“Predictions” for 2012: Seven Clues

By Phil Reckard 

Here we go folks! The moment (year) we’ve all been waiting for, perhaps for our entire lives. Here-and-now is precisely what we all signed-up for, well before we inhaled our first breath, so there are no more excuses but to get it right, whatever “it” might look like. Just consider how many people have been dying (literally) to be here, seven billion of us and counting exponentially. The only real question might be; do our life-boats have enough seats?

(Clue #1; because we all chose to be here, what choice do we have but to love it all? Love always wins over fear, especially fear of the unknown future.)

Depending on who you ask, the human race has lived on this Mother Gaia for umpteen thousands of years (just to get technical) or perhaps a few million years, to split hairs. And the best guess as to when our current definition of “civilization” began is equally precise, from about 6,000 years to 40,000 years ago, naturally excluding any ancient alien intervention possibilities.

(Clue #2; multidimensional “ET’s” are in fact “out there” and “down here,” lending assistance for our life-boats behind the scenes. Those “scenes” have begun falling apart though, allowing for more and more of us to put this giant jigsaw puzzle together, and those veils will get thinner as 2012 unfolds, count on it. It’s simply a case of their multidimensional nature that we’re not able to recognize them for who or what they are yet, or what they’re capable of – yet!)

Regardless, one year among thousands or even a few million is but one moment in human “history,” which gets rewritten every time some wise guy opens his mouth, including this one.

(Clue #3; history is malleable, it’s always written by the winners. Future history is also fluid, it gets written by whomever decides to win. Those would be the fearless among us, just like it always has.)

Predictions of apocalyptic doom are forecast by misguided people who think that “winning” involves grabbing the most money because fear sells. Our fears can be manipulated by them but only if we allow them to, it’s always our free-will choice. The purest of love doesn’t buy or sell, it trades, cooperates and aims for sustainability.

(Clue #4; drive that Love Train or hop on board, either that or get out of the way.)

Our “souls” know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were never meant to fail at this 2012 thing, we “simply” might need to redefine the word love, consider this one; love is felt at the collision point where passion, compassion and dispassion meet in the middle, within our central core. Our passions get us started and compassion arrives whenever our passions meet another person’s, group’s and/or society’s passions. However, passion can become self-destructive when we’re not showing compassion for ourselves, compassion can as well when we’re being stretched too thin where the deadly “compassion fatigue” can set in. In either case, we eventually need to arrive at dispassion, the place where we’re able to detach ourselves from the pains and confusion of another person (or culture) but more importantly, to detach ourselves from our own confusion, anxiety and pains.

Of course, too much dispassion is also a deadly “sin” but the right balance can be achieved in order for us to return to our core passions and compassion, where the cycle can begin anew. And when all three can be attained at the same time, I call that love. The purest of love is timeless, and one prediction that’s been circulating about 2012 is that the entire concept of time as we know it is about to end.

(Clue #5; how cool is that?!? Let’s run with it, first by considering that all of our past regrets and pains were suffered by someone else in a faraway place and time, in a past-life of ours. Even the mistakes and failures of last week can be dispassionately viewed as an interesting past-life of ours, and that there’s nothing we can do about them now but to learn from those mistakes – show compassion for ourselves – otherwise we get to repeat them.)

At the very least, 2012 can then be the year where we rewrite our personal histories and start some new chapters, as if anyone else would care enough to read them. Compassion says that we must love everyone but dispassion says we don‘t absolutely need to like everyone, especially those “loved ones” who could care less about our own personal stories. It‘s quite impossible to love an ax murderer for instance, so don‘t even bother trying, and this mindset is actually the untold secret dispassionate flip-side of the Golden Rule, “Do unto others… unless they’re being jerks.”

Another popular bit of speculation about 2012 involves “Ascension,” the “Great Awakening,” an arriving “Unity Consciousness,” or whatever phrase-of-the-day it might be. Basically, this line of thought concurs that we are All-One, everything is indeed connected, and that when humanity reaches a certain tipping point in agreement, something like Utopia or a new dimensional portal will be opening up. Whatever! There will still be massive natural and human-caused calamities all over the world, the same as with any year. There will still be massive violent protests in the streets as the 99% demand personal and economic freedoms from the 1% who seem to be running the show.

(Clue #6, absolutely everything will depend on how we react to those trends and events. Someone’s personal passions are guaranteed to go overboard, we don’t need to join them. One tiny part of the All-That-Is will decide to become a suicide bomber, dispassion allows us to know it’s not you or me. Calamities are guaranteed to take human life and cause much pain, compassion can become overwhelming and distract us from keeping our eyes on the much bigger picture, dispassion takes us back to our core.)

Further, the planets – and all of the other “lower” aspects of the natural world – are completely dispassionate about our lives, they don’t care at all if we sink or swim. Our inner planets of course care a whole lot about our success or failure, the ones we see in our natal charts, the ones we agreed to have in our natal design, in order for us to return here for this mythical year. We must emulate all of the natural world in its dispassionate “nature,” and by doing so, our central core will let us know when and where we need to be, in the right place at the right time, for whatever might come along.

