, in not only how to survive what seems an unendling crises, but actually in how to thrive and succeed in spite of all, is….Pluto in Capricorn, through 2024. It’s that wonderful down-to-earth Capricornian energy that will make the difference. When you think of Capricorn, you think of “the turtle that wins the race” because Capricorns don’t know the meaning of the word “quit.” This energy pattern is constant, dependable, resourceful, practical, hard-working, prepared, ambitious, willing to begin small and work up, good with investments, keeps on, refines, remodels, restructures, reinvents, refigures, protects, guards, builds, has an alternative (usually numerous alternatives), desires success and is willing to succeed, double-checks, able to sacrifice for a goal, is there to help/serve when needed. Although Capricorn can seem a cold, cruel taskmaster (not being prone to displays of emotion), the truth is this patterning is infused with a sense of tradition, pride, devotion, and compassion. Thrift is the middle name of Capricorn, but so is the miracle of patience. When you think “Capricorn” . . . think wisdom.

All of this, the Great Shifting, is a natural cycle, another in evolution’s march toward the TRANSFORMATION of our world, our very being. None of the current economic systems are sustainable – not capitalism, not socialism, not communism, not theocracy, not tyranny. And no governmental or political leader in any country has the know-how, the training and vision, to find a lasting solution. It will take all of us together. There is already a flood of people, ideas, and muscle coming forward to do the job, in ways that honor the tough choices ahead.

Excellent teachers are popping up everywhere, with workshops and models that show exceptional promise. A new consciousness is not only rising, it is fostering one miracle after another: like turning mushrooms into a substance that eats up road oil; creating classrooms that can handle the new spatial-visual minds; spinning new fabrics from the trash we throw away; and so forth. Capricorn is our clue, remember? Begin small, be creative. Read about what is working in Ode, the new magazine for intelligent optimists ( We subscribe. I hope you will, too. Support your local newspaper; subscribe to that, too.

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  1. This is beautiful. What is REALLY happening is beyond incredible; unfathomable to most of us- as is the course of action. I’ve been meditating for 36 years and the more I “wake up” the more I understand everything is indeed perfect, even when it “looks” the opposite. This includes the murder of my sister and my wife passing from cancer, leaving me and our 9 and 13 year old sons here. Like a NDE, these events are my Blessings- helping rip away my identification with this earthplane, this Maya.
    I loved reading this. Thank you very much for your energy and Light!
    Bruce Miller
    Fairfield, Iowa

    Mother Earth News
    12 Great Places You’ve Never Heard Of August/September 2006
    Fairfield, Iowa
    Your image of southeast Iowa probably doesn’t include the world’s premier ayurvedic health spa, more restaurants per capita than San Francisco or 25 art galleries on the downtown square, but these are just some of the many features of Fairfield, a surprisingly sustainable and cosmopolitan town.

    Since 1971, Fairfield has been home to Maharishi University of Management, founded by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. What began as an effort to teach India’s ancient principles of health and peace to Americans has spread into many aspects of life in the community. Fairfield hosts an Eco-Fair every year, and has the most homes with solar energy or other green building features in Iowa. The county has the most acres of organic cultivation in the state. It also has earned praise for its entrepreneurial spirit — many small businesses thrive there.

    Two miles north of Fairfield is Maharishi Vedic City, where all homes are designed and built according to the principles of ayurvedic architecture, in which each building faces east and has a central silent space called a Brahmasthan and a golden roof ornament called a kalash. The sale of nonorganic food is banned in the city, and construction recently began on what will be 100 acres of greenhouses powered by wind and solar energy for the year-round production of organic food.

    Population: 9,459
    County: Jefferson
    Climate: hot summers; cold winters; rainy springs
    Cost of living index: 79.7
    Median home price: $96,200
    Alternative energy: net metering and renewable energy incentives
    Don’t miss: Maharishi University’s golden domes

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