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 Danielle Predicts For September


Sacrifice, turning away, abandonment, independence, withdrawal, loneliness

The Eight of Cups suggests that we learn from the past…we could find that our memories make us smile in this period, something from the past brings enjoyment. 

Some folks may find that they are feeling a little depressed for some reason this month. You could be feeling that you have wasted your energy on someone who doesn't appreciate it or on a project that is not working out. But this is a time when we are pushed to set off in some new directions, and to seek greater meaning to the events and individuals in our worlds. 

If a relationship has been teetering on the brink of a breakdown, this is the time when it could go over the edge. This is the month to let go of any friendships and relationships that you have outgrown.

The Eight of Cups tells us to look inward for answers this month.

North Korea continues to pose a serious threat this month… They are pushing the limits of the global patience… like a child, the country is testing to see how far they can go, how much trouble they can cause… Their leader is laughing at the consternation he is causing around the world.

There is a sense here of people trying to escape the water that seems to surround them… we noted last month that there would be issues with water and last month's disasters are not yet over… many people around the world will find themselves cleaning up after the floods caused by extraordinary storms.:

From our August Predictions: The Page of Cups…. suggests that water could prove to be an issue this month, either in the form of intense rain, or as a lack of water or rain in some areas, reservoirs are being depleted… or filled well beyond capacity.

The Eight of Cups reminds us to tend to completing tasks… and to be patient with any obstacles that come. This is a time when people – and nations – may be faced with an impasse…. increased efforts do not pay off at this time, and it is best not to apply any more pressure. We are called to relinquish any desire to control the circumstances of our lives… there is no point in fighting fate.

What you can expect this September

The Eight of Cups also tells us that we need to let go of any desire to control… we need to  accept the endings that may be upon us…We are submitting to something greater…. this is the time for searching for the deeper meaning in the events of our lives and the peoople around us..

This month we may be called to give up something that has been important to us. We are challenged to face the truth, let go and to be willing to jump into the void.

September is a month to lie low, stay present… look back to see what you can learn from the past and then focus on making the best of the future.

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