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 Danielle Predicts For July


The Page of Swords (also know as the Princess of Swords)
Diplomacy, Vigilance

The Page of Swords suggests that we pay attention to what's around us, be especially aware and alert in our environment. July could bring some interesting surprises, some of which may not be so welcome.  This is one of those "anything can happen" periods.

Issues of spying could be in the news this month – a sense that this could be referring to Russia's attempt to influence last November's US elections. I am also concerned that the US Secret Service may be under attack or in some turmoil this month… that said, I would say that the secret services of a number of countries are very active in protecting people from ISIS and their ilk. We will never know how many plots and plans are uncovered and foiled because of the attention of the police around the world.

The issue of spying may be of particular concern around North Korea… it is keen to build on its recent successes and is not averse to stealing technology and resources, and creating confusion by various attacks on the web… here is a young leader who is mad, desperate to be recognized as a world leader, determined to gain control, blackmailing other countries into submission with threats of attack. Chinese delegates will attempt to reason with him, and may even threaten a withdrawal of support… but there is no reasoning with a madman. The world needs to be very alert and responsive to any threats emanating from North Korea.

Young people are of some concern this month – my first thought is how innocent young children may be coerced into giving up their lives to the "cause", unsuspected youngsters carrying bombs into crowded spaces.

This Page reminds us to be diplomatic, willing to negotiate… while this applies to each of us, I think it also speaks to the meetings, summits and conferences held this month of the some of the most powerful global entities….

The good news from the Page of Swords is that a worrisome time is passing, Some innovative ideas may come forth… detached, abstract thinking help you to see the weak spots in any plan.  This is a time when you can cut through an issue to the core of the matter without being distracted by extraneous information and communications… this is the time to be a "straight shooter" with your words, and also to be thoughtful, diplomatic in how you present your truth.

What you can expect this July

Be alert and wary of large groups of young people gathering… either in rebellion, taking up a cause, or young people attending concerts… even though security is tight, radicals find a "hole." They are determined to wreak havoc and create fear wherever they can…

Be alert for some interesting information to come up this month – and surprise you.

Beware gossip and the gossipers this month. Secrets may be shared that shouldn't be… Petty quarrels and misunderstandings are apt to arise this month – go gently, listen carefully. You may encounter someone whose approach to solving a problem is half-hearted, not taking things seriously enough, or not understanding how the problem impacts you.

Watch for the emergence of new ideas and real independent thinking – often in individuals who have followed the crowd in the past.

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