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Danielle Predicts for June

Individuality, Practical Knowledge, Scattered Forces, Will

The Magician represents the powers we possess to create meaning and purpose in our lives. He  tells us to collect ourselves, to gather our energies, focus and ground so that we can direct our will to achieving our goals.

The Magician seems to say "Open yourself to the forces surrounding you, the life-giving powers, the powers of creation – draw them to yourself, transform yourself into whatever you wish to be."

If your willpower is consciously and aggressively directed, The Magician suggests that you can accomplish all you visualize. This is a time when you are challenged to step out into the world and use your skill and intelligence to produce change for the better.  You can make magic this month!

What you can expect this June

Diplomatic skill is highlighted this month – not surprising, given the weighty trade negotiations underway across North America and around the globe.  Participants in these discussions will need to keep their attention carefully focused and throughtful if there is any hope of making progress…. the Magician is a reminder to take a creative approach… negotiators will need to step outside the box if they wish to see some real forward motion.
You will probably be challenged to focus, to collect yourself and your energies in order to accomplish your goals… With focus, your creativity can shine. New talents can manifest.
You could be the recipient of some unexpected good fortune this month, be alert.
You may feel that you are at something of a crossroads at this time… the Magician tells you to seek within for the answers, your intuition can lead you in the right direction.  Watch for chance, serendipity to play a role in making this month interesting. This is a time when a twist of fate could change your life…. At the very least, we are able to see new possibilities or gain a new perspective on the potentials life offers us at this time

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