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Danielle Predicts for August

Awareness, Victorious Completion, Expansion

The World card is highly auspicious for August, it talks about expansion, assured success, completion, liberation, victory… but it also tells us that hard work will be necessary to achieve our material goals… and that no sooner will we celebrate our success, but we will be faced with a fresh challenge.

This is a time to explore new horizons….. new ideas… face your fear of change, otherwise you are stuck….stagnating…. fight feelings of inertia, be flexible…willing to consider a change of job or residence.

Notice how you may project your uncomfortable qualities on others…. a way of denying your inner conflicts…. if you find yourself battling with someone this month, be willing to acknowledge that you are really battling with yourself…. this is a time when we want to balance our inner and outer selves…. we are drawn to achieve a level of wholeness in our material and spiritual ambitions… and to admit our ambivalence..

We may mark the end of a journey or project this month, and we will plant the seeds of the next… The World reminds us whenever we feel we have “arrived” and there is a moment of achievement and healing, a fresh challenge arises… thus we continue to grow and change, always moving toward the image of wholeness, yet never fully achieving it.

The World represents an ideal, total enlightenment… it reminds us that all is part of a cosmic order, there is purpose in all… it augurs a tine when we see our place in the universe.

The World card is an affirmation of the life process itself, both its good and bad. The card tells us to accept both and recognize that they have a place in the grand scheme of life. The ups and downs, the wins and losses, the joys and sorrows are simply different sides of the coin… they are part of life and helps us grow in equal measure.

What you can expect this August

With the energy of the World card holding through August, we should see money moving a little more easily, blocks are being removed to our progress, we can more easily complete projects.

This card tells us that if we put in the effort, we will succeed… this is a good time to focus on completing projects, success is assured. You may feel a new sense of freedom…By uniting and balancing your feelings of inner harmony with the skills you’ve learned in life, you have achieved real success. Material rewards and inner peace are promised.

This is a good time to take a vacation – travel, especially by air, is under good auspices.

Under the World’s influence we can expect a time of achievement and integration. You may be celebrating the conclusion of an important matter or project. We are ending one cycle and beginning another… This card tells us that we must accept change for change is the only constant. From change comes growth. We learn by being part of the process, being part of the wholeness….

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