(Clue #7; it’s all good! Just strap ourselves in for an “interesting” year, either as an exhilarating joyride to “heaven” or a very bumpy road in the other direction, the choices are always ours. So, the only solid prediction made here is that December 21 would be the ideal day to buy a 2013 calendar, unless of course our multidimensional friends have other plans, so stay tuned-in for those).

Dates to Watch in 2012
Of course, so many other cosmic (and mundane) developments have pushed and prodded us to where we are today but it’s those mentioned above that will make 2012 what it will be. Specific dates to watch for further incremental shifts in 2012 are as follows;

January 23 – April 13, Mars retrograde entirely within Virgo, with pre and post shadows extending from November 18, 2011 clear to June 19, 2012. The warrior Mars finds loose footing in the changeable Earth of Virgo, not always certain whether to lead, follow, or to simply get out of the way. The wise Mars within each of us knows when it is time to lay our weapons down and hang out peacefully with His Goddess girlfriend Venus. This pre-shadow has already seen changes at the heads of “leadership” in Greece, Italy, Libya, Egypt and elsewhere but Mars through Virgo until early July will make sure that none of those seat changes will last very long. That sort of energetic will be playing-out in our local communities as well, in a “you do it!”, “no, you do it!” manner, kicking the can farther down the road, hoping no one will notice. Mars turns retrograde (January 23) precisely on the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon, so it will be interesting to see if anything happens with the Chinese economy or navy, Asian tsunamis, that sort of thing.

February 3, Neptune enters Pisces until 2026 (see above) with physician Chiron leading the way toward further idealistic (Pisces) spiritual (Neptune) healing (Chiron), keep it that simple.

February 7, Saturn turns retrograde in the last degree of Libra, remaining retrograde until June 25 at 23° Libra. Saturn rehashes and reflects on injustices committed or revealed since early November 2011, through to October when Saturn enters Scorpio. Globally, the calls for justice will be highlighting the failures of our court systems, leaving people with the sense that they have no choice but to take justice into their own hands. Best of luck with that during the Mars retrograde, spurred-on big time however by the first Uranus/Pluto square in June. To thine own self be true, it therefore behooves us to utilize our internal judicial system (our inner Saturn) with balanced compassion and sometimes dispassion (Saturn in Venus-ruled Libra).

March 12 – April 4, Mercury moves retrograde from 7° Aries “backward” to 24° Pisces. What makes this one special is that Mercury travels over the “zero Aries point” which represents the Spring Equinox of new beginnings – three times – direct, retrograde and direct again. Mercury and Uranus will also be connecting with each other three times as well, with the speed-of-thought outside-the-box Mercury inspiring its higher octave inventor Uranus to turn randomly inspired thoughts into reality. From Aries (Fire) to Pisces (Water), we can imagine (Mercury) a forged red-hot Sword of Truth being quenched and cooled into its ideal (Pisces) form. The number of light bulbs going off among the Creative Class could easily be blinding, the future’s so bright we gotta wear shades.

May 15, Venus turns retrograde (in Gemini until June 27) to set-up the Venus Combustion (see above) on June 5, and this is where things get really interesting for many reasons. First, because a Venus retrograde cycle can lead to karmic reunions of all sorts and this is the last Venus retrograde cycle before the mythical date of December 21. Such reunion(s) could easily be the most significant of our lives, leading to whole hosts of people uprooting their lives to be where they are “supposed to be,“ like intentional living arrangements that foster sustainable communities. Oy, what a great time to be a divorce lawyer.

Second and again, this one wraps-up the cycle begun in 2004, when Venus was also retrograde and moving directly between Earth and the Solar disk in Gemini. So, it’s important to see what’s been happening since then on the global level, especially in terms of Gemini’s communicative abilities. Precisely what invention could make the smart phone obsolete? Also for Gemini are transportation advancements like electric cars and hybrids, can teleportation and fusion energy be too far off? Oops, scientists have already done both of the latter in the laboratory, look for those and other technologies to find practical – and peaceful! – job applications. A magic carpet or time machine, get me one of each.

Third, May 20 sees a Solar eclipse in the first degree of Gemini, basically asking us to go back to the drawing board in how and why we communicate (Gemini) in the first place. This looks like a portal of mental telepathy opening up, and on the global level. Think flash-mobs without a tweet, massive peaceful demonstrations without a phone call or Facebook, the possibilities could be quite endless (and radical – Uranus). This eclipse, during the Venus retrograde, could make the Harmonic Convergence seem like an intimate yoga class.

Fourth, June 4 sees a Lunar eclipse on the same day Neptune turns retrograde. This alone should prompt a global meditation for unity and utopian ideals because…

June 5 is the Venus Combustion and that’s fifth (or sixth? Who‘s counting?).

