2020 is a year to get back to basics, to re-evaluate and build on  your foundations….You may be focused on the material or physical aspects of life…. a time to build, conserve and produce tangible results. Seek those who can help  in finding practical solutions to problems that evade you.

2020 is a four year. It carries the energy of success. Focusing on what you want and building a solid plan to get it is a great start, but what else do you need to do to make 2020 your most successful year yet? To get the most out of this year:

  • Focus on what you want.
  • Don’t take shortcuts.
  • Stay confident.
  • And be open to suggestions and advice

Four is stability and progress – discipline and work, it is the most practical of all the numbers. 4 represents limitations (often self-imposed), and discipline. This year, with hard work and long hours there is great potential for success. You have the ability to persevere and eventually find contentment working with others within a structure.

Economy, conservation and ecology should also attract a great deal of attention  in the news. The climate crisis that has been building for the last decades can no longer be denied. Fire and flooding are issues on every continent… Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions add to the need to take positive action to reverse the trend… although it may be too late… this is the year when we are forced to adapt to changing circumstances. Again I remind folks to move away from the coastlines, rivers will overflow their banks, lakes are reclaiming their beaches.

There could be news of a shattering divorce, the breakdown of a high profile marriage, or the breakdown of important agreements between countries.

More Trends for 2020

  • In the US, the House is divided, impeachment may not pass at first presentation, but could if they are willing to revise some terms.
  • Important this year to tend to the details of our lives… it is time to wake up and tend to the chores that have accumulated.
  • This is a year to be grateful for friends and allies….. friends step up to help in unexpected ways.
  • Not a time to gamble or take financial chances…. be careful and thoughtful in making investments…. don’t put your money in one basket…. some good ideas, but they may not be practical.
  • Fire could take hold in other parts of the world as in Australia….
  • Flooding is a serious threat for  anyone living close to the water.
  • Could be a good year for passionate relationships…let passion reign this year…
  • Also a good time to make your goals a reality, a year when dreams can come true… a time when you are fulfilling chapters in your life that ultimately will lead you to your goal.

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