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Danielle Predicts for June

Possessiveness, control, stability, security

One of the key messages of the Four of Pentacles is that our sense of security comes from within as opposed to coming from the surety of our material assets. By the same token this card also suggests that there can be some material increase this month.

Still, the lesson to be learned here is that real power cannot be won with increased wealth. Material gains will not satisfy your need for security in this world of change. This could be a good month to pursue some financial increase, but don’t expect it to make you a happier person.

The Four of Pentacles is sometimes called the card of the miser, because it implies a condition of being to anxiously attached to one’s money or worldly position. Because of this tight grasp, the flow of energy which is always necessary to attract material success is dammed up and begins to stagnate.

This card is a subtle card for it is not only about an attitude of miserliness which causes one to cling too tightly to resources, thereby causing stagnation and the inability to make future gains. This four also describes an inner problem of not having enough confidence and a fear of letting go which can result not only in material but also emotional stagnation. Letting emotional energies flow freely goes hand in hand with allowing material resources to flow…. the person who clings too tightly, who cannot delegate authority, who hoards his praise and generosity, creates internal as well as external blockage.

This is a time to take control and to see the ways that you have become established, that you have a solid foundation supporting you.

What you can expect this June

Beware of being a little too possessive of your assets and in your relationships this month. Notice the ways that you may be hanging on a little too tightly to what or who you care about.

This is a time to be aware of yourself and how you allow your material assets to define your self-value. The fear of loss can prevent a loss but it holds you back from making any gains… with creative energy so bottled up, you may eventually find that not only are your funds blocked, but also your self-expression and creativity.

Watch for a gift of money, a legacy or inheritance to come through this month.

Expect to work very hard to achieve your goals this month, but hard work can pay off.

What do you want to achieve??

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