Predictions for 2012 – A Year of Unexpected Wonders

by Teresa

Ah, 2012, that ignominious year of the Mayan calendar! What could possibly come of this infamy that any of us would want to rejoice in? Well, according to the Mayan elders, this isn’t a year of terrible destruction or the demise of the human race. It isn’t Armageddon. Halleluiah! But then, if not the end, what? Beside the idea of it being a time when we humans have the opportunity to expand our consciousness and become ‘more’, is there ‘more’ for us to look forward to? (See books by Drunvalo Melchizedek, among others, to understand more of what we have ahead that is good and exciting and not doomsday). There are several ways to look at 2012. I thought I would look at it from at least three angles: Numeric, tarot, and by its name, since these are things I consider myself pretty good at. *smile*

The Numerica Analysis

Numerically it is a FIVE (2+0+1+2). Five is the number of Creation and things coming to Life. It is the number of Mercy/Grace in some beliefs. Five is also the number of Regeneration in the mathematical archetype of nature, art and science. It is the number for ‘seeing stars’. Iamblichus said, “The Pentad is particularly comprehensive of the natural phenomena of the universe.” He also said, “It is a frequent assertion of ours that the whole universe is manifestly completed and enclosed by the Decad, and seeded by the Monad, and it gains movement thanks to the Dyad and life thanks to the Pentad.” (Emphasis mine) Hand, paws, claws, and even our bodies are the form of the 5-pointed star. We even have 5 senses! The Fibonacci sequence even falls into this 5…along with the Golden Mean, aka phi, and Golden Spirals, of which we have galaxies, whirlpools, and nautilus shells.

So perhaps 2012 is about going in to the ‘eye’ of the storm…which is actually a calm place. Of course, we’d have to find a way to stay in that eye to remain in the calm, but still. Curiously, in mathematics and nature, the golden spiral has a ‘calm eye’, a core with a character different from that of the whirlwind around it. There is a core of air surrounded by water in a watery whirlpool; a tree’s trunk is surrounded by a whirl of leaves. It is the ‘zero’ at the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence.

Surely we must find that eye in order to survive the transformation many believe is about to occur. (And I am reminded of the letter Ayin in Hebrew, which represents the third eye, but is also a word applied to the All That Is…that which has no boundaries…Ayn Sof.)

Hinduism refers to two aspects of the universe, the unmanifest and the manifest; the first known as Nirguna Brahma, “Brahma without qualities,” unknowable, without characteristics, while the latter is known as Saguna Brahma, “Brahma with qualities”, all that is knowable. These correspond to the eye and the spiral. Mathematicians call the eye an asymptote, a place always approached but never reached. I think this correlates with the idea of becoming ‘higher beings’ in 2012. We shall strive for it, but perfection is not attainable. (Of course, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to attain it.)

Leonardo da Vinci wrote, “A vortex, unlike a wheel, moves faster toward its center.” We were doing that as 2012 approached; I think we will experience more of that as we enter 2012’s swirling vortex of ideas and possibilities for humanity’s enlightenment.

So, that ‘calm eye’ is the spiral’s center of gravity around which it all balances. That, too, sounds about like what we could look forward to in 2012—learning to balance.

If we ‘add’ the other numeric meanings…seeing stars, mercy/grace, etc…I think we see that perhaps that place from whence we all ‘descended’ (could it be the Pleiades?)—the stars in all their wonder—and the grace to continue learning and growing along with the regeneration of our intellect and spiritual insights…well, it looks like 2012 could be a very good year, ultimately. I can’t give you a blow-by-blow, day-by-day or month-by-month prediction. I just think overall there is a lot of possibility awaiting us in 2012.

2012 is the year 5772 year on the Hebrew calendar, which is 21 (5+7+7+2), BUT by their new year, which will occur prior to the 12/21/12 date, will be 5773 which = 22, a Master Number! (And don’t even get me started on the 9 that 122112 equals, let alone the computer code of that sequence.)

The Master Number (lifepath) 22, in numerology, is a master builder. The number 22 is very powerful. Anyone possessing this lifepath number has a date with destiny. So if we can apply it to the end of this year a short while before the Mayan calendar ends, well…! Of course, as a 21 at the Gregorian calendar’s beginning, or 2+1 equals 3, we have, according to Nichomachus of Ferasa (c. 100 AD, Greek neo-Pythagorean philosopher and mathematician), “The Triad is the form of the completion of all things.” The old adage, “All good things come in threes” comes to mind, as does what Aristotle said, “A whole is that which has a beginning, middle and end.” And perhaps the most convincing as regards all the hoo haw about this year, “But every tension of opposites culminates in a release, out of which comes the ‘third’. In the third, the tension is resolved and the lost unity is restored,” Carl Jung. Which could lead us to believe that all the tension, all the fear and expectancy of what has been touted as ‘the end of the world’ might merely be ‘the end of the world…as we know it’; and that out of that tension—the tension of the opposites of some people expecting Armageddon and others wanting to believe what the Mayan elders say is just a shift in our consciousness—will come something beautiful that will not only be something ‘new’ but will be the resolution of all this anxiety either way and the unity lost so very long ago (and being tested to the max in recent history in so many, many arenas) will, at last, be restored. Woo hoo! I’m all for that!

