What Animal Totem Influences Us Now?

by Danielle

What messages or predictions will come up from busy Squirrel, this period’s animal spirit guide? (Drawn from our Medicine Cards ) Drop me a note and let me know how these insights work for you.

SQUIRREL – Activity, Preparedness, Gathering, Foresight, Inner Fire, Shaman

Squirrel medicine is about preparing for change. When you observe the squirrel in nature they are always busy. They seem to have an endless supply of energy. Focused on the task at hand, agile and quick, they are constantly preparing for the future by gathering nuts and seeds for later use. Although they are always prepared for what may come they have a tendency to forget where they store things. The forgetfulness of squirrel serves as a reminder to those with this medicine to slow down, pay attention and to stop running frantically in several directions at once.

Squirrel embodies the quality of trust and is one of the few animals that will eat out of a person’s hand. This symbolizes a need to let down your defenses and learn to trust more. The issue of trust can play out in all areas of a person’s life from personal intimacy to trusting Great Spirit. Because the squirrel is always prepared those with this medicine must remember that they will be taken care of. Establishing trust where it is presently absent would compliment the power of this medicine. Squirrel represents balance within the circle of gathering and giving out. If squirrel has scampered into your life pay attention to the wisdom it has to offer you. Preparedness and survival skills can be learned from this powerful totem.

Squirrel stores for the future because it knows what is coming…She understands the cycles of the year – great medicine for humans. Squirrel is like a coiled spring, full of latent acrobatic energy. Surefooted, she leaps from tree to tree, even sitting still, the swishing of her tail reveals her inner fire. Squirrel runs up and down the tree trunk, an important part of its medicine… the tree represents the Tree of Life… its roots are the lower world, the realm of spirit animals and strong healing earth energies. Its trunk is the middle world, inhabited by humans and its crown is the realm of gods and spirit teachers. Squirrel, in its travels between spirit and human realms, represents the shaman… the purpose of this vertical journey is to bring message and power from the realms of spirit so that we can learn to live in harmony and balance.

All squirrels can be quite sociable. They wrestle for play, and they are extremely observant and imitative… imitation is how they learn..

Squirrels teach us balance within the cycle of gathering and giving out. Squirrels are the masters of preparing, but they are also reminders that in our quest for our goals, we must make time to socialize and play. Squirrel reminds us to honour our future by readying ourselves for change…. it may be time to lighten our load… to notice that we have gathered more than we will need...

Squirrel tells us a little of what we might expect in this period:

When Squirrel appears, it is a reminder to examine your own activity and preparedness. Are you too active, or not active enough? Are you not planning ahead, becoming too erratic, running around but not accomplishing anything? Are you gathering and not giving? Are you afraid you will never have enough? Do you need to learn to save, or are you getting too hung up on collecting and accumulating?

You are challenged this month to focus, to set appropriate priorities so your busy work pays off. This is a time when you may find that you are easily distracted, so be aware, noticing. Ask what’s most important to accomplish now…. and do that. Slow down and pay attention to where you are going.

This is a time to trust in your ability to meet your future needs…. and to trust that it’s OK to take time to socialize with family and friends.

References: Medicine Cards, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews and Animal Spirit Guides by Chris Luttichau.

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