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Danielle Predicts for May

Work, negotiation, skill, employment, teamwork

The Three of Pentacles tells us to be ready to adjust our expectations and plans, especially those connected with our homes and places of work. We are encouraged to seek expert advice around any projects we undertake. A fitting card to come up as the whole world struggles to get back to business. The COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to abate and people are restless…

This Three also talks about decorating… many folks are using this home time to redecorate their homes or tend to their gardens this month – and some may even find they are ready to make some improvements… a good time to take up a DIY project like painting your bedroom or refinishing that dresser.

You are challenged to be consistent and willing to work for what you want… and to share the load…. choose a partner who will work as hard as you  to achieve your goals.  Shared burdens are lighter; a friend or a fellow worker will be helpful. This is a time to roll up your sleeves and realize the rewards of tasks thoroughly and well executed for their own sakes.

Beware the fatal flaw of not knowing your limits. The key message of this card is to enjoy the early fruits of your labours, but consider the future, not only in terms of the work that must be done but in terms of your own capacity to handle it.

What you can expect this May

We see the first stages of a project or plan being successfully completed in this period…. the first phases of opening business are welcomed, new protocols on the job are effective.

We are reminded that it will take hard work, a willingness to work through difficulty and to take risks in order to achieve material security.  You will need to be flexible, adaptable to changing conditions. The way we do business, the way that we shop and socialize with each other will all change…. you will be challenged to accept new norms.

You could find you make a good profit on a commercial transaction in this time…. there is a sense of material increase for some…people getting back to work…. but you will be required to overcome a few obstacles….adjustments are required to maintain physical distances and keep both workers and customers safe. Still, while short-term rewards are modest this month, efforts you make now will produce a good return in time.

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