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Danielle Predicts for FebruaryThe Chariot
Control, Movement, Journeys, Triumph

The Chariot tells us to expect a lot of movement this month… and probably also conflict – opposing sides will be pressured to negotiate a harmonious agreement. The month may be marked by conflict and struggle, but these can result in a stronger personality or agreement.

The Chariot speaks of youthful power, ambition and determination….. it’s about being driven by the burning desire to win, to dominate, to succeed… This card reflects the innocent desire to charge ahead in the world when we are young.

We see aggression manifesting in many places around the world, conflicts that can’t be avoided but need to be faced with strength and containment. We are challenged this month to handle our contradictions…. and grow up a little.

Conflicts must be handled with strength and firmness.  The individuals involved must not be broken or repressed in order to hang onto the power and potency to survive and make our own way in life.

Important you be attentive, in control during this cycle, triumph is in the air… a time when you can celebrate success… and when you must be very focused on your goals…. But to achieve success, you are challenged to be self-disciplined in this time. It will take an iron will and great courage to fulfill your spiritual vision… vision alone won’t cut it if you want to survive in a competitive and difficult world. The charioteer has his mind fixed on a single purpose. His emotions are under control… his path is clearly laid out and he will not deviate from it… he feels he is the master of his own fate.

The Chariot represents the power of the will to avoid distractions… the charioteer charges ahead – a reminder that so should we…. he tells us that there is nothing wrong with the drive for success.

In meeting the challenge that the Chariot represents, we can be more honest about our natural aggressiveness, accepting it as a vital force in our lives.  The struggle of learning to contain and direct our aggression fosters the development of the whole personality.

This is a time when we are asked to learn to accept the consequences of our actions, to face whatever conflict and anger has manifested as a result of our choices. We must learn to struggle with the warring opposites within ourselves. No matter how spiritually committed or selflessly loving we try to become, the aggressive drives within us do not die….they can be disowned or denied, forced into our unconscious where they re-emerge as illness or are projected on others who then unleash aggression upon us. But once accepted as essential to our personal development, aggressiveness because assertiveness and we can more easily achieve our goals.

What you can expect this February

A sense that flu season might not be so bad this year… the feeling that folks  can more easily overcome any ill health in this period.

You could be searching for relief from the intense cold, travel is certainly indicated in this time…. Or you could find that your vehicle needs some work.

This is a good time to launch new projects – with the energy of the Chariot influencing, you will have the discipline and courage to forge ahead with it, despite whatever obstacles may arise. Success is assured,

What do you want to achieve??

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