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Discipline, Control, Entrepreneurship, Reason

The Emperor represents the external world that exists outside of the natural world. He stands for the ties that bind us together as a society and civilization. He is the unity and order in our lives, the laws that guide us as well as the logic that dictates our actions. He represents the different controlling forces in our life, “father,’ “ruler,” “supreme being.”

Instead of a path that leads to growth and fulfillment,  the old, orderly ways can be restraining and stagnating. The Emperor could be telling us to turn our back on the comfortable and the known and that it is time to strike out into unfamiliar territory so that we can experience new growth and make new rules as we go along.

The Emperor represents stability, power, protection and action. The card could represent a powerful person, someone who is a good leader, willing to share his experience and knowledge. The Emperor is Zeus, the god of inspiration and creative vision. King of the gods, Zeus was known as the All-Father.

On an inner level, Zeus, as the Emperor, is an image of the experience of fathering. It is the father who embodies our spiritual ideals, our ethical codes, the self-sufficiency with which we must survive in the world.. as well as the authority and ambition which drive us to achieve, and the discipline and foresight necessary to accomplish our goals, The Emperor tells us that action is demanded of us rather than an intuitive flowing with nature.

The father within each of us fosters self-respect and compassion; he champions the weak and dispossessed. But he can be angry and vindictive if his authority is challenged and his laws broken.  To be in relationship with the inner father means to possess a sense of your potency, your capacity to initiate ideas and concretize them in the world. But to be dominated by the inner father means to be enslaved by a set of beliefs which crush all human feeling with their inflexibility and arrogance. Lest we become petty tyrants, we must inaugurate a newer and more creative new rule. Else we may fall under  the spell of a tyrant in the outside world. The Emperor reminds us that we must find ethical principles by which to live… otherwise we are driven by blind instinct, blaming our problems on others and on society because we cannot find the inner experience of strength which the father embodies..

What you can expect this July

Act like a leader. You must take charge and use balanced, reasoned power to achieve your goal, while convincing others to help you keep your position.

The Emperor augers a confrontation with the issue of the father principle in both its positive and negative forms. We are challenged to make something manifest, to concretize a creative idea, to build something in the world, to found a business or establish the structure of a home and family.

We are asked to take a position, to become effective and powerful, to formulate our ideas and ethics.  We are asked to consider where we may have become rigid or oppressive, a tyrant whose ideologies are interfering with life and growth.

This is a time when we learn to confront worldly life with our own resources, alone, according to the ethics we have developed for ourselves.  Then we can progress on our journey through life because we believe in something higher.

The Emperor can be telling us that our focus is too narrow, that we are using the rule of law to shield ourselves from the truth. We may need to listen more to our inner voices. Logic speaks only for the head, not the heart.

Note About COVID-19: Vaccinations are speeding up in prosperous countries, but the danger of variants is still real.  And Third World countries are almost defenseless. While life is slowly returning to normal as more and more people get vaccinated, coronavirus and its many variants will be around for many months yet.  Patience is the theme for this period.

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