Danielle Predicts for May           

 Competition, collaboration, irritation, confusion, strife

The Five of Wands represents struggle, symbolizes trouble on the concrete level.. It is certainly fitting  for these times…  Countries competing for COVID vaccines, others collaborating to bring relief to hot spots like India. And then we have the confusion and strife caused by escalating disputes around the Gaza strip…

Opposing energies create agitation – this I think especially speaks to the confusion caused by Trump’s continued insistence that the election was stolen from him. Imagination will inevitably collide with the resistance of reality, and somehow the two must be accommodated.

In the battle of life, boldness changes things for the better. The struggle embodied in the Five of Wands requires more than persistence and loyalty to a vision it also requires a “gut” sense of timing and a feeling of how the laws of the material world operate.

What you can expect this May

In this world of competition and conflicting views, stand up for yourself and your ideas. Refuse to be a victim. Life is give and take. We are challenged this month to find that proper balance if we are to live life to the fullest. We must learn to collaborate… and to find where to draw the line between work and home, between the material and spiritual worlds, between drive and pleasure.

Calm is shattered. You face competition. The outcome could be in your favour if you are careful, act forcefully, and don’t give in. Be firm and stand your ground.  Don’t let anyone get the advantage over you.

This card augurs a time of struggle where you must battle with the dragon of material reality to achieve the goal. Mundane matters may begin to go wrong, and more attention must be paid to  the demands and limits of concrete reality; or you fall into the grip of a depressive or apathetic mood.  Compromises must be made while still maintaining the integrity of the original vision.

If your sense of self is strongly defined and manifested, do not let this deny others a forum for their own ideas. Also, do not fail to express your own ideas with clarity and logic.

Note About COVID-19: Vaccinations are finally moving out in greater quantities, predictions are that the threat should be minimized by the end of the summer. But we’re in this for the long haul – coronavirus and its many variants will be around for many months yet. We must do what we can in the short-term to prevent the spread. This means wearing a mask in public, washing your hands frequently and keeping your distance. Patience is the theme for this period.

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Make an attitude of gratitude your magical approach to life.. You’ll be so very grateful that you did.