From the Tarot

I hand-sifted the cards and chose the 12th one, for 2012.

King of Cups/Water…

This year will bring the need to eliminate outmoded ways of thinking. Self-knowledge will need to be developed. This so goes along with the idea of raised and transformed consciousness coming to us by the end of December. We will need to master our emotions, the we will be capable of sound judgment. This year could bring our reaching a level of emotional maturity and stability, and we will act with discipline rather than on impulse. We will become willing to downplay our emotions in order to assist others. We will come to an ability to live up to ideals and dreams. We will have artistic integrity. We have the potential to become generous and display loving nature as a world community. This year’s energy will be a supportive mentor to those who follow their creative dreams, offering practical suggestions culled from years of experience. The year’s ideals will be best expressed through the medium of relationships and artistry. We will listen to our conscience; trust in our impulses; be guided by our instincts and intuition; we are in a gentle and sensitive period, like falling in love all over again; wonderfu things may come of our endeavors; we will have faith and maintain our self-confidence. A year as the King of Cups/Water will stand between currents. In stillness, it will bring discoveries of power and energy. Knowing this strength will make the year’s journey successful.

Herein is the Power to Create. Transform! Through the Dark, Light is Born! This year is a Protective Provider. We must trust its rule, even though much of what it promises is behind the screen.

This year will be the very spirit of feeling, the spirit of subconscious. It will represent Water’s power of solution. And I’ve been thinking lately of the Hebrew letter Mem, which is the 13th letter and represents Water. Thirteen is the numeric value of the words ahava/love and echad/unity. So Water has something to do with bringing those two qualities of life. This only confirms that for me! (And I’ve been wondering how it would be so, since we’ve already had ‘the flood’.)

There is a lot to be said about this card and its significance for us in this year, 2012. We must seek, know, and speak Truth, then we will be freed form the sense of drowning uder the weight of a social structure. We may struggle against external pressures to conform. This year will follow its own song, as we must if we are to be in tune with it and all it promises. We will be truly free when our will is aligned with the cosmic will: the will of truth.

How will we recognize the truth? We will attune ourselves to the nudges of the cosmos; we must place the guidance of our consciousness above all.

Things may be rough and full of mystery, but if we trust the wild energy and fortiutde of the subconsious, which I think is part of what will make us more One (as in the Collective Unconscious or Christ-consciousness), then all will be well. This is a year of Light in Darkness, which is like the black part in the yin and yang symbol…a picture I see of Chanukah and Christmas and other ‘Light’ ceremonies and traditions experienced in the Darkest of Time in the beginning of Winter. It may seem like one tiny dot of light in all that darkness, but in reality, it is the brightest Light of all!

A Name Analysis

Now let’s look at it by its name on the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Dragon. A Yin Earth year, starting January 23rd on our Gregorian calendar. (2013 will be a Yang Earth, and we are about to leave a Yang Fire!)

I’m listening to a couple series of books about dragons. And recently a friend of a friend was telling me about the Wiccan understanding of dragons. So this is kind of exciting for me to discover (I never really think about the Chinese calendar unless I’m at a restaurant and want to remember what sign I was born under).

Dragons are fascinating creatures. I once read a book by a Welsh author who said she rode dragons. Another spiritual guru speaks about having dragons as guides. All pretty spectacular, if you ask me! And oh, the mythology and stories that surround them! Fascinating, simply fascinating.

So what is it about dragons that we can expect to experience in 2012? Though 2012 begins in fire, it’s interesting it isn’t a fire year to come, only that we are about to leave one. A dragon without fire? Is that like a dog’s bark being worse than his bite? Hmmm?

Now, you know, as I write that, it kind of makes me think this whole end of the world thing could be touted as a big fiery end when in reality it’s nothing more than an earth dragon, here to ground us as earth does, while displaying its dragon-y temperament and qualities.

So many connects with this whole dragon thing, but I will merely mention its ranking order as the Fifth, of which, Five, we have already discussed.

“To the Chinese, the Dragon is born in the most desirable year. Possessing magical powers, the versatile Dragon is capable of soaring to the highest heavenly heights or diving to the depths of the sea. On one hand shrewd, healthy and full of vitality, the Dragon also possesses a mystical side, intuitive, artistic and strangely lucky.” (Metaphysicalzone)

So here’s to a year of unexpected wonders, the hope of things culminating in greater truth and wisdom being dispersed among Earth’s population and the raising of our consciousness bringing us the Age of Aquarius and all that promises for us all…