Dec, 21, 2012:
About the So-Called End Date

By Heather Zais

The number value of the day added together becomes an 11 – then a 2 ( Dec. is 3 + the day 21 and the year 2012. The numbers give a strong spiritual influence with the influence extending back and forth like the blending of the seasons even though the day is a reference point. Unity is the keyword.

When the world does not end that day there will be much soul-searching and looking for answers. Its time to put aside the doom sayers words and antics and move forward.

The Mayan calendar ends, but with endings there is always new beginnings; like the eternity symbol – energy transforms and is not lost. Thought has power so think positive to avoid negative self-fulfilling prophecies.

Hope will grow for divine intervention or alien help. Many look to god or other spiritual icons as well. Society has been raised with the idea of a “savior”, so they expect rescue of some sort.

Some re-polarization will occur on personal, physical or spiritual levels. Be strong. Those just standing around waiting for rescue or (death) will have to regroup or start over. Put effort into recovery and improving conditions. We are all on the same planet – ( in the same boat, so to speak ) so start paddling. Inner strength overcomes physical limitations. Work on environmental conditions. The old can be improved and be new again.

It will be important to have the right people in power or as leaders. The 11 and 2 show a strong female influence (including mother nature). Some shake-ups or replacements.

A focus on the “word” and spiritual based publications. Prophets and seers will be quoted as the search for truth intensifies. A deeper look at the Bible.

Original and historical works will be studied for their messages or hidden meanings. This includes UFOs and aliens as all possibilities considered. Claims or evidence of sightings will be in focus; a search for proof.

Some shaking going on as earth and atmospheric changes continue, as well as fires, quakes and volcanic activity. Pay attention to Cascadia, pacific rim and the ring of fire. Weather, wind and power issues affect electricity and communications of all types. Sun spots and solar flares will have some influence. Disconnections cause loss of information. Have back up or hard copy for anything important. Brown outs or blackouts cause problems, some of which will become security issues, resulting in tensions and hostility etc. Finances get creative, some banking changes; hacking a concern.

Natural or man made disruptions, threats or disasters, some related to water with to much or too little of it. Protect and save water where you can – seek fresh sources or refresh where possible. Major force will be seen in some areas with some catastrophes or deaths. Other areas of concern will be space junk, rocks, satelites or other debris from above or below. A focus on waste.

Some changes in governments, politics and institutions with rules and laws reviewed. Tradition will affect the outcome of some. Family and births reviewed, including adoption and sperm donors as “relatives”. Clamping down on abuse of all types. Defining citizenship.

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