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Danielle Predicts for February

Mature Man; Honourable feelings

The King of Cups is often associated with the astrological sign of Cancer.  He encourages us to be sensitive, thoughtful of our own as well as others’ feelings. This King urges us to be kind and considerate, generous and creative. He also tells us to be willing to take responsibility for our choices, to be understanding and aware of the bigger picture.

The King of Cups reminds us that we must be the ruler of our emotions, ready to acknowledge our strong feelings without allowing them to control our actions.  He places human relationship and human love above everything and will go to great lengths to initiate and preserve this emotional contact… yet he remains uncomfortable in relationship. While he is trustworthy in business matters, he is unreliable in romantic situations… he can be moody and will sulk when he doesn’t get his way. His message this month is to beware of your own moodiness, notice that you are a little up and down this month, especially with the people you love dearly… This King reminds us to be sensitive, to ourselves and especially to those around us.

The King of Cups may initiate relationship and talk constantly about it, but he doesn’t trust the world of the subconscious which he cannot see… he fears letting go and losing himself – and his control –  in his feelings…

What you can expect this February

With the King of Cups reigning we are challenged to meet the wounded self within, time to notice how we may attract personal relationships that allow us to attempt to control them, thus avoiding emotional pain… We are urged now to let go of these old patterns.

Matters of business and the law are at the forefront this month and the creative energy at work this month could bring forward some interesting developments in the world of science and some new productions in the art world.

I would say that Trump is likely to be acquitted in the next days, the charges against him will be minimized.

There is a focus on religion and spirituality with the King of Cups reigning… a time when we may be pressed to apply spiritual principles to everyday life.

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