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Expect this year to have something of a mystical or spiritual edge to it… with 2014 being a 7 year, we should see an increase in paranormal activity – we continue to develop and grow on spiritual levels, and to pursue a growing interest in exploring the unknown, solving the mysteries in our lives….. this is a year when we seek truth – could be hard on our politicians… especially since this is a time when we seek openness, wisdom and detachment from our leaders…

You will probably find that you are wanting more alone time than usual this year, and those of you who are hermit-like to begin with will find yourselves heading deeper in your caves… this is a time when we are seeking knowledge and insight, wanting to shine a light where there has been darkness within… Beware though of any gov’t moves to isolate the country in any way…those countries , like North Korea who have tried to isolate their citizens could find unrest stirring among their peoples, and even revolt against too many restrictions. Bullies in general may be rather active this year – and the fight against bullying. especially of children willgain strength…

There is a “get real” tone to the energy in 2014 – a year when we may find we are pushed to build on facts, to attend to present concerns and issues… the key question this year will be what is most important to deal with right now? What can we do today to make our lives better – for today and tomorrow? And many of us will find that we are put off more easily by any superficiality in the people and activities around us… we are seeking meaning, value, insight in our relationships and activities this year.

We will be challenged this year to solve some interesting mysteries – and some that have haunted us for years are due to be solved this year… the sense of missing children being found… Many people will find a new or renewed interest in psychic and spiritual development this year as we seek a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries. But folks aren’t interested in simply knowing, gathering information, but they are keen to apply what they are learning, to begin more actively using their intuition in everyday life.

This is a year when we are focused on resolving issues related to communications, the environment, social life and human kindness… people are in the mood to co-operate with each other, to form groups and gather as communities to take positive action…. we are seeking openenss and harmony, putting effort into bringing balance where opposing forces have been destructive…

The weather continues to wreak havoc around the world with snow and freezing cold temperatures alternating with extreme heat and flood conditions. But there is a feeling here of increased seismic activity, Mother Earth rocking and rolling with the times… the Ring of Fire seems quite active, volcanic eruptions sudden and unexpected.

Several messages in this reading that a significant attack may be avoided, just in time… perhaps this applies to the Olympics or some other terrorist activity – or both – but the sense is that at the last minute the right information comes forward and the attack is thwarted.

Despite some difficulties this year, the picture looks generally positive… the feeling that the economy is heading in the right direction… if you have been feeling a little lost in life, this is a year when you could find some solid direction.

The good news is that synchronicity is at work throughout the year – you should find what you want coming more easily, almost mysteriouslu, sometimes even before you know you want it…

Get Your Own Forecast for 2014

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