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Danielle Predicts for February

Discipline, courage, persistence, advantage, stability

The discipline implied by the Nine of Wands will certainly be evident this month as the world's athletes gather to compete in the Olympics this month. In fact, this card defines some of the key characteristics of our Olympic athletes – they have worked very hard, have been exceptionally disciplined, persistent and committed… they have battled their way to compete in South Korea… and the battle continues, it takes great courage to compete for the gold against the world's best.

We are reminded this month to integrate these characteristics of discipline, stability, courage and persistence into our own lives… and at the same time we are encouraged to be rather wary, willing to take time to process our feelings… The Nine of Wands tells us to stand firm, affirms that we have learned from the battles we have lost, now we can win the war.

There is a sense of a pause in the struggle, a month to bide your time, to be patient… stand up for what you believe, but don't push… The Nine of Wands reminds us that ultimately it is through our endurance and persistence that we win in life…. along with our ability to keep some strength in reserve so we can rise again.

Perhaps this card's most important message is that if we can muster the energy to try once more, the energy will be available to us and the ultimate goal can be achieved. The Nine of Wands celebrates our creative spirit, that miraculous aspect within each of us that keeps us going when we are at our lowest ebb. Our awesome imagination rises with a sudden injection of new life, new hope and new ideas, just at that moment when we feel we simply cannot go on, we have no more energy, our strength is gone, our efforts have been for nothing…, This card encourages us to believe in ourselves, to believe that we can win, despite the odds against us.

The Nine of Wands heralds a time when, at the point of exhaustion, a final challenge arises which interferes with our reaching our goals, and when, mysteriously, we can find the strength in reserve to meet the challenge. It tells us that even when we think we have exhausted all of our options, our need and our willingness will invoke the strength, despite exhaustion, to try one more time.

What you can expect this February

Be prepared for one last test that will demand you draw on all of your abilities. With preparation, you can arrive at your destination with your achievements intact.

We will be challenged to defend our positions this month – a sense that this especially applies to the NAFTA discussions underway between the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

There is a subtle message in the Nine of Wands – a good month to stay home, the feeling that ill-health – the flu – could keep a lot of folks from following their normal routine… this card reminds us to defend ourselves, this year's flu is a bad one!

Special Note: A partial solar eclipse follows the recent lunar eclipse on Feb 15.  Pay attention to what is going on in your life in this period, you will probably find that what is comes up in the first two weeks of this month will be completed or resolved in about six months.
FYI: Year 2018 has 5 eclipses, 3 solar eclipses and 2 lunar eclipses

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