Begins February 10, 2013

  • Snake – The Thinker, Charismatic Philosopher
  • Snake, known for its mindfulness and wisdom, is also recognized as the trickster.
    This is a good year to take stock, stock up and lie low…
  • Sensual Snake is the pleasure seeker, so this year should bring a little
    relief from the heavy dragon energy of last year.
  • Snake will breathe fun into our lives, and also personal prosperity, mystery
    and sudden strikes out of nowhere… and water snake brings us a caution around
    water – flooding – as well as drought conditions.
  • Snake is the perfect symbol for these times – he is mysterious, exotic,
    revered and feared, the symbol of transformation… and these are certainly
    transformative moments in the history of the planet. A time of great mystery
    and promise.
  • Snake is popular, charming, seductive, irresistible… and willing to bide
    his time, to search for the perfect moment to strike. While snake is the symbol
    of great beauty and great pleasure, it is also the great deceiver, willing
    to go to any length to get what it wants.
  • Snake people are great friends and allies, terrific business partners, lucky
    with money, smart in managing their finances, wise in their timing. But beware,
    Snake and truth do not get along so well!!!!

Snake Says: “Beware the
Grand Deception”

So how does Snake affect 2013, how does the energy and personality apply
to this time?

Businesses involving “earth, metal or water” should prosper! And this should be a good year for the arts and in the fashion, entertainment and music industries, a time for fun and pleasure, bright colors and hot, sexy nights.

Because Snakes hibernates in the cold and thrives in the heat, we should find that the cold months are slow and sluggish, with things really heating up only when the sun is shining and the earth is warm under our feet..

Many folks will notice that their psychic abilities are heightened in this snake year – it’s a good time to be paying attention to your instincts! While success is easier this year, especially in business and money, it only comes with effort and due diligence, thought and planning. And you might want to take a second look at your plans if they include marriage, since Snake cannot be trusted.

Snake says go slow this year, build your energy and choose your times carefully…. be mindful and willing to work for what you want!

Famous Snake People:

Pablo Picasso, Henry Fonda, Johann Brahms, Franz Schubert, Howard Hughes, Greta
Garbo, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Brooks

The Year for Each Animal

How Snake Influences Your Sign

Rat: a good year for rats to keep their heads down and your assets hidden! To make the most of this year, read, research, relax and keep your spending in check.

Ox: A great year for Ox to forge ahead, but beware those legal issues that can prove to be costly and don’t get too bossy with your family. Be tolerant and watch that slow-burning temper of yours! Your friends could call on you for advice around their romantic escapades.

Tiger: a slow year for tiger,  too slow and tedious for many active tigers. A year for looking inward… and caution in love… Save the big plans to later in the year when things look much more favorable for you!

Rabbit: this can be a terrific year for rabbits, many of you will be traveling for your business or making some interesting career changes…. a good year for investing, especially in the last half of the year.!

Dragon: this year could be a bit too mellow for the mighty dragon. A year to beware and be wary, especially in money matters… but romance looks pleasing!

Snake: a memorable year for snake, but not necessarily easy… a time to follow your true snake nature, to seek counsel, to be wise and slow, deliberate, striking only when all is ready and right. This could be the year for to find that special love… if you take it slow and are careful not to be possessive.

Horse: a busy and exciting year for horse…. but beware those hot romances, they aren’t likely to lead to commitment. Look for some improvements in your career, but be careful of your health, especially through the first half of the year.

Goat: a terrific year for goat to travel, especially for business, but take care of your health and mind your wealth this year! Guard your valuables, especially while traveling.

Monkey: a good year to get noticed for monkey, a year of fun, a time to get noticed! Important that you fight that desire to be a bit of a couch potato this year, get that body moving and you’ll feel a lot better. Helpful benefactors appear around you this year.

Rooster: generally a fortunate year for rooster, a time when you could find yourself center stage or on display in some way. Attend to your relationship, family issues can arise this year – you will need to be flexible, and tactful.

Dog: a much easier year for the friendly dog, a relief, a year to recuperate and bounce back – even a chance to fall in love…You succeed through helping others to improve their fate.

Pig: an uneasy time for dear pig, lucky in business and career but unlucky in love, a stormy year for romance….a time to think twice! The possibility of a significant gain financially, but be prepared, it comes at a price and with a lot of hard work.

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