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Danielle Predicts for April

7cups Seven of Cups 
Illusion, fantasy, possibility, magic, imagination, decisions

The Seven of Cups reminds us to be careful of what we wish for, to be practical and realistic in our expectations. This Seven suggests the possibility of some good luck and other interesting possibilities that could come up in this period – but it is a particular reminder not to get caught up in wishful thinking, this is not the time to be building castles in the air….. there is a price to be paid to get what you want in this time – you must be prepared to work for it, and to be patient  and consistent in your pursuit.

This is a time when you may be presented with a number of potentialities… the challenge is to take time, great care and thought in your choices…  and to be very realistic, practical in your final decisions. this is not the time to be taking any significant risks…. energies are too scattered in this period.

The Seven of Cups tells us that the joy and pleasure promised by the Nine of Cups comes with some conditions – the most important of which is to take practical action on our goals. We are challenged now to choose and act in realistic ways to make manifest the possibilities available to us now.

This leads me to some concern over the many serious negotiations underway at a global level at this time. For now, it seems unrealistic to expect that agreements like Brexit, and NAFTA, can be settled in this time. And any positive results expected from the meetings with the leader of North Korea may prove to be nothing more than wishful thinking. There is this subtle but very present sense of some negotiations being in bad faith, or driven by some ulterior motives.

We are reminded by the Seven of Cups to look to the past in making decisions this month… old habits die hard… past patterns will repeat themselves unless we consciously choose to change our approach or strategy.

This seven tells us that in addition to being practical and realistic, we must learn to exercise patience, faith and perseverance in order to achieve our goals.

What you can expect this April

You could find that you are struggling to make even the simplest decisions this month… trust your inner voices to help you choose…It is time to look at things clearly, to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of wishful thinking.
You are getting to know yourself now and may have many creative and a spiritual experiences. Just remember to be realistic about all possible eventualities. Look to past patterns in making decisions, choose to follow your heart, and the money and success will follow.
You may be challenged to focus, to collect yourself and your energies in order to accomplish your goals… With focus, your creativity can shine. This is the time to move thought into action.
The Seven of Cups suggests that you use this month to get to know yourself better, to seek a deeper meaning in your life, to learn to apply spiritual principles to every day life.
If you are looking for love, you could find that you are presented with too many choices or possibilities this month.
You may be inclined to build castles in the air – but don't give in to thoughts of unrealistic expectations…. you may dream of a marvellous future where anything is possible, but do remember that time, thoughtful choices and hard work are required to make your dreams a concrete reality.

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