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Predictions From Our Animal Spirit Guide

What Animal Totem Influences Us Now?

by Danielle

What messages or predictions will come up from dreamy Bat, this period's animal spirit guide? (Drawn from our Medicine Cards ) Drop me a note and let me know how these insights work for you.


REBIRTH, Dreaming, Union, Transition and Initiation

During the day, bats spend most of their time in caves and other dark places. They hang upside down when they sleep and rest, just like unborn babies in the womb, waiting for the moment of birth…. Emerging at night, bat brings us the message of rebirth… Bat counsels you to enter the darkness of transformation, let the old die, spread your wings and fly into the new. Be reborn, stronger and wiser.

Bat teaches that we must go through death and rebirth over and over again as part of our journey here on Earth. When bat hangs upside down waiting for birth, she is dreaming of what she can become. We too must dream before we can fulfil our destinies until the time comes when we must stop dreaming and take action.

Most bats live in large communities, leaving and returning to the cave at much the same time. Thus bat teaches us to be united. Constant separation and isolation are not good for humans, They disrupt our balance, setting us apart from the rest of creation and making us lonely. Union gives us a sense of belonging, creating strength.

When bat flies into your life, it is time to face your fears and prepare for change. You are challenged to let go of the old and create the new. When bat comes into your life, you may see some part of your life begin to go from bad to worse… that which once worked may no longer…. a signal to seek change…Bat heralds a new beginning that brings promise and power after the changes.

The bat’s sonar and echo-location abilities are linked metaphysically to the gift of clairaudience or clear hearing. It awakens the ability to hear spirit. Bat reminds us to listen as much to what is not being said, trust your instincts… bat reflects the ability to discriminate and discern truth in others’ words.

Bat holds the power of adaptability. Everything about them, senses, feeding, flight, mating and size is suited to their particular environment. When this medicine is fully developed in man, intuitive and clairaudient abilities are accurate. When underdeveloped, psychic perception becomes clouded by imaginings of the mind.

Bats have needle like teeth and can sometimes carry rabies. Rabies is an infectious disease of the blood and can cause a person to go mad. Fears that are allowed to spread, uninhibited will eventually permeate our system and can create a kind of madness within our lives. Bats reflect a need to face our fears.

Bat tells us a little of what we might expect in this period:

Bat suggests that it is time for a change – if you find that your old systems are breaking down this month, it is because you are being called to rethink your approach and consider some changes.
Bat’s appearance suggests the need for a ritualistic death of some way of life that no longer suits your new growth… you are challenged to let go of old habits, to prepare for rebirth and initiation.
You are urged to face your fears this month, be willing to adapt to changing circumstances…. and to work with a group, family, friends, colleagues to achieve your goals… trust your intuition at this time!. Bat tells us to dream big, and urges us to then act on our dreams!

References: Medicine Cards, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews and Animal Spirit Guides by Chris Luttichau.

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