Danielle Predicts:

2016 is a 9 year, the number of service, a year when the humanitarian is called into action…. this is already obvious with so many families displaced from their homes, seeking safety and new opportunity often in lands far away…This is a time when we are called to be our most loving selves, to share and care, for ourselves and those around us… We are reminded that we are a Oneness, that what affects one in a distant part of the world can affect another on the opposite side of the world.

But be ready for something of a roller coaster ride this year, a time of potentially intense highs and lows. This is a time to complete projects and lessons, to prepare for a new cycle…. you could find money coming to you in mysterious or unexpected ways.

You are encouraged to be generous, selfless…. to be willing to sacrifice for the greater good if necessary…. this is a year to push yourself beyond your perceived limitations. Seek harmony, and allow yourself to move with the flow this year…stay in action around your goals, watch for some very good advice to come to you….

This is a year when problems can be relatively easy to solve – if people will listen to each other. It seems small misunderstandings could easily escalate into serious disputes. Still, this is a time when with the right attention, misunderstandings can be easily cleared.

However, in last year's predictions I cautioned everyone to be alert to their surroundings to notice folks who seem out of place, nervous, and that warning holds again for this year…. terrorist activity hits close to home, time and again… this is no longer a problem isolated to a few parts of the world…..

Some may find some real good luck coming to them this year, harvests in some parts of the world could be quite plentiful. We are reminded to count our blessings when the going is good…. and also to ask ourselves what we are doing to prevent ourselves from being totally happy….

Watch for a surprising engagement among the world of celebrities or royals…and it seems this could be a good year for engagements, folks more ready to make a commitment in 2016.

This is also a year when difficult relationships can find a way to reconcile some of their difference…. a good time to reach out to your opponents – they may be more accepting and responsive to your communications.

I want to say that many may feel the presence of angels in their lives this year….  some of these reconciliation are clearly inspired by the angels. Some are about folks accepting themselves in new ways, coming to terms with handicaps or limitations…. there is great joy coming from relationships this year.

It is interesting that the sensation of legions of angels around us is tempered at times with the feeling of the devil at work..as if the harder the angels work on our behalf, the more the demons try to interfere… it is a year to stay grounded in upbeat, joyful, loving feelings. It is a year when we may be asked to face our inner demons… this is a time when we are challenged to control our negative sides. Notice the ways that you can be your own worst enemy.

We are asked to trust our instincts this year… and we are told that if we are cautious, we can enjoy happiness in 2016. The advice is not to be in a hurry, but to think and evaluate your choices….The right step can bring you success. Focus on keeping your base secure, do your best on the job… this is a time when your efforts could have long-term effects….  you cloud find yourself backing off at the last minute from some choices… don't regret it… waiting can work for you this year…. and right action is essential to stay on the side of the angels…. be just in all you say and do!!!

A message here that at the end of the day, we will find our fortunes in spiritual matters…take action on your ideas, allow your unique self to shine. Each of us has something to offer to help humankind at this time… each of us can be in service in some way – and thus bring joy to those around us.  Think about what you can do for other in 2016.

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