Jupiter joins the Gemini fun on June 11, expanding all of the above and more.

The New Moon on June 19 is the day Mars crawls out of his retrograde shadow, heading toward Libran balance, the day before Summer Solstice.

The first of seven exact Uranus/Pluto squares happens on June 24. Wear flowers in our hair, flash a peace sign and make love, not war.

June 25 sees Saturn turning direct, Mercury entering Leo and a Jupiter/Neptune square, and all of the above since May 15 occurs during the Venus retrograde. Occupy your spinning head.

July 13, Uranus turns retrograde at 9° Aries until December 12 at 5° Aries. The inventor enters its workshop to iron out the details, non-violence coordinators work on some stunning street performances.

July 14, Mercury turns retrograde from 13° Leo back to 2° Leo on August 8, testing a few over-bloated egos no doubt. Combine this with Uranus’ retrograde the previous day and watch those creative sparks fly.

July 31, Venus moves out of Her retrograde shadow, time to take inventory.

August gets two Full Moons on the 1st and the 31st, a fluke of the Gregorian calendar but a “Blue Moon” is lots of fun for some folks.

September 18 is when Pluto turns direct while the 19th is when we get the second of seven Uranus/Pluto squares, while Uranus is still moving retrograde. This second Uranus/Pluto square will be less edgy than their first square in June but Pluto begins the process of sifting through that debris, looking for whatever gems may have been misplaced. The rest of 2012 is Pluto’s rebirthing process, available anywhere and everywhere.

Jupiter turns retrograde October 4 and Saturn (along with Mercury) enters Scorpio the next day, in a major incremental shift. This will be Saturn’s first entry into Scorpio since 1982, the beginning of the “greed is good” era when the first shots were fired in our current class warfare pitting the 1% against we the 99%. However, the first Saturn/Neptune trine since 2002 occurs within the week (October 10), adding some juice to truly righteous (Neptune) indignation (Saturn) about the evolving situations, so we’ll probably see some failing attempts by the 1% to control the rest of us.

November 6 is Election Day in the US, right at the beginning of a Mercury retrograde cycle (yikes!) lasting until the 26th. In between is a Scorpio total Solar eclipse on the 13th and on the 15th Saturn moves into the first of three inconjunct aspects to Uranus. While the inconjunct has a disconnecting feel to it regarding responsible (Saturn) change (Uranus), the opportunities can help us to further unplug ourselves from the broken patriarchal paradigm. It also gives the Creative Class (Uranus) a free license to work outside of institutional norms (Saturn), especially during a retrograde Mercury, imagine a time machine being built in someone’s garage. Mitigating this is…

November 16 when Saturn moves into its first trine to Chiron since 1979 (see above).

Another thing to consider about this is Chiron’s discovery in 1977 – trine Saturn – as if Saturn were welcoming the centaur newcomer into our Solar system, precisely when humanity was “ready” for a celestial physician to arrive into our collective awareness. Along came the New Age spiritual movement and people began planning for the Age of Aquarius, the birth of which is right here and right now in incremental shifts. Talk began about the “coming Earth changes,” happening incrementally right here-and-now as well. Alternative healing methods started becoming mainstream as did organic farming, and each of the above are examples of Chiron’s influence.

Along with Saturn’s inconjunct to Uranus and trine to Neptune, this October – November timeframe should feel like a wave of spiritual (Neptune) healing (Chiron) is upon us, urging even more folks to join the Great Awakening while others, still tricked by the Trickster, continue their zombie freak-out. Oh well, there’s really only one way to convince the sleep-walkers to heed the wake-up call, to act like we’re soaring toward a Universal family reunion party, instead of making a mad-dash toward apocalyptic doom. Let your crazy Uncle Fred dance with a lampshade on his head because he’d be right in-tune with this whacky Mercury retrograde.

It started at 4° Sagittarius (pre-shadow starting on October 18) and ends at 19° Scorpio, with Mercury moving through the Sagittarius/Scorpio cusp three times from start to finish. That cusp is said to be where the shaman Sagittarius is holding the scorpion’s claws shut in a death grip, the archer’s arrow pointed at the scorpion’s heart. The questions asked at that time could be quite profound, largely depending on how many of us identify with the awakened shaman versus the sleep-held deadly scorpion.

There’s a Lunar eclipse on November 28, Uranus turns direct on December 13 at a New Moon, and the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21 – and that’s IT – as simply a reminder to go out and buy a 2013 calendar on December 22. The Mayan calendar has already ended and reset itself, exactly when it did depends on who you ask. The Trickster wants us to believe the world will end but we just unmask that idiot and make our future plans without him (or her).

Of course, all bets are off if the concept of time really does end, ET’s take us home or a comet wipes us out. In the meanwhile though, we can kick the Trickster’s butt all over the place before or until any of that unforeseeable stuff happens.