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Danielle Predicts for August

9 of Swords,
Nightmare, worry, depression, hopelessness, between a rock and a hard place, concern, intense anxiety, despair, misfortune, stress, inspiration in the night

The Nine of Swords is another of those scary-looking Tarot cards that actually offers a quite positive message.  It tells you that while you appear to be worrying, even losing sleep over some issue, your worries are probably needless, you are in much better shape that you think. The key message of this card is not to let feelings of hopelessness and despair hold you back from moving forward and following through on your inspirations.

Right now, the world is filled with pain and sorrow and somehow we must find a way to make our peace with it. You may feel as if you want to take on the pain of the world yourself, to protect others from it….. but pain and sorrow are only the other side of joy and happiness.

One of the key messages of the Nine of Swords is that you shouldn’t be wasting your energies on your worries… rather, use that energy to face your fears, to focus on what works in your life and what you have to be grateful for… in this way, you will overcome any obstacle that might present itself.  The warning here is that if you allow your fears to go unchecked, they will make you sick. Do not let your doubts lead you to depression -or illness…  admitting them, in fact, can be all that is necessary to free – and heal –  yourself…

The Nine of Swords is a subtle message to listen to your instincts, to pay attention to your dreams and the thoughts that are with you as you awaken… you can find some useful insights coming from your dreamworld and your Higher Self. Be alert for a good idea to come from within, an inspiration coming to you.

The 9 of swords suggests that many people are losing sleep over COVID-19… Parents are wondering about what the school year will look like and individuals around the world are struggling financially, worrying about when they can get back to work. There is a great fear and anxiety around the possibility of a second wave in the next few months…. there is a sense of impending doom that is very hard to escape…. yet it need not manifest…

What you can expect this August

The Nine of Swords suggests a time when you may be afflicted by the nightmare anxiety of a terrible future.. so many are caught up in foreboding about the future. It is almost unavoidable, given the circumstances….

The global economy is suffering deeply, fear of future failure haunts the business community.

This is a time when you may face some rejection or get to feeling quite isolated. You are urged to face your fears and connect with your higher self to guide you through the days…. be alert for feelings of guilt to be at the bottom of some of your worries..

A Note About COVID-19: still there are those who resist the protocols necessary to be safe…. This virus is strong, vicious and insidious…. Let us be respectful of each other…. it will be many months before a vaccine is available… and there is the danger of a second wave come October or November. We must do what we can in the short-term to prevent the spread. I see several groups very close to being able to produce a reliable vaccine, but it will be time yet before it can be produced in sufficient volumes to treat all who want it. Watch for some good news early in the new year.

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