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Danielle Predicts for October

Tradition, Teaching, Education, Government,
Society (and the demands or rules of)

The Hierophant tells us that October’s energy is focused on education and government…. It is a time of learning – and adapting to society’s mores…. Tradition rules this month.

The Hierophant card symbolizes the need to apply spiritual teachings to ordinary physical life. He is the image of that part of us which reaches upwards toward the spirit in order to understand what is required of us by God. He is the inner spiritual teacher, the priest who establishes a link between ordinary worldly consciousness and intuitive knowledge of God’s law. He establishes a relationship between man and God and makes clear the nature of the laws by which we must live in order to be in right relationship with the divine. The laws of the Hierophant are concerned with right behaviour in the eyes of God.

The spiritual law that the Hierophant transmits is not a collective one distilled into dogma, but an individual one  which can be found only in relationship with the inner priest. Thus different people experience God differently, and we come to our own spiritual understanding according to our own particular relationship with what “God”” might really mean.

The appearance of the Hierophant suggests that we will begin to actively seek philosophical answers. We want to find some meaning in our lives…. The Hierophant may manifest in the form of an analyst, psychotherapist, priest or spiritual mentor in outside life to whom we may turn for comfort and advice….

The Hierophant is the link between God and man, his are ways of tradition. He is our spiritual guide who transcends our material world. He is our teacher, opens us up to discovering hidden knowledge. He helps us get closer to the truth.

This card reminds us that we cannot grow if we limit our pursuits to material satisfaction. The Hierophant tells us to nurture our spiritual side…. and helps us find the way.  He represents our moral growth and development – the knowledge of true right and wrong… he reminds us that there are consequences, suggesting that there is a higher authority to whom we must answer.

What you can expect this October

This month you are urged to formulate and express a personal philosophy, an individual vision of the spirit which guides you as you venture into life’s challenges.

You may be reminded to take stock spiritually, to notice the ways you may have become too grounded in the material world.

You are told that it would be wiser to take a more orthodox approach to a problem or question. Open yourself to new ways of thinking but don’t overlook what is tried and true.

If you have been thinking of upgrading education or skills, this is a good time to invest in your education.

Government may play a significant role in the news this month… trade agreements in jeopardy, elections looming, leaders challenged on almost every front… climate change has become a key issue all around the globe, then there is the saber rattling between Iran and the US and the uneasy relationships with China, all a bit scary for the citizens of this planet. October could prove to be a seriously scary month!

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