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What Animal Totem Influences Us Now?

by Danielle

What messages or predictions will come up from community-oriented Prairie Dog, this period’s animal spirit guide? (Drawn from our Medicine Cards ) Drop me a note and let me know how these insights work for you.

PRAIRIE DOG – Community, Retreat

Prairie Dog medicine people have a sense of community and family and are very affectionate. But sometimes all this sociability might get to be a bit overwhelming. Prairie dog teaches that strength and inspiration can be found by retreating into the stillness that quiets the mind. Prairie dog medicine urges us to seek self-empowerment in silence and inactivity where we can access dreams and visions without the intrusions of worldly chaos. The strength of this medicine is also in knowing when and how to replenish your life force. Once recharged, we can re-enter the world as profound and powerful anchors of calm resolve. When you have relaxed, you can return with a fresh perspective.

If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, it may be time for you to take a much-needed break. Prairie dog teaches that in order to access gifts of inspiration and renewal, you must be at peace with yourself and rested enough to recognize the blessings being offered.

If you have been battling a situation without gaining ground, Prairie Dog reminds you that pushing too hard can creat a resistance that does not allow for interaction. Give it a rest!

No other animal, except perhaps the wolf, epitomizes the idea of community more than the prairie dog. Prairie dogs live in a town, a network of underground tunnels. The burrows or homes are comprised of individual tunnels and rooms. The entire town is divided into coteries or individual communities in which the members depend on each other. Each section of the town is inhabited by members of separate “clans.”

Prairie dogs are very sociable. They greet each other by kissing and hugging, they love to share affection. If a prairie dog has shown up as totem, it is time to examine your own sociability. Are you around people who enjoy socializing? or not? Are you being too much of the hermit these days?, do you need to be more affectionate? Prairie Dog says this is time to examine your sense of community – be it your family, work or social community… Prairie dog suggests that there are going to be changes in your perceptions about community life and your part in it…

Prairie Dog tells us a little of what we might expect in this period:

Because prairie dogs are diggers, when they show up as a totem, you may want to examine how much digging you should do in different aspects of your life. Do you need to get more involved in the lives of those around you – or back off?

This is a time when you are asked to  pay attention to the communities in which you participate. Whether at work or at home, you are challenged to be a conscious and loving participant.

When Prairie Dog appears, it is a reminder to check your own fuel guage, to notice if you are running low… You may need a day of retreat before you become too exhausted to be productive. This is a time to withdraw from the activity around you, to take time to think…. time to quiet the mind.

References: Medicine Cards, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews and Animal Spirit Guides by Chris Luttichau.

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