By Phil

Astrological forecast for 2013 with “predictions.”

It’s always way too easy to predict hurricanes and floods with climate change being what it is but 2013 sees water, water everywhere. We’ll “simply” need to be making the choices of whether to head for higher ground, build an ark, or much more appropriately, to symbolically ride the waves and/or go with the flow, fully within every Here-and-Tao moment we possibly can. Relax folks, it may well be a sloshy and slurpy ride but we at least survived the Mayans, no?

Not only is 2013 the Chinese year of the Water Snake but each of the three Mercury retrograde cycles will occur entirely within the only three Water signs;

Pisces, February 23 – March 17,
Cancer, June 26 – July 20, and
Scorpio, October 21 – November 10.

Plus, April 25 sees a Watery Lunar eclipse (Moon in Scorpio), and November 3 sports a Scorpio Solar eclipse, quite the Scorpionic edgy-water kind of year. And oh yeah, that’s where the old coot Saturn will be from start to finish, with a retrograde cycle of its own from mid February to early July, entirely within Scorpio. Remember, Saturn entered Scorpio in early October 2012, and (Category 1) Hurricane Sandy hit three weeks later, not to ignore the under-reported Category 5 typhoon Bopha hitting the Philippines in December, “only” 1,500-plus souls were lost there, making Sandy look like an April shower in comparison. Katrina was “only” a Category 3…

Neptune and Chiron are also in Water (Pisces) all year but the wild-card for the last half of 2013 may well be Jupiter moving into the Cardinal Waters of Cancer in mid June. By itself, the previous Jupiter in Cancer transit boosted the overly (Jupiter) emotional (Cancer) scene of 9/11, and the over-the-top (Jupiter) response for homeland (Cancer) security later on. Jupiter will then begin forming a highly rare Watery Grand Trine with Saturn and Chiron/Neptune for a large chunk of July and August, so…

Complicating this watery year are the continuously separating Uranus/Pluto squares (happening only every 130-plus years), Phase Three of exactness is on May 20 and Phase Four on November 1, their third and fourth precise squares – out of seven total – stretching from June 2012 to March 2015. In other words, we‘re already in that soup, only halfway through that crunchy, death-defying and electric fog by year‘s end. However, within about ten degrees of their exact square-off, this one solitary configuration can largely be “blamed” for almost everything from our current economic woes to the Japanese tsunami, the Arab Spring revolts, Tea Party/Occupy movements and whatever the heck is next, more of the same no doubt. It’s way too easy to predict further earthquakes and their resulting tsunamis but, there you have it.

On the one hand, necessity (Pluto) is the Mother of invention (Uranus), and we humans are fairly clever, we‘ll just see how clever. On the other hand, this square-off also highlights the periphery (not being able to see eye-to-eye) of the elements between Earth and Fire, Pluto/Capricorn/Earth/feminine, and Uranus/Aries/Fire/masculine, with an emphasis on the eternal “battle” between feminine and masculine. In literal terms with this Uranus/Pluto square-off, Earth plus Fire equals volcanoes but combined with all that Water… Imagine the scene on the Titanic with the old men yelling “Women and children first!” while they’re simultaneously pushing the women and children overboard and jumping into their own lifeboats.

We’ve already been seeing a lot of that recently, quite tellingly on December 21 which is the actual New Year’s Day for a lot of folks, when the head of the NRA (National Rifle Association) basically said “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” in response to the killing of innocent women and children at Sandy Hook, Connecticut a week earlier. Is anyone else totally sickened by angry, old, rich guys spouting their venom? Will someone please take away their microphones?

Well, that’s prediction #1 for 2013, more like an educated guess really; more and more people will stop listening to those angry, old, rich men. However, those same old jerks own most of the microphones, so it will be much more important to stop obeying their messages of fear, hatred and divisiveness, which I believe most of us will, more and more of us already have.

#2 naturally follows #1, those same old angry, rich (and mostly white) men, also known as the patriarchy and the “powers-that-be,” are rapidly becoming the “powers-that-were,” and they’re understandably scared and becoming even more desperate. Their base of power has always been fear mongering, dictatorial authority and ruthless ambition, often resorting to horrendously desperate measures in order to keep themselves in power. But over the past few years (since the mid Sixties really), a new brand of feminism has arisen, the major component of the Great Awakening that 2012 was all about, and 2013 continues that momentum, hopefully if it‘s not too little too late.

An appropriate image to hold would therefore be back on the Titanic with a drunken old (male) captain yelling “Full speed ahead!,” while a brave, thoughtful and sober woman pushes him aside, slows the boat down and steers clear of the iceberg. With global warming though, the icebergs have all melted and we’re just trying to ride-out a tsunami, the wise among us heeding Her wisdom and holding onto the rails with all of our strength. Women and children first indeed, as in their top priorities and NOT the priorities of old, angry, rich guys, who already have way too much anyway.

Prediction #3, much more of the same old same old, those unhinging patriarchs are not going away without a fight. They’ll want us all to use their same weapons of fear, hatred and divisiveness against them, which as they already know full well is a losing strategy. New strategies are underway though, and they’ll just keep on strengthening and improving, strategies of cooperation, harmony and especially justice, showing more and more of us where the real power lies, squarely within the centered core within each of us. This has been true since the beginning of time, we’re only now “simply” waking up to this essential birthright of ours, and that will spread out like a tsunami of good will one person at a time, and we can take that to the bank.

Speaking of which, prediction #4 is the continuing growth of “slow money” investments, micro-loans and creator incubators, of voluntarily sharing the common-wealth of money and radical new ideas, particularly in the sustainable energy industries.

Prediction #5, the patriarchy’s continuing opposition to all of the above. Now, it’s critical for us to not obey them but the sad truth is that some members of this 1% are misguided women, and not necessarily affluent men and women either, just voluntary victims of the patriarchy’s war on facts, showing us how some folks thrive on their own victim-hood, which is a mental illness all it‘s own. It’s their “divide and conquer” strategy, divide a person’s brain and they’ll do and say anything they want you to.

Prediction #6, all of the above (or 99% of us at least) politely responding, “Well then, it’s a good thing that we don’t welcome or respect your opinions. Thanks for sharing them though, we‘ll gladly give you enough rope to hang yourselves, just kindly reveal your true intentions into this – our new – microphone.”

(“Giving them enough rope” speaks to last month’s forecast imagery for December 21 – the new real beginning! – of an archer aiming at a retrograde [debilitated] Jupiter [male], and how our weapons can backfire against us when we’re being too full of our Jupiterian bloviated selves. The resulting bumper-sticker to take into 2013 would therefore be, “Pray away the NRA.”)

Prediction #7, Mother Gaia/Earth sits back observing, beginning to act like a big, wet and shaggy dog, shaking off water and fleas as if She cares who or what flies off, exhibiting the tough-love of Universal dispassion. Going with that flow, either fearlessly hang on for the dearest of life or get out of the way, some of us have a new and peaceful, cooperative Earth to co-create…

Some idle thoughts from the end-of-the-world-we-knew-wouldn’t-happen leads to prediction #8, coming from the What’s In a Name? Department. First, there was Hurricane Sandy and then Sandy Hook, both hitting in roughly the same geographic location of the US. One could “easily” imagine our Mother Gaia as a boxer, delivering a haymaker right via the hurricane, and then a left hook to… Sandy Hook. The name “Sandy Hook” refers to a silt-filled geological feature on the banks of that nearby stretch of the Housatonic River, created by flowing water, the Taoist feminine element flowing through there since the beginning of time…

And then there’s the name Connecticut, a lovely and charming but tiny state full of good and decent folks, whose name can unfortunately be broken down into Connect-I-Cut, implying a sense of separation. Having spent a good amount of my childhood there though, and later just north in Vermont, I can assure anyone who will listen that the entire Connecticut River valley is haunted, mostly from its roots as a cradle of the Industrial Revolution with all of its environmental devastation, once considered sacred ground to the Earth-loving native inhabitants. It’s hard to believe today but Vermont was once 80% deforested, the same I’m sure for Connecticut, largely by over-ambitious men dedicated to conquering the natural world, it‘s simply bad juju guys…

Further, the initials of the Sandy Hook Elementary School are S.H.E.S., as in “SHE’S not happy with us humans,” or at least She’s not happy with the patriarchy, “She” being the Universal Divine Feminine, Mother Gaia, also known as the feminine aspect of God intentionally mistranslated by the patriarchy as the “holy ghost” some 1,600 years ago. When mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy, get used to it.

Therefore, prediction #8 says that Mother Gaia will continue to pound the US’ Bible belt, perhaps under the belt (ouch!), just like She’s been doing for the past many years in the form of droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, you name it, maybe even the New Madrid fault will reactivate, the first and largely unheeded wake-up call to the earliest white settlers, who knows?

Wait a minute! This is where I now live…

I love you mom, I love you mom, I love you mom… Please teach me how to swim, or at least lend me a sturdier canoe