Danielle Predicts for March           

Ruin, darkest just before dawn, desolation, catastrophe, defeat, foreboding about the future, disillusionment, extreme disappointment, transformation, crisis, unlucky, disaster, back-stabbed, end of cycle, completion

The Ten of Swords represents an ending, it suggests that we are ending a difficult cycle, but it will take some time yet for a new beginning to show itself. Still, change is imminent. There appears to be something of a disruption of home life. Tears will fall. This is a time to  “let go and let God.” Work on completing tasks in order to move past the current cycle and open the new.

Trouble comes in spite of riches and high position.  It is a black time, when we see something at last as it truly is, and recognize that there is nowhere further to go.  But there is hope, a new beginning is heralded in the midst of the blackness. While there is a feeling of defeat, the sun rises again.

This card suggests that what truly redeems us from our worst and most insoluble problem is not a lightning bolt from heaven, nor a magical piece of good luck, but the careful deliberation of the human mind with its great gift  for impartial reflection… you are challenged this month to work with your Third eye, the center of objective reasoning.

This is a time to notice how inner conflicts have been passed down from one generation to the next… it could even get to feeling that you and your family have been cursed… but the curse is is not real…. the issues that have repeated through the generations are due to negative thinking… your ancestors, grandparents and parents have been unable to face life’s conflicts honestly, so the children must suffer until insight is gained.

The Ten of Swords. although not exactly a fairy-tale happy ending, represents the proper and inevitable completion of a process which began with the birth of new ideas and perceptions of life in the Ace. Some deep-seated and ancient problem is forced to the surface… something must ultimately leave our lives, and such separations are painful and difficult. But once the crisis is over, the sun rises again, and we move on not merely disillusioned and disappointed, but freed of some deep canker which has its roots in a past older than ourselves and which our own suffering has released and redeemed.

What you can expect this March

The Ten of Swords heralds the final ending of a difficult situation. The ending may be painful, but at last the situation is faced truthfully and now a new future, with fewer conflicts can begin.

If you have been struggling with some relationship for a long time, this would be the month when you can liberate yourself.

Be alert and prepared for the possibility of an unexpected loss, the end to something on which you have been counting. The defeat could come from your own actions, or the result of circumstances beyond your control.  As gloomy as things may appear, this too shall pass.

Note About COVID-19: The beginning of the end fits with what is happening now… vaccinations are finally moving out in greater quantities, predictions are that the threat should be minimized by the end of the summer. But we’re in this for the long haul – coronavirus and its may variants will be around for many months yet. We must do what we can in the short-term to prevent the spread. This means wearing a mask in public, washing your hands frequently and keeping your distance.

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