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Danielle Predicts for April

  Work, negotiation, skill, employment, teamwork

I was surprised to draw the three of Pentacles again for April… But it fits this month as well as it did March.  We are changing seasons, a time when many of us are busy repairing any damages or wear and tear around our homes and businesses… this is a time to focus on the changes we need to make in our environments.

With this card appearing two months in a row, I get the sense that we are being given a the chance of a “do-over.” Now out of the shadow of a Mercury Retrograde, tasks that challenged us last month will go more smoothly now.

 Whether on a global or personal level, this month we are called to make some adjustments. .

It should be a great month to tackle some creative projects, and to be creative about the improvements we want to make…  April is another month to roll up your sleeves and focus on getting the job done well.

The good news is that the corrections and adjustments you make this month will make it a lot easier to accomplish what you want this year… They are necessary and productive…. (On a personal note, it is interesting that this card comes up again, now on the other side of the move from my house to an apt. I am busy adjusting to a new space, replacing old patterns with new ways… and having to be creative about making the most of the new space… finding a place for everything I brought with me has its challenges.)

This month, we recognize that we have mastered the skills required to achieve our goals.  Creativity plays a part in this.  It is what has helped us reach our current financial position. This Three signifies that our efforts have the potential to create great material success.

This card would tell us all things material are moving into alignment to work with us; we can expect material success; we will continue to succeed as long as we do not lose our connection with heart or spirit and we are willing to work for what we want..

April’s energy is earth-y and grounded. It is a good foundation for the days and months ahead. It is telling us we have the power to create our reality through the very routines of our daily lives.

Note that the rewards promised by the Three of Pentacles are contingent not only upon shrewd business skills and a willingness to work hard, but also upon character and teamwork. We are called now to honour the value of teamwork and cooperation.

The fatal flaw that can prevent your achieving your goals is thinking that you can do whatever you please without consequence. The message of the Three of Pentacles is to enjoy the early fruits of your labours, but consider the future, not only in terms of the work that must be done, but in terms of your own capacity to handle it.

What you can expect this April

This card heralds a time of early success in some material endeavour. But this is to be seen as a stage which can lead, through hard work and difficulty, to a more permanent reward.

You can apply your knowledge, skills and abilities to great advantage this month. This is a time of positive, measurable achievement that will win you reward, notice. And to make this an even more positive month, you should find that others are happy to assist you, will respond to your lead.

The 3 of Pentacles is a very positive card, particularly with regard to work and career questions, but it’s a good overall omen that you are, in general, doing well. So this month promises financial reward or some other form of recognition.

Again this month, we can set out the goals and expect that if we do the work, we will see success come our way.

What do you want to achieve??

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