Developing your psychic abilities can give you an edge in life, but it can also cause you to feel rather edgy. However, if you want to get your abilities working for you, there is only one way to make it happen – you must push yourself over the edge. You must overcome your fears and be willing to jump into the void, to allow yourself to expect – and love – the unexpected.

Easier said than done, as these clients tell us:

I have been wondering about many things like telepathy and psychic abilities. My parents are Christians and I feel anxiety because I can’t tell them about things that have happened to me. I think I’m psychic because I have had thoughts about people and been right, I have had conversations people exactly like I have thought them days before, and thinking i was thinking to my self, that it was my imagination or fantasizing with telepathy). All of this makes me feel very overwhelmed because I feel as if all those people I have talked with ramdomly have the ability of telepathy, when they don’t… It’s kinda hard to explain but I also have physical vibrations or ticks in my body, anywhere (an example of it is when you get an eye vibrating. I feel also scared because I don’t really know what is happening, since I have read of people who can harrass you telepathically, called PERP’S, are able to do things to you at a distance with some technology. My question is… What is happening to me? Sandy~

You are wondering why you are experiencing quite abnormal things while at the same time feeling they are quite normal. You have senses that are awakening within you. If you recognize these abilities with gratitude for the gifts that they are, the fear of them will leave you. When people start to open up as you are, what is called psychic protection is essential. Not so much from the government and their technology, but because as you become more sensitive, you will feel and experience more and more. There are many ways to protect yourself, which essentially is shielding your auric (energy) field from being bombarded constantly from thoughts and feelings around you.
 You are picking up on the fear of others around you. You are feeling their anxiety, fear, confusion and pain and calling it your own. Some of it is yours, some not. Putting a shield of light around you will assist you. Learning more about the abilities awakening within you will diminish the fear.
 In this day and time there is an acceleration of everything from global chaos to individual acceleration of abilities we all have but have been dormant. These gifts are our divine right, given by God and here to help you help others at a time when fear and confusion reign.
 Inform yourself. Read about the abilities and gifts you have. Become more aquainted with them and the fear will leave you. Learn about your aura, your energy bodies as I feel your healing abilities are part of this grand awakening.
Congratulations! You are waking up to be a wonderful healer and psychic at a time when your community could use a little guidance.  You are fine physically, just going through an uploading of higher frequency energy.  Many blessings and there are many to assist you on your path. Be without fear. That is the only thing that will shut you down.  Cherie

Two days ago, my brother and I went to sleep over our uncle’s house. On our way there, we stopped at my aunt’s to see her newborn baby. This aunt, in the past, has tried to distance herself from our family because she feels better than others and has said awful things behind others’ backs. Recently, she has expressed sorrow and wanting to be part of our family again. Slowly, she is coming back.

During our visit, we had dinner with her and her family and as I went to deposit my plate in the sink, I noticed something quite interesting; there was a plate in the sink with two crossed knives on top, forming an almost perfect ‘X’. My mother (one of the larger victims of our aunt’s cruel words) has told my brother and I to be on guard at that house. I believe that the crossed knives mean to obey our mother’s words and not be very trustful with that aunt or we will be betrayed, or perhaps, that branch of our family is still hostile towards the rest of the family.

After sleeping over our uncle’s house, my brother and I went with him, his wife (another aunt) and our three cousins to the beach. I felt nervous in the car as we were going there and depressed. Nervous because I haven’t been to the beach in years and wasn’t sure how to act in a social situation and depressed because of the awful things I’ve been having to go through lately. On our way to the beach, my brother pointed out a snowy white cat to one of our toddler cousins sitting on a step on the right side of the road. We watched the cat for a little bit, then I turned my head to the other side of the road in boredom. Upon doing this, I saw a man walking a large white dog with almost the exact same kind of long, thin fur up the sidewalk. I turned back to the cat, lazily eyeing the dog  across the road. At the time the dog reached level with the steps the cat was on, it (the cat) leapt off and walked out of site.

I’m almost certain that the knives and the two white animals were signs, but I’m having a hard time figuring them out, specifically the white dog and cat. I was hoping you could help me figure them out.  Thank you,  Frank.

I think your mother is wise to warn you about your family’s abusive behaviors.  But maybe it’s nature that gave you the warning instead of your aunt and her family.

Nature is always trying to help you out with answers to the questions in your mind.  For instance the crossed knives may not have been intentionally crossed by someone there but had just fallen that way when the plate was placed in the sink.  You noticed it and understood the warning your mother
had given you.  You had confirmation by seeing the knives.

The white cat and dog feel like nature was telling you that you are being protected and watched over.

It’s okay to look for things in nature to answer the questions in your head about danger, protection and when it’s safe.  But only ask the question once and except the answer provided.  When your questioning continues nature can throw you a curve.  In this case you were still looking for danger when nature tried to calm you down and let you know that all is well and you are watched over. I hope this helps. Love, Laura

I really need help from someone.  I saw a spirit as a child and recently asked to know her again.  I wish I hadn’t done that because strange things are happening.  The tv turned on by itself at 3 AM.  The tv started glowing, also at 3 AM.  My husband and I heard a tapping on our second story window.  I had a nightmare that woke me up screaming (something that hasn’t happened since I was around 8 or 9).  And last night someone called my cell phone at 3 AM (restricted number) but wouldn’t say anything.  It ALL started the night that I asked to know this woman again.  I have been asking her to leave me alone, but it’s not helping.  I would really, really appreciate some advice or help.  I’m not able to sleep.  Thank you.  Amy

Have u ever heard the old saying be careful what you wish for? It seems this spirit has really tried communicating with you as you have asked her to do. I don’t sense any reason to fear her. If you’re not open to communicating with her the best thing to do is to tell her to please go away. Be firm but loving at the same time. Say a prayer in every room of the house afterwards to cleanse the energy of the home. Blessings Jody

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