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 Danielle Predicts For May


The Knight (Prince) of Pentacles
 Young Man; Efficiency, Potentiality

The Knight Of Pentacles suggests that being physical, goal-oriented and competent can enable you to carry out your objective with steadfastness and endurance..

This knight suggests that May will be about being useful, committed to action, and thorough. Trustworthiness could be a priority, whether we trust our leaders, or our mates, or our teachers, this is the time when honest answers are necessary.

You are reminded to be patient and  responsible, to act with integrity in this period, to do a good job for the sake of doing a good job, as opposed to expecting immediate rewards for your efforts…

If you have been looking to purchase or sell a house, this is a good month for property transactions..

The Knight of Pentacles is a simple man, connected to nature and the land… He's definitely not the life of the party, although he does enjoy some socializing, he will most often settle into a corner of the room and observe. He reminds us to notice what's going on around us, especially in nature. We are reminded also to work hard for what we want in life. He tells us that this is the time to be industrious, humble, gentle, hard-working.  This is a man you can count on. While he may not be the life of the party, he is reliable, kind.. we are being asked to develop these characteristics, to comfortably and firmly anchor ourselves in the simple tasks of living.

The Knight tells us  that hard work pays off, It reminds us to stay on the path we have set for ourselves, don't deviate.  Outline your goals ahead of time, then make a plan for achieving them. Don't leave things up to chance and choose tasks in keeping with your abilities…

This makes me think of Trump, this could be a tough month for him…he may have over-reached in his promises to the voters… at the very least he will find that he is blocked or plans delayed by Congress or the Senate.

The Knight's connection with nature suggests that many will be in their gardens this month. He embodies that side of us which is humble and can relate to the humblest forms of life, and is always ready to learn more about the varied and complex faces of nature.

This knight is industrious, versatile and changeable. If you are looking for a good partner, you could meet him under the influence of the Knight of Pentacles.

What do you want to achieve??

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