Danielle Predicts for October        

Change, balance, adaptability, harmony in change

The Two of Pentacles represents a state of change or fluctuation in material affairs. It represents a materially ambitious man who is still open to new creative ideas and is willing to take risks to utilize his talents.  We see news and messages in writing, and the possibility of obstacles, agitation, trouble – a month of ups and downs..

This fluctuation doe not imply loss, however, but rather a flow of creative energy outward into many projects. This drive must be grounded and channeled. The old saying “Money makes money’ is highly appropriate, for it is necessary to take risks and use capital so that it can work to produce before any real gains are made..

The Two of Pentacles demands flexibility and a willingness to put money and energy to work, and often this means juggling and shifting resources in a manner which may seem unnecessarily risky and anxiety-provoking. Yet the Two of Pentacles may be seen as a good card because, although it suggests the necessity of a certain light-footedness in financial matters, it promises rewards because creative energy is put to work. It speaks to harmony amidst change.

What you can expect this October

The Two of Pentacles heralds a time when money and energy are likely to be available for new projects that might lead to a rewarding future, but you must be willing to put your resources to work, taking  risks and using capital, rather than hoarding and saving at a time when new opportunities arise. Be prepared, new projects may be difficult to launch at this time.

The Two of Pentacles is likely to  be  welcome card to those who know how to ‘play’ with money. You must remain flexible and see change as opportunity.

You have endured changes in the past, both comforting and uncomfortable, and are now being called upon to do so again. Remember, what comes in goes out as well. New ventures may require you to adapt to changing circumstances. Check pros and cons before initiating new projects. Keep work and home in proper balance to maintain harmony in your life.

Note: Mercury is Retrograde from Sept 26th to Oct 18th: a good time to review and revise plans… time for that “re” work. Expect technical and travel glitches in the next few weeks. Patience is the theme for this period.

Note About COVID-19:  Many countries are experiencing a fourth wave. The danger of the Delta variant is still real.  And Third World countries are almost defenseless. While life is slowly returning to normal as more and more people get vaccinated, coronavirus and its many variants will be around for many months yet.

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