As a 1 (10) year, the inherent rights of the individual rise to the forefront, along with a great interest in – and need for – unification on many fronts.  Politically, economically and personally, we will be challenged to appreciate our oneness, and the wants, needs and rights of the individual within a Oneness….

Trump's attempts to isolate the US in terms of trade will have an unexpected push back…Interesting, this has come up a few times as I looked ahead… still, Trump couldn't have chosen a better time to be leading one of the world's most powerful nations.  This is a year for big egos to become more obvious and perhaps necessary in order to effect positive change – but we must be wary that this doesn't turn into a year when bullying is acceptable… on the upside, Trump is a man who can stand up to Putin…

Popular colors this year are yellow, orange and gold, a creative year, many will be inspired to allow their creative juices to flow, whether this is in baking a cake or forging metal into beautiful works of art.

On a personal level we may be feeling more confident and thus that creative energy can manifest…… this a a time for original thought and unconventional approaches to any problems that arise. A good example is Trump's wall between Mexico and the US; who would have thought to build such a wall, or even that it could or would be built?.

We see the military on the move this year… tensions rise globally; apparent friendliness between Putin and Trump will prove to be a sham, Russia cannot be trusted, seems to becoming even more aggressive. In the meantime. environmental concerns grow, water is rising around the coastlines, weather is stormy, wind speeds increasing around the globe – almost as it the earth is itself spinning faster.  Sadly, the focus this year is on stoking the economic fires and environmental issues may be given little consideration. Trump and other leaders around the globe may be surprised at how Mother Nature insists on getting some attention…. I feel that in 2017 millions, perhaps billions will have to be spent on disaster relief around the world.

Our politicians must not allow their egos to rule policy and aggressive action….a year when the military and gov't action are a priority…but a time when I feel the earth rumbling, distracting attention from economic goals… the sense that Nature fights back this year as she has never done before,

An earthquake could devastate Turkey, it remains a center of activity and conflict; volcanic activity increases, record-setting temperatures at both the high and low ends may have a significant effect on crops… we should be be prepared for some troubling scarcities… the military may be called to duty, not to fight battles with their enemies, but to battle with Nature, to bring aid instead of arms.

Personally, your success depends on having the courage to think freely, to develop new concepts which may seem to be too risky or seen as too avant-garde by others. This is the time to put your best efforts into your goals. You will find it is best to work alone or in charge of a small group you can control and whose allegiance is unquestionable…2017 is a year when each of us is challenged are develop self-discipline… avoid any impulse to be domineering or bossy…

Globally, the rights of the individual become something of a war cry… loyalties are questioned while new ideas and concepts seem to spring out of nowhere.. free thinking, original thought can be surprisingly effective this year, potentially a very good year for inventors and artists of all types…this energy also seems to flow through the world of medicine as new solutions to old problems come forward.

However, we see a tug of war between selfishness and selflessness – this is a time when big egos can overwhelm and swing support their way… The issue of fake news continues to plague the media… their audiences may becomes distrustful, suspicious this year… it is hard to determine what is true….

There is a great desire for unity… but it may be hard to come by… there is a sense of polarization whether between nations or between politicians within nations… opposition to good ideas could make them hard to implement at this time.

Sadly, this is also a time when too many lone bandits are running loose creating chaos around the world,,, It becomes more obvious that Isis has built an army all around the globe –  it has gathered the disenfranchised and those looking for excitement to a unique and hidden way of life and goals….. this is the year when many individuals could choose to sacrifice their lives for the sake of what they perceive to be The One….  

One of your great advantages when you allow yourself to experience a Oneness is that you can be more aware of your surroundings… this is a year to trust your instincts, to listen to your inner voices… this ability to connect with our Oneness could save a life….what you notice and feel can prevent you from action that could prove to be painful…Individuals acting alone bring terror into the hearts of many… be alert… stay home when you feel to…

2017 opens us to the possibility of a wonderful unification of beliefs and values… it is certainly a time when you want to stand tall, trust and act on what you know inside yourself, be courageous, strong and most importantly, creative…This can be the time when we understand that unification does not mean the rights of the individual are overrun… rather, unification acknowledges that we are all different – and the same.

A fascinating year ahead!

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