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 Danielle Predicts For February

knightcupsKNIGHT OF CUPS ( Sometimes known as the Prince of Cups)
Young Man; Kindness, an offer of love

Certainly this will be a good month for proposals. Valentines Day this year could produce more proposals than usual this year. And with this being heart month, many will be focused on matters of the heart, love, romance and relationships of all types are highlighted at this time…. The romantic spirit of this Knight embodies all that is gentle, idealistic and kind…

With the Knight of Cups influencing, we can expect a volatile, emotional and changeable month… and for many, a very busy time. The Knight of Cups is an image of the true romantic spirit, the champion of women in distress, the worshiper of love, beauty and truth. and the defender of high ideals… Love is in the air this month, fitting with this also being an emotional time. This Knight heralds an emerging romanticism, a softening of the hate mongers in the sense that their actions actually bring out more love and compassion in us, our backs have gone up, we are insisting on loving actions.

The Knight of Cups loves his mother very much, so we may find that the moms of the world are connecting and demanding change… Trump will find some real opposition to his attitude towards women, women who refuse to be discounted.

When this Knight appears, it is time for the individual to experience this heady and romantic dimension of love.

This Knight signals movement so if you have been stuck or stalemated on some project or issue, you should find that you are able to negotiate new activity going forward.

This Knight is also something of a peacemaker, so we may see some major disputes being settled, at least temporarily – this on both the personal and global levels.

Under the influence of the Knight of Cups is a subtle warning, we ought to beware of propositions made, look beyond the surface… we are challenged this month to be alert for deceit and the superficial.

This is a great time for working on relationships… could be a very busy month for some, lots of comings and goings… the travel industry could see something of an unexpected increase this month..

The Knight of Cups encourages us to follow our dreams, traveling down our intuitive path could lead to fulfillment and satisfaction. This is a time for mental and emotional stimulation… This Knight reminds you to live your vision and open your heart..

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