By Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley of HPI

HPI and guest investigators: Belinda Bentley – Celebrity Psychic and Lead Investigator, Stan Hall – PSYCH-K Specialist (guest investigator), Tiffany Gonzales, Stephenie Belson and Angela Kesti.

Equipment being used: digital camera’s, audio recorder, night vision camcorder, EMF Meter, Ghost Box and a Polaroid Camera.

A couple that wishes to remain anonymous, called HPI to handle a few paranormal Peeping Toms. In the privacy of their own home a couple decides to audio record themselves having sex. During playback class A EVP’S are heard from 3 males and a female sayings “She’s a liar,” “I’ve come to take her,” “I’ll get you off,” “Is that Jack’s girlfriend,” and even some Spanish speaking evps are heard urging the on.

Upon entering the home we feel a heavy, thick energy. Stephanie feels an unsettling feeling on the couch and she picks up the couple isn’t sleeping very well. All the investigators feel a heaviness in the hall way. We set up a camcorder in the hall. The EMF Meter constantly goes off in the bathroom and hallway. It was never clear if it was due to high EMF fields in the home or if there was paranormal occurrence, because it was along the wall and out in open space. Results inconclusive.

The couple noticed the female can get the evps whenever she wants, the male cannot. The spirits seems to be attached to her or have a special interest in her. In an effort to find out if evps will only happen around the female I remove her from the house to conduct a different evp session. Team 1 (Stan, Stephanie, and Tiffany) stay in the house to conduct an evp session, with no results. Team 2 (Belinda and Angel) go outside with the female client and conducts an evp session with the Ghost Box and digital recorder with good results.

While I was relaying a story about how my ghost box works, a spirit says “You’re a freak.” Other class A evps in response to specific questions are “Jack,” “Adam,” “Here, here, here” and later muffled conversations between spirits. The team switches one team member per group Angel goes in the house and Stephanie comes outside to join my group. The results in the house change. Angel’s walkie-talkie begins going off by itself as a woman is speaking, but what she is saying isn’t clear. The other talkie was turned off. We took in account the talkie might have crossed signals or channels, but it was noted as a strange occurrence. In response to Angel’s questions she gets evps answering her in the bedroom.

The group comes together in the bedroom where the evp’s are most active tonight. The couple has a Ouija boards and as it was mentioned I received a tap on my shoulder from an unseen force. I got the Ouija board out and I heard a voice tell me, “she opened up a portal years ago and we are angry and want to go home.” I used the board to confirm. They weren’t interested in talking and asked to go home. Listening to the audio from those moments you can hear a spirit saying “go,” “free,” “yes.” The client verbally told the spirits they were free to go home. Stan and I closed the portal to the Ouija Board and a sense of peace quickly came over me. The bedroom had a lighter energy to it.

A cleansing was performed by Stephanie that had a calming effect and the heavy energy we’d felt in the beginning of our investigation quickly subsided. It was noted that when Stephanie was engaged in cleansing the home the walkie-talkie did go off again as she got close to it. It was pure static. The client started to feel relief as Stephanie finished up. Stan worked with the client using PSYCH-K balances which changed the clients energy swiftly. Her reaction to the spirits were very different now. My psychic perception was that it helped closed the portal in her own energy field. She received addition healing from Stephanie and I to help seal up any other portals. An end evp session was done and no voices where heard on the recorder.

Mission successful!

Clients confirmed two things that were received during the investigation, they weren’t getting enough sleep, Stephanie’s psychic hit in the beginning of the investigation and that she used the board in 2007 and never closed it out, which is what the spirit told me. Tiffany has now picked up a few interesting evp’s as well, but they don’t seem to be as clear, “I’ll mess you up.” or “I’ll $%#& you up,” we couldn’t agree, but we did agree the spirit wasn’t happy one way or other

Lots More Ghost-Hunting sories, as reported by Paul Dale Roberts at HPI

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