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Predictions From Our Animal Spirit Guide

What Animal Totem Influences Us Now?

by Danielle

What messages or predictions will come up from generous Turkey, this period's animal spirit guide? (Drawn from our Medicine Cards ) Drop me a note and let me know how these insights work for you.

turkeyTURKEY – Give-Away, Shared Blessings, Harvest

Turkey is sometimes called earth eagle. It has a long history of association with spirituality and honoring of the Earth Mother. It is a symbol of all the blessings that the Earth contains, along with the ability to use them to their greatest advantage. The turkey can live to be twelve years old, a significant number in that the earth revolves around the sun in twelve months, reflecting a tie between the turkey and the honoring of the earth's life cycle. When this totem appears, you can expect a year of harvest.

Turkey is actually thought to be the Give-Away Eagle or South Eagle by many Native peoples. Give-Away recognizes the sacrifices of both self and others. Noble Turkey sacrifices itself so that we may live. In Turkey's death, we have our life. Honor Turkey!

Turkey was the medicine of many saints and mystics. Turkey medicine enables you to transcend self, to act and react on behalf of others. Help and sustenance are given by turkey out of the realization that all life is sacred. Turkey medicine rests in true ego, in enlightenment. Doing unto others and feeding the People is Turkey's message.

The male will often keep several hens who will sometimes use a common nest for their eggs.They find a strength in numbers and thus reflect the energy of sharing.

Wild turkeys are opportunistic feeders with broad tastes. They eat nuts, berries green foliage, grasshoppers, lizards, salamanders and more. The turkey can fly powerfully for short distances but has difficulty maintaining that power in longer stretches. Turkey's message is to learn how to channel your energy in a balanced way. Quick bursts of energy can lead to undesirable results. A person can tire quickly and have no energy left for other activities. Turkey also tells us to choose variety in diet for optimum health.

The medicine power of the turkey is renewal. To the native peoples, the turkey was a sacred bird because of the abundance of them and because of their good tasting meat. Wild turkeys were an abundant food source for the early European refugees, as well as the native peoples. If turkey has gobbled its way into your life, its message may be that you need to cultivate and care for those renewable resources that benefit your life.

Turkey is one of the most adaptable birds… once threatened, now they are thriving in the wild. Wild turkeys were almost eliminated because they were taken for granted. Turkey reminds us that nothing is an endless resource if it is not honored and nurtured. Remember to ask yourself if you are relying on something in your life that you always expect to be there, but are taking no steps to treat in a sacred way? This can pertain to a human partner as well as a resource. If so, learn from the turkey and realize that everything has limits.

When Turkey appears, you are being given a gift., and whether great or small, this gift is significant…. watch also for the spirit of giving to grow within you, you may be drawn to share with others.

Turkey tells us a little of what we might expect this week:

Turkey reminds us to be thankful for life's blessings – an appropriate guide for the holiday season… Turkey reminds us to care for others and also that sometimes self-sacrifice is required for the greater good.

This spirit guide tells us to look to our resources and warns that we may be overlooking a valuable asset or opportunity.

You are encouraged now to honor the gifts that life on this planet offers… you are asked to respect nature and to be dedicated to the renewal of Mother Earth's resources. Turkey tells us that all life is sacred and that what we do for others, we do for ourselves.

This is a time when the spirit of giving fills our hearts… you may want to share whatever you can with others… Turkey tells us that giving is a gift… not only to the recipient, but also to the giver.

References: Medicine Cards, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews and Animal Spirit Guides by Chris Luttichau.

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