Says Anatara and the Angels:

Greeting Beloved Beings of Earth and Love,

Where does the ‘time’ go here on earth? Your human perception of the passage of daily ritual, of life, of history, literally of time, can change depending on how intense the events and experiences of your lives are. Even when your little life seems still and peaceful, there are times when listening to the conversations of those around you, or of the vaster humankind , brings an intensity to your feelings and emotions. You can become embroiled in the dialogue and the turmoil of your friends and leaders, missing the simplicity which your higher selves are longing for.

So let us begin by asking you a somewhat rhetorical question about how you find yourself this month at the turn of another year, and at the beginning of some new possibilities?

Are you shut down and hiding from world events? Are you deeply and simply looking at what you require to survive them? Or are you finding your own rhythm and pace no matter what happens out there that you cannot control?

We want you to know that we are here as your friends and helpmates, to support you in any way which you want to claim. Some of this claiming that we are talking about will become easier and easier as this year progresses. This new year, this new adventure is setting up to be a time when you can become a master in your own life. We are not describing a master that runs rough shod over others, expecting them to fall into line and do whatever is expected. There is enough of that occurring globally already. We are introducing the idea of true MASTERY. The kind of deep cooperation that can exist between self, other, ones guides and the universe. The kind of mastery of existence that happens when you can listen to all that really matters, ignoring the flutter and distraction of that which really doesn’t have anything to do with who you are.

We pretend that we are many things …. but who are we really? Wouldn’t you like to know even from within the din of a seemingly neglectful states of affairs in the world? Why does it feel like the politicians and the pundits are not listening? If you knew who you were, perhaps you could help them to better understand!

There is a fairly long bridge to cross between what we see now in world affairs, and where we would like it to be. No matter your perspective on paths and roles to a better humanity, it all starts with who you are! It all starts with how patient you are with yourself and then with others. The neglect of certain citizenry, the neglect of the planet, the neglect of a positive outlook, these things still have some power in this world, but they don’t hold any power or resonance when we come together in self and group mastery, and defy the pain, by sticking together and working for peace and civility everywhere.

So, can we as Angels predict what will come to pass in this New Year? We can see trends, we can see the hopes and literally the options available, but only YOU can choose how to let it all play out. You choose by staying in a peaceful state of mind, even when there is destruction around you. You choose by believing in and trusting the formulas which exist for cooperation and loyalty to a love of humanity. You choose by not accepting that you must be afraid of the horrors around you. You choose by coming together with others to show your best nature, and your Love of life. When you don’t feel pain and fear, when you walk with and think about inclusion and cooperative action toward peace, them the hatred and fear starts to dissolve.

Be prepared to be quite surprised by world events changing the course of many things which you thought would inevitably come to pass.

Be prepared to believe again in the wonders that humanity can be for itself. Remember more than anything that you are your own master, and that if this is true (which it is), that no one kind of leader, can bully you around, because you believe in the truth of sister-brotherhood, and you will not be stopped.

This is all possible this year! Help to turn it around, help to be the guidance system which changes the world!

With Blessings and Love for the year 2020,
Anatara and the Angels