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 Danielle Predicts For March


8 of Pentacles
Craftsmanship, Improvement, apprenticeship, education, purpose

The Eight of Pentacles is a complex card to draw… on the surface it simply appears to mean that this is a good time for creative pursuits, but this is a highly simplified version of the meaning of this card.. certainly it does tell us that March is a time that creative pursuits are supported, and you could easily find an especially good teacher or mentor to help you gain new skills

The Eight of Pentacles suggests that hard work pays off, to pay attention to the details of the work in front of you, do a good job, not for the rewards that will come, but for the sake of a job well done… this attitude and approach to your work will benefit you greatly this month and beyond.

This card also suggests that this is a good time to get involved in some educational pursuits, whether in the culinary arts, or in technology. 

You are also challenged now to complete projects, clean up the loose ends in your life , get rid of everything you don't need, like or use…recycle what you can and let the rest go… this will make room for the hopeful energy of spring to bring new energy and new life into your home.

Whether on the global front or in our personal lives, March brings with it a  growing stability, it becomes easier to make plans, the new directions are now coming clear.  This may especially apply to Trump and the anxiousness that many have felt because of the aura of change that is obvious around him.

The bureaucracy that is under and supports their elected representatives may prove to be more of a challenge than our leaders have foreseen…. there is confusion among them and fear that jobs will be eliminated in the next phase of gov't changes… this would be the right time for you to stand up to the confusion, to insist on getting good work done, to keep heads down, understanding the purpose of your work and the need for a conscientious approach to everything you do.

This month we are challenged to develop our skills, to consider our purpose in all that we do…. it looks like new openings will appear in the next months and these new skills will prove to be useful.  We are asked to be dedicated and focused now.

The Eight of Pentacles augurs a period when each of us must be hard-working, willing to struggle to acquire new skills – and new growth. You may find that you have discovered a new talent that you want to develop. There is the opportunity for us to develop great enthusiasm in some new field of work… be willing to learn, to see ourselves as trainees as opposed to being firmly established. That sense of security is growing. Take pride in what you do.

What do you want to achieve??

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