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Danielle Predicts:

2015 holds the potential for great luck and success – a year when a sincere effort and hard work can pay off… wishes can come true…Be sure to communicate what you need and want so it can be made available to you…Remember it is only you who sets limits on what you can achieve.

This is the year to overcome that feeling of weakness, to find the courage to go after your dreams…. you have it in you to get what you want in life now – but you have to set the goal…. which means knowing what you want.

We'll be challenged to maintain our balance this year – but if we can, we will release ourselves from a difficult situation. This is not a year for venting frustration – instead, use common sense, review the situation objectively and do what is right without recrimination or protest…. a year when we can overcome our problems – if we can keep our balance.

Be prepared for an emotional year… you could find that you are dealing with some significant emotional experience, even feeling like your feelings have been trampled on at times…. this could be referring to another aggressive action by Russia to take control over another neighbouring nation, or to some terrorist events through the year.

There is also a message here to beware of the people around you –  which suggests the possibility of more incidents involving those madmen who reign terror in public places and schools… we are asked to be alert to any suspicious  – or new –  people around us… if you find that you are unusually anxious as you enter a building or join a public celebration… trust your instincts, move away! Take time to get to know any new people who enter yoru life before sharing any significant details, they may be dishonest.

There is a parting of friends in the air this year – this could affect some of us on a personal level, but I feel that this also applies to changes in loyalties and alliances on a global level. On a personal level, friendships change as a result of shifts in life's circumstances, other obligations, work and family taking precedence over time with friends. Hold onto what was good from these relationships and they may resume when life shifts again.

On the upside, new friendships are coming our way this year…New partnerships  and joint ventures come together… the sense of three of the superpowers coming together to deal with some environmental issues, perhaps having to do with water.. ?? cleaning up debris in the oceans… hope this image isn't just wshful thinking…

The sun seems to create some problems for us – solar flares, extremes of heat and cold, drought and flooding…

Be attentive to travel plans – and prepared for delays and small problems along the way… could be a difficult year for maintaining roads – and road conditions may be rather treacherous more frequently this year.

I am seeing troops on the move around April/May, a night attack – or an environmental disaster – creates a need for a quick and decisive response. I would be concerned also abut the possibility of another missing plane or a crash that catches the world's attention some time between August and October.

The August/September period could see some disappointments and unexpected losses…. a time when construction projects or renovations could fail or see some irreparable damages. One of these could be quite startling and significant… We could see some major storms around that time.

The economy does not appear to be as much of an issue in 2015 as it has been… the resurgence in the US and a few other countries that began in 2014 continues and could even get an unexpected boost before the end of the year.

The weather, on the other hand, continues to headline the news frequently… sudden volcanic eruptions could wreak havoc along the ring of fire…

A dark-haired female – Oprah? makes a generous contribution to help a community get moving on achieving some important goals.

Things are shifting this year – so be aware – and willing to put the effort into what you want since this is a year when hard work pays off…a time to reap what you have sown…and to take thoughtful risks. If you will have courage, stand strong in the face of your challenges, you can achieve what you set for yourself.

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