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Danielle Predicts for October

The Hermit
Inner Wisdom, Teaching(s), Advising, Contemplation

The Hermit tells us that we will be spending time alone this month…with the second wave of the CORVID-19 virus now underway, we will want to listen to the advice of our public health officers and gov’t leaders… we need to continue to stay home as much as possible.

One of the key messages of the Hermit is to be  willing to go within, to seek answers from your inner self…. and staying at home safe from the virus gives you time to think and feel your way through life… The Hermit suggests that you look deep within yourself to find the resources that you must share to know success. This card says to seek and you will find. Knock and it will be open to you. A combination of faith and personal strength may be found within self.

On an inner level, the Hermit is an image of the last of the four Moral Lessons which the Fool must learn along his journey through life. This is the lesson of time and the limitations of mortal life. Nothing is allowed to live beyond its span, and nothing remains unchanged; this is a simple and obvious facet of life which despite its simplicity and obviousness is painful for us to learn and often only comes with age and hard experience. The Hermit represents a god who both embodies the meaning of time and rebels against it. So he is humbled and overthrown, and learns wisdom in solitude and silence.  The problem of solitude and the discovery that one is ultimately alone and mortal are dilemmas which all humans face. Memory and wisdom are distilled from the passage of time and also the gift of patience.

The lesson of the Hermit cannot be learned through struggle and conquest. Struggle will not stop time. Only acceptance of time yields rewards and allows you to achieve your goals.

The Hermit in some ways is an image if humility which often comes with humiliation in the face of that which we cannot change, However warm the heart, however strong the sense of identity, life’s trials would shatter us if we were unable to find somewhere within the patience and prudence of the Hermit, who teaches us how to endure and wait in silence. But the creative face of the ancient and ambivalent Hermit is the shrewdness to change what we can, to accept what we cannot, and to wait in silence until we can tell the difference.

The Hermit augers a time of aloneness or withdrawal from the extraverted activities of life so that the wisdom of patience may be acquired. There is an opportunity to build solid foundations if you are willing to wait. As much as we need the company and counsel of others, there are times when we have to withdraw into ourselves and meditate upon the important questions we face.  The Hermit reflects this need. We need to seek the light of inner wisdom.

By spending time alone, deep in thought and contemplation, we come to realize that we are not alone. We see that all of us are here for a purpose, that we are united in spirit, and that we all have access to the same truths.  The Hermit lights the way for us to make these discoveries about the mysteries and meaning of life.

Meditation allows us to learn from our many past experiences. It provides the opportunity to glean the deeper lessons about what we’ve accomplished and how it relates to our true task. Time spent alone gives us a sense of peace. It can help ease our anxieties.

What you can expect this October

Pay attention for some good counsel or instruction to come from someone who is an expert in their field. There is the possibility of a meeting with one who will guide you on the path to material or spiritual ends. This meeting may demand a journey in order to gain knowledge.

The Hermit suggests that we will need to isolate ourselves some this month – the second wave of the virus is strong…. staying home is the best protection.

Be alert for news of some corruption or dissimulation… perhaps there is some concern about tampering with the election in the United States, perhaps one of our leaders is caught in a lie.

The Hermit suggest that you can attain your goals.  But prudence is necessary.

This is a good time for meditation, tuning into your higher self, intuition is on target…. listen to your inner voices. Don’t look outside yourself for the answer. It’s time to withdraw and follow inner light. Some introspection may lead to self-improvement. With mature deliberation things will be resolved.

Note: Mercury Retrograde, October 14 to November 3

Mercury Retrograde is associated with confusions, delay, and frustration. Think email blunders and frazzled travel plans. However, this is an excellent time to reflect on the past. It’s said that intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.

The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and technology. So, when Mercury is retrograde, remain flexible, allow extra time for travel, and avoid signing contracts. Double check your email responses, check in with reservations before you take that trip.

Review projects and plans at these times, but wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions. You can’t stop your life, but plan ahead, have back-up plans, and be prepared for angrier people and miscommunication.  Take a moment to reflect. Mercury retrograde can be an excellent time to take a step back and reanalyze who you are and what you are doing—but do refrain from making any drastic changes until after retrograde has ended.

Note About COVID-19: still there are those who resist the protocols necessary to be safe…. President Trump probably wishes he had not resisted. He has set a bad example for those who believe in the New Hampshire motto, “Live free or die.” This virus is strong, vicious and insidious…. Let us be respectful of each other…. it will be many months before a vaccine is available… and there is already a significant uptick in cases, I predicted a dangerous second wave to come in October and the stats indicate that it has already begun. We’re in this for the long haul – it will be around for many months yet. We must do what we can in the short-term to prevent the spread. I see several groups very close to being able to produce a reliable vaccine, but it will be some time yet before it can be produced in sufficient volumes to treat all who want it. Watch for some good news early in the new year.

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