Predictions for 2014 – Year of the Horse:

by Heather Zais (Psychic / Astrologer) (250)861-6774

The year is ruled be the #7 (2+0+1+4)= 7. In the Chinese calendar the year of the Horse starts on Jan. 31 at sunset following the new moon after the sun leaves the sign of Capricorn and enters Aquarius based on when it occurs in China, so their start dates vary. Keywords are: freedom, action, change, reversals, repeals and surprises. It’s time to shake things up on all levels and break the chains that bind; a fight against restrictions and what is unfair. Attempts to level the field in many areas.

– It will be a high spirited year at a gallop. Follow the golden rule to avoid backlash or retribution. What goes around, comes around.

– It’s time to get to work. If you don’t want to, step aside.

– The “buck” or dollar will have its ups and downs. Gold, yellow, tin and uranium highlighted. Dredge where possible. New or renewed sources.

– There will be advances with robotics: walking, hips, legs, and back problems.

– The lungs will also be in focus with the continuing controversy over smoking (various things) and the connection to strokes.

– All types of horses, real, man-made or mythological eg: Pegasus ( the winged horse ). Concerns persist about horse meat, wild horses and racing.

– Doomsday prophecies continue with reference to the seven seals, the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and NWO (new world order)

– Competition will be high in the media. Watch the spin for ratings. Always check the final details. See who really holds the reins behind the scenes. Some change.

– Interest in space travel or all things ET will increase: UFOs, comets, asteroids, satellites, space ships, space junk and debris, flying objects or attacks from the air.

– The use of drones will continue.

– Keep an eye on the dark horse politically. Make sure you have a good team when entering the race, it will matter. Some surprise by switching sides or loyalties.

– The NSA and the war on terrorism continues. Watch for double agents. Winds of change on many levels. More covert activity; deals being made. New or different centers of power. More from Wikileaks.

– Security breaches compromise sensitive information. Bombshells.

– Some seek revenge as old feuds heat up; its payback time. Try to settle scores once and for all. Religion will be blamed in some of these. Revolutions, civil wars and rebels in focus (present or past).

– Human rights, socialism and those on the left will be debated. Comparison of the cold war, then and now and who is involved.

– All types of power in view with greater efforts to conserve energy. Battle continues over rates and meters. Harness alternate sources where necessary. Power outages; some blamed on to much heat or cold, extremes of temperature or weather patterns, including high winds. Continue to harness wind power.

– Mist or fog in focus as a problem as well.

– Various power struggles escalate: Look for a game changer. Dirt will be dug up.

– Strong opposition or conflict from political or religious oppression (past or present). More bombs.

– Seven is a spiritual number related to prayer, religion, beliefs, reiki energy, intuition, meditation, reincarnation, ghosts, visionaries, religious leaders and icons.

– Horses are social. seek adventure, romance and more freedom. Gypsy or hippy lifestyle will be more interesting to some who buck the tide or conventions, seeking a more free lifestyle. A look at cults, communes and getting high.

– Go into business or grow something. Spread to the country to farm or ranch. Improve produce and distribution to help combat poverty. Dig wells or refresh others. An overall look at well-being. Conservation efforts increased, globally and into the Amazon.

– Games and competitions with a focus on hockey, NHL and the olympics; races and sleighs.

– An increased interest in the retro look, boomers, western style and old hairdos or (manes) – ponytails. Cowboy boots. Whips, crops, spurs and pros and cons of spanking.

– Horse shows of all types: musical rides, rodeos, stampedes, western and wild west shows, old movies, covered wagons, stages and chariot races. Guns, bows and arrows. The battle over guns continues, NRA stands its ground. Efforts to block gun production.

– Horse drawn processions for happy or sad reasons, with appropriate ceremony or pageantry. Mass events include marches or demonstrations.

– #16 or the white house in focus (past or present). Special presentations, events or memorials. Some focus on those wearing stars, badges or medals (past or present).

– Earth changes or calamities continue: earthquakes, eruptions, lava, volcanos and floods. Waves and high tides and seas. Ships may need rescue. Build new ones or refurbish.

– Environmental concerns include air quality, fires fanned by winds, extreme heat and cold. Have plows ready. Watch for avalanches. Tornados, hurricanes and tsunami warning. Lightening, volts, shocks and surprises. Shifts or turns of tides are disruptive, environmentally or politically.

– Names in the news: Harry and Francis.

– Areas of unrest continue: Egypt, Greece, Ukraine, Syria, Middle East, both Koreas, Russia, Turkey and various parts of Africa. Escalation of tension or conflict.

– Markets will be affected, some change with expectations or reversals.

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