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by Carmen

 We sailed through yet another apocalypse and this will be the last one till another one is fabricated or misinterpreted. I feel what this should have taught us was that even during panic that we kept our heads cool and that we were not as gullible a people as was anticipated. I enthusiastically welcome in the New Year knowing it will be well managed by people of sound mind that can maintain calm and professional under duress.

This New Year’s reading fell in a financial manner, and I will relay the trend of what it is talking about – an improvement in finances, a few court settlements, some for the benefit of our trade – and many bright minds grasping new ideas and implementing them. The predominance of this reading is ‘Coin’ or ‘Pentacles’ oriented – out of the first thirty cards I am looking at, more than half are coins or work and economy related.

I have observed that most of these calamitous times are due to financial disorder. For example, if we had more money to invest, we could solve much of the climate related problems. We would in the very least make sure people would have shelter. Or, with money we could set up poorer countries for education and economic opportunities that will have a chain reaction of good benefit all the way back into our economy and eventually our climate. But alas, we are still fearful at this point.

I have taken an interest in finances due to working with and consulting for business owners and people in the market about their possible endeavors, have done a tremendous amount of research on their behalf, and have noted that finances seem to feature in this upcoming years Tarot reading. So when I looked at the cards what struck me was a strong improvement financially for 2013! New contracts will be arriving – also new deals and documents will be completed. A new way of doing business that is being drafted. For example, this is apparent in the European markets, as well as the UK and the US, and in the world banking systems. At this stage, in the present alignment I see a strong ideas and inventions characterising the year and you can expect some positive financial upswing from these changes. If they are not apparent now, they will be later in the year. This will take time. For example entirely new governments and leaders have come into power this month ( like Korea and Japan ) and are now renegotiating obscure and sometimes century old deals and treaties in a new digital era. This is forcing everyone to rethink their planning, and a lot of retraining and education will be occurring from this reorganization. It has been very difficult, and I don’t know of one person that has not lost something, but I am optimistic the cards are indicating an upswing.

To describe this improvement I see cards indicating optimism and brightness through ‘The Star’ card and better news associated with the way money is ‘guarded’ or secured or disbursed. This may cause some temporary hesitation as some people will have to adjust to new ways of managing money and investments. The problem will be in the details – most people are used to a faster way of investing due to two decades of digital economics and will have to try to train themselves to look deeper and research their markets even more. It’s not an automated economy, and we must work with instinct and with notions that we had before we were governed by the internet and the media as they were not entirely unsuccessful. It seems that the only thing that may characterize 2013 as problematic will be oversight, or a lack of will by investors to look into or learn the details of more efficient systems. This may improve by mid-year, or even by February as the outcome is coming up quite quickly in this reading.

I see more will be wrangled out in the world courts and it seems that this is essentially heralding an adjusted economic system. The success will lie in friendships and alliances – people that can share news regarding potential gaps or negligence arising from a more complicated outdated system. This may be a more secure foundation as it is made on real experiences, not guarded secrets. Till investors get the ‘feel’ of things they may be anxious, but it seems that cooperation arises from confusion! This will be the unifying point. It may be that good ideas will take more than a year to sink into the psyche of the general population world-wide as so much has changed, so this year is characterized by patience and time.

The outcome is to quote my cards – and they tend to be very direct:

‘ Expect guarded exchanges – but exchanges and trades nonetheless – with careful or less impulsive trading and investing, resulting in the sum of all losses being finalized and completed in 2013’.

This means that for the most part, there will be no further major losses in 2013, but that we can expect the tail end of the last few years to still be following us, which may take years to resolve. This is the shadow of a bad period. This could mean we will begin to recover by 2014! So spend and save intelligently – there is still great potential that we could emerge from our world problems by mid 2013, trending towards completion of a negative looking phase. This completion will be strong with The Strength card being the symbol of its character.

Happy New 2013! We love you already!

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