A Tumultuous Year Ahead

by Cherie

One world health care takes a step forward towards one world intrusions into the individual’s personal choices. Once people are forced to be a part of a central health care system, they will be moved towards a one world banking system.

This theme will show it’s face in 2014 but not be instigated as yet. As more and more control is given up to a one world system that is designed for the benefit of those controlling the new order, more and more citizens of all countries will rebel in huge numbers.

Limited earth resources will be a predominant theme in 2014. This has been going on for years but shows up as an even bigger theme in 2014. Problems caused by oil spills and other toxic events continue to do damage to the already weakened ecosystems.

I see a lot of work put into cleansing toxic waters, waste etc…. that threaten the health of the earth and humanity.

I see fires that also spread out of control and get the attention of the public. The fires will destroy a lot of homes and this will take a long time to be put out.

I want to say that the fires can and probably are also anger of the public over health insurance issues and other outrages felt by citizens all over the world.

There could also be volcanic eruptions that would cause the fires to be an issue, so look to volcanic activity this year in a major way.

The people of Earth will have to come together as a world community in a big way this year. Only by global oneness will the world move from destruction and chaos to working together for peace and prosperity for all.

Peace, Cherie

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