A Year of Change

Are you ready for a shift in energy? 2021 is a “5” year which tells us to be ready for some new developments….. and one of them certainly will be welcome – by the end of the summer, COVID 19 should be on its way out as more and more of us are vaccinated.

This looks like it could be a busy year, especially until Sept. when things seem to quiet down a little. It is an easier year, but holds some serious challenges. Still, better days are on the way.

A lot of people will be worrying about finances… there does appear to be something of a break, revenue coming from an unexpected source. There may be new gov’t subsidies announced in the coming weeks. It looks like a recovery program is put into  effect – in an effort to avoid a recession…. I’m afraid it my be too little, too late…. But the new president in the U.S. is making many changes already that should improve the lives of his countrymen, and also renew valuable relationships on the global front.

Fulfillment will be found through your generosity or that of others. This will be a pleasant, well-earned reward.  This is a time to be stubborn and trustworthy in order to achieve monetary success. Being physical, goal-oriented and competent can enable you to carry out your objectives with steadfastness and endurance.

This is a time to focus on completing tasks…. Be generous, not only with others but with yourself. By the end of the year we should be feeling more comfortable with material matters. It is a time to face the challenges and get into action around our hopes and dreams.

You could find that you are reconnecting with an old friend some time in the next few months. There’s a wish coming through for you, perhaps between now and May. Be careful what you wish for, the universe is in the mood to deliver. If you are seeking some advancement on the job, this appears to be a good time to get what you want although there may be some delay or it could come in an unexpected way.

This is a year to keep expectations in check…. things are getting better, but it is not the time for initiating exciting new projects. We all need time to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Young people are keen to get involved in non-profit projects this year, there is a greater sense of philanthropy among today’s youth…. on the one hand, they are frustrated and weary of the COVID-19 restrictions, somewhat rebellious…. and on the other, they are concerned about their neighbours…. I see a young woman here who takes on the responsibility of a grown woman.

The tourism and travel industry will be slow to recover…. although many people are anxious to get out and about, the choices of where to go are still quite limited… this seems to hold for the year…. we will see an improvement as the year progresses, but not enough to say that recovery is close at hand. While we may achieve that “herd immunity” that is a goal, there are many other countries that are far from being safe.

I see a lot of movement on the job front, people getting back to work, finding new jobs… and there may be a larger than normal number of people who are also changing residences.

Life around the world has slowed on many levels, people and  business are all hurting from  the effects of the virus, some more than others, but there is good news, we should see an acceleration in the recovery open up around the beginning of the summer.

Have patience with the constraints, don’t push against the obstacles, allow the appropriate time to pass and you will be free to move forward with your plans. The time is right to respond to the needs of the moment in the most direct way possible.

As I look more deeply into the reading, I get a strong sense that 2021 will bring us good news, a much “friendlier” climate for shifting gears…. a year when we can catch our breath….some progress is possible, despite the obstacles….there is a sense that people are more willing to co-operate on every level, with COVID protocols, with environmental protection issues, and with economic recovery programs. People are working hard, but this is what we need at this time in our history.

We see wise counsel here…the sense that President Biden has surrounded himself with people who will offer well thought advice. The new presidency is well-prepared to take action in the right directions.

There is a sense of instability and infidelity surrounding us this year….  it could trickle down to individuals breaking up, a year when quarrels and breakdowns are prevalent on many levels.

Remember, when you are down, there’s only one way to go – up! For 2021, we see success, an unexpected turn of luck, a change of fortune for the better, new conditions…. a year when you can reap the rewards of your hard work.   Be open to any new or unexpected opportunity.

We are challenged to go forward in the world and use our skill and intelligence to produce change for the better. Make magic.

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