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Danielle Predicts for December

Frustration, vision, perseverance, profit

With the Seven of Pentacles  influencing, we are called to look to our resources… we may be concerned about generating enough revenue to cover expenses, but with this card appearing, we should have what we need.

It may be challenging to make any serious progress, especially on the job or financially, but you are reminded to be patient….. At the global level, international trade agreements are not easily solidified….

You may be worried about money or work this month. You must maintain a strong desire to achieve, even in the face of defeat. The roots have dug deeply into the soil and the garden will bloom again in its own time. Remember that it is neither profitable nor necessary to continually measure your progress.

This is a time when we may be  called upon to decide between the security of what we have already built and the shaky, uncertain possibilities of a new direction which may or may not lead to success. Staying put, the safe choice, implies the danger of stagnation…. on the opposite side, we are challenged to take risks, even though they may be somewhat dangerous…. but may offer much more reward.

This Seven embodies a situation which sooner or later comes to every individual who attempts to manifest creative energy.  The hoped for success may be achieved but there may be a limit to what one can accomplish through one channel alone. The problem is whether or not to take the new opportunity and risk losing all that has been built.

What you can expect this December

This is a good year to decide to be moderate in your holiday gift-giving.

The Seven of Pentacles augurs a time when a difficult decision must be made.  Care and forethought are needed and the question arises of whether to continue to develop what one has already built or to put energy into a new project.

This month you are weighing your options for the future, taking a moment to reflect on gains… you have a lot to show for your efforts. but you are not sure if your achievements are really what you want.

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