Teresa’s Forecast:

Ah, May.  My favorite month (cuz my birthday falls within its bounds).  Lilacs and lily of the valley send their glorious fragrances into the air.

So what does May hold for us this year?  What enhancement to our everyday, like the wondrous scent of lilac and lily of the valley, will May bring to us as we continue in our attempts to bring forth our truth to the world?

10 of Wind/Air/Swords ~ The Way of the Cross

Why do I have the feeling we have already had this card? (see our April Forecast)

Here’s the thing—I am attempting here to see the answer to the question I asked…how May will enhance our everyday and help us move forward in bringing forth our truth…and what I see is this:  Spring Cleaning.

I have often wondered if the idea of spring cleaning had any relation to the practice of the Jews at Passover of clearing their homes of leaven.  Both are springtime practices, one more secular than the other, but both practical as well.  And Christianity includes Easter at this time, with the cross playing a big part in its observance.  During Lent Catholics choose something to give up, something, in a sense, to clear their souls’ binding to outside forces. 

I realize these are things from the past month, but how often do we remember to ‘carry’ these rites…or the memories there from…into the future?  Perhaps the Ten of Air/Swords is reminding us to do so, to not forget the practice and customs of April and to bring their message forward with us into the rest of spring.

You see, in many ways this card is telling us we need to let go of old ways of thinking.  Out with the old and in with the new, so to speak.  That is not contradictory to what I am espousing here.  Sometimes we are lazy or forgetful after a celebration.  We enjoy the moment, but don’t carry the learning forward with us.  May encourages us to do that this year. 

Not only that, having cleaned out all our ‘closets,’ both figuratively and literally), we are at the path of the Ten, Resplendent Intelligence.  This is the path that illuminates the splendor of all light.  That is because the tenth path is the path of wisdom.  Wisdom transcends limited intellectual spinning.  This is because wisdom necessarily involves intellectual, emotional and spiritual understanding.  Wisdom is a balanced position.  It is the original intellect shining.  It is not a game of the rational mind.

In the realm of divine reason, or wisdom, the intellect (conditioned force) and love (active form) have merged in a continuous circle.  The intellect also merges into a circle with the will (unconditioned force).  There is no longer a struggle between parents (love and will) and child (the intellect).  There is no more polarization.  Everything contains its opposite, but there in no contradiction.  All the world is in the process of Becoming.

With this knowledge in hand, May will see us moving to a new level of understanding.  Having this new sense of things means our Wheel of Fortune (Key X/Ten) is about to turn.  We are cycling.  Our creativity is about to open up in a whole new way.  Since we are confronting major change, however, the object is to STAY CENTERED.  Stand in the middle of the cross—the fulcrum of the spirit, the emotions, the intellect and the body—not off to one side.  Stand in the middle of the turning wheel of change.  If we maintain this position, which is the position of divine reason, of wisdom, of the original intellect, of the universal mind, no amount of spinning will throw us, and we will be freed to create within polarized forces without being thrown off course by the polarization process.  All is one.  All is being, just as all is becoming.  There is no contradiction.  Center in the process of movement.  Center and balance in our spirit, our emotions, our intellect and our body and we will be enabled to move with the changes.  Move from a position of truth, love and conviction and you will remain stable.  This is The Way of the Cross. 

So, May, in the center of spring, asks us to center with ‘her’.  *smile*  I believe that as we do we will see what May brings forth even in nature…the returning colors of blossoming trees and flowers, the sweet sound of birds singing…all things we can experience in our own lives (rebirth in the cycle, a song in our heart) and a Hope for things to become brighter and brighter in our path. Happy May! Teresa

Danielle’s Forecast

I confess that I was tempted to draw my own card when I saw the 10 of Swords had come up again for this month… but when I felt the energy and noticed the flow, it made sense… 

What’s happening in my home right now is a great analogy for what I am seeing for May. I started a serious spring cleaning towards the end of last month when I had the kitchen painted. It had become something of a clutter magnet over the years, made worse last year with the first stages of the facelift we’ve been working on. Now that I have cleared years of clutter, I want to keep on going. Although, I actually opened my war on clutter early in the new year, a new year’s resolution, a focus for the year,  and the kitchen was the worst offender, there are still a few closets to clear, and my office, the basement and the garage…We’re planning a yard sale by the end of the month – great motivation to press forward with the clearing.  It seems I am well in tune with the energy of this period. In our 2012 predictions, we saw this year as a period of slow growth as we addressed the global financial issues. “…we can’t be lazy this year. We must be prepared to be personally challenged to own our mistakes… to take responsibility for our actions and the consequences.. Old issues will come to the fore to be settled once and for all.” What I see for May is that we are continuing the process of “clearing the clutter”, facing those old issues around both our personal lives and the global financial picture. 

The good news with this card is that it says that no matter how gloomy things might look, this too shall pass… Projects initiated in the past few months are coming to an end, new ideas and plans are lurking on the horizon, but there’s still a lot of work to be done before we can forge ahead with them. The Mythic Tarot suggests that the 10 of Swords represents the lifting of an ancient curse.

“to the individual who has at last reached the end of something, where there is no hope left an only disillusionment and disappointment to take int the future, the 10 of Swords seems like death.  It is a black time, when we seomething at last as it truly is, and recognize that there is nowhere further to go…. but the sun slowly rises in the distance, and a new beginning is heralded in the midst of the blackness of defeat. This suggests that what truly redeems us from our worst and most insoluble problem is not a lightning bolt from heaven, nor a magical piece of good luck, but the careful deliberation of the human mind with its great gift of impartial reflection. A family curse is an image of inner conflicts passed down from one generation to another, where the grandparents and parents have been unable to face life’s conflicts honestly and the children must inevitably suffer until insight is gained.

Thus the 10 of Swords, although not exactly a fairy-tale happy ending, represents the proper and inevitable completion of a process which began with the birth of new ideas and perceptions of life in the Ace.  Often such a birth means that some deep-seated and ancient problem is forced to the surface and something must ultimately leave our lives, and such separations are painful and difficult. But once the crisis is over, the sun can rise again, and we move on not merely disillusioned and disappointed, but freed of some deep canker which has its roots in a past older than ourselves, and which our own suffering has released and redeemed.”

I feel the 10 of Swords especially applies to condition on the world economic front, it suggests that a difficult time is ending, but there is a cost associated with it, a sacrifice may be required in order to right the wrongs of the past….  A scandal could be exposed this month. Budgets are being slashed in this period, important programs are being cut. As individuals or whole nations, we may face some unexpected losses. We could even see announcements of defeat in some significant endeavors, key players pulling out of long-term trade agreements for example, or some major developments that must be stopped while new partners are found or environmental issues resolved.

The word “treachery” has been ringing in my ears as I write… be alert for the possibility of some treachery or treason to be exposed over the next month.

The Mythic Tarot sums up what we can expect this month very nicely “An ending is heralded with the 10 of Swords, and it may be painful, but at last the situation is faced truthfully, and a new future, with fewer conflicts can begin.”

Sounds good to me!

BTW, superstition has it that you shouldn’t buy a broom in the month of May… More here

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