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Number 5 Rules Dragon Year

Number 5 Rules the Dragon Year

By Heather Zais

The number 2,0,1 and 2 add up to 5. It is allso a leap year. The year of the Dragon begins on Jan 23 at sunset. The number 5 is ruled by the planets Mercury and Neptune. Keywords: magnanimity, good fortune, wind, power, lightning, flames, hot air, speed, change and fluctuation.

Dragon years are suitable to celebration and festivals of all types, such as the Queen’s Jubilee. This year is also under the influence of water, and so favours growth and expansion.

Egos can be put aside for the good of all. Those seeking power use wit and strength of will in their quest. Move forward, leaving past baggage behind. Revenge will not get desired results. Let go of fruitless pursuits.

Some dramatic speeches occur as the Dragon breathes fire. Check to see how much of it is hot air. Assess threats. Avoid waking the “sleeping dragon” or be willing to pay the price.

Negotiations wll be important. Diplomacy will be needed to work with or around threats of force. Some high alerts. Handle any crises, activity or military demonstrations. Missiles or bombs in focus. Wise actions bring progress with proper marketing in a reliable and capable manner. Ride the highs and lows in most areas.

Dragon years are meant for large successes and victory over adversity. Some of it may be fleeting as the dragon is a mythical creature. Things may not be as they appear.

A tendency to think big and be extravagant. Easy-come-easy-go attitude makes it hard for some to maintain a high position.

Loose lips sink ships, so watch what is said on all levels. Some drawbacks with over-optimistic building; foundations a problem. Re-enforce or rebuild. Some losses teach a lesson in taking time to do it right.

Religion will conflict with laws. Freedon of speech and belief will be argued, also the age of consent and marriage. The number 5 rules spies, crime and detective stories – real or fiction. Old and new cases in focus.

The number 5 also rules writers, communications, psychology, metaphysics, entertainment and the search for eternal youth. Some discoveries or advances made. Controversy over what is sexy or romantic.

Number 5 also rules travel, as well as speed. The restless energy of the number will see many travelling or moving, seeing change. Further investigation on energy fluctuation and the speed of light or other particles. The fluctuating energy of the 5 affects the markets, rates, prices and values. Money can be made or disappear in a flash, so be careful.

Make sure there is back-up or hard copy for all data, as there will be some satellite and computer oroblems, Double-check communications and transactions. Great gains can be made, but get out quickly.

Wind force will be felt. Lightning is a problem as well. Brace for cyclones, tornadoes, severe storms, hurricanes, sun spot activity and melting, debris clean-up and things falling from the sky. Fire and hot air of the dragon relates to volcanic acivity as well as fires fanned by winds.

Also ruled by the number 5: Stars, Pentagon, pentagram, anything metallic, including colours and sounds,. Silvery and blue lights, auras, vortex, arms, bombs, missiles, ER Nazi, Spain, BC, USA, Korea, Cascadia, Pacific Rim and Ring of Fire, ships, boats, deer, Trump, waste/garbage, MS, peanuts.

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