Coming Times

by PMH Atwater

What I offer here is not meant to be an exhaustive study of future portents, but, rather, a general look at trends, cycles, and what we can learn from them.

Let’s put to bed the idea of end times. What is ending now are lifestyles, what we’re used to.

The Mayan Calendar is a hot topic everywhere. Most, though, in talking about this ancient piece of cyclic calculations miss entirely the real point . . . that the Mayan Calendar actually tracks the development of consciousness in the earthplane and in a manner that illustrates an Intelligent Design to evolution. It outlines the master cycle of 25,920 years (called a Cosmic Year by astrologers) and how this “big one” breaks down into into 11,600-year cycles, and 5,125-year cycles, and the 2,160-year cycles that are referred to as Cosmic Months – plus a whole host of seemingly endless smaller and minor cycles, as well as those that “slap us in the face at breakfast” (the tiny cycles we feel right away). When we consider December 12, 2012 as an “end-date,&r dquo; we need to recognize that this general period also shows up in astrology, esoteric wisdom teachings, and worldwide traditions of prophecy. We’re not just looking then at something distinctively “Mayan.” Hopi, Maori, Zulu, Hindu, Inca, Aztec, Dogon, Pueblo, Cherokee, Tibetan, Egyptian, Aborigine. . . their creation myths, their stories, their prophecies, all say basically the same thing and follow the same basic time track.

So, face it. We are smack in the middle of something very big that affects everyone. Yup, the master cycle is rolling over. You could call it a super-version of a quantum shift. As an aside, all conflicts and warfare in the history of the human family originated during periods when a quantum shift in energy occurred. Does this super-sized one mean we are going to wipe each other out? Not hardly. So what does it mean? Well, a lot of things.

Among the reality shifts we are facing and having to adjust to is the steady increase in “Aquarian energies,” the element “air – and fire in the sense of the opposite sign of Leo” (open and without borders, inclusive), the idea of a global village, and the ascent of anything electronic, bionic, robotic, micro, crystalline, lasers, light-based, instantaneous/simultaneous, spiritual, entertaining. We are leaving behind “Piscean energies,” the element “water – and earth in the sense of the opposite sign of Virgo” (closed and protective, exclusive), the idea of paternalistic governments, schools, families, religions is quickly waning, along with whatever limits the creative, imaginative, innovative drive and the need to invent and explore new vist as. Privacy is giving way to transparency, terrorism is switching to the dark side of Facebook and WikiLeaks.

Pain seems evenly spread across this planet now: Russian tundra on fire, Pakistan nearly flooded off the map, oil spread across the Gulf of Mexico and much of Kenya, the Danube River awash in chemicals, corporate “farming” no longer safe, schools almost a waste of time to attend, countries going bankrupt one after the other, slave labor now the world’s third largest profit-making industry. Are we ready for this master cycle we are in? NO!

And if the United States seems to be sinking, too, add to the super-sizer – a Saturn Return. In astrological talk, a “Saturn Return” refers to that time when transiting energies of the planet Saturn return to that spot where Saturn energy appeared in your chart at the time of your birth. This happens to everything that is “born,” be it people, animals, companies, businesses, corporations, governments, churches. . . once every 28 to 30 years. We’re there. America is having a Saturn Return. If you trace back Congressional elections, for instance, conservative Republican leadership usually won during such times; even if Democratic, they were austere times when Congress was ineffective and excessively argumentative Like now. Add to th is the fact that the energies of Uranus have now moved into the sign of Aries, and you have the beginnings of a Warrior Cycle. Uranian cycles are social cycles and they last seven years. You could add to the idea of warrior, that of pioneer, adventurer, originator, innovator (or an increase in bullies and terrorists).

All of this adds up to intensity, like nothing we’ve seen before. All the factors are present for depressed economies, steep declines in business and growth, and overall turmoil. In America, the U.S. Supreme Court

sold out the soul of our country by removing campaign spending limits and any need to identify money sources. Elections are no longer decided by the quality of a person’s character, rather, by how they perform on TV. You could call the pattern of forces, energy shifts, and lack of stability we now have – the perfect storm. Here, our government’s gross receipts are only sufficient to cover entitlements. For every other function, we are borrowing. Who pays for this total failure of oversight and protective legislation? We do. The people.

Here’s how this adds up for the present. Mercury goes retrograde on December 10th. Mercurial energies affect communication, transportation, buying and selling, documents. If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping by Friday (the bigger stuff), give an I.O.U. instead and buy the item after New Year’s when Mercury is back on track. Plan in extra time for everything, don’t push activities or rush in traffic, and don’t personalize jabs and insults. Sign major documents in January; put off starting something new; end anything that no longer serves. Focus more on the sacredness of this time, and the reason for the season. Forget fluff. Love matters more.

Now let me get more specific. You could liken the energies now to a cosmic squeeze play – and that’s global, not just in this country. Individuals will work harder, longer, to get less. Tell that to the French! This is a season of shortages. Countries will have a tendency to fight each other. Small independent militias may take “justice” into their own hands (even political groups like the “tea party” movement). Unexpected flips and novel unprecedented activities, announcements, and happenings occur continuously, for at least the next five years. Economies will not recover until serious measures are taken to balance budgets. Rioting and angry citizens will not alter this fact.

Every week from March through August of 2011 unprecedented points of energy will ignite. This will dramatically speed up activity. Bad? Good?

Okay, folks, let’s take another look at this drama. After New Year’s and continuing throughout what is now occurring, there will be a dramatic burst of invention and new ideas, plus a desire to repair and start anew. Families are actually learning how to eat together at the same table, divide up tasks and chores, touch more, and visit with each other. People are learning or I should say relearning how to care. We are also learning how to put our money where our values are, cut up credit cards, reconsider using cash for purchases, investing long-term, and changing the systems we have – like taxes. Now is the time to institute a flat tax. Now is the time to restructure education at all levels. Now is the time for the spiritual approach to life to get real – faith without service is phony. Now is the time to incorporate and insist upon integrative medicine – that which includes alternative and complementary therapies and practices. Now is the time to attend local governmental board meetings and watch what the FDA and EPA and HHS and all those federal regulators are really doing. Now is the time to balance your life, your health, your soul. The secret to surviving and thriving in our rapidly changing times is . . . balance.

What we’re going through now and how we handle it will determine what happens between 2021 and 2025. That’s when “the veil lifts” and whatever is hidden is revealed.

Many blessings to each and all during this blessed season of light and reflection. ~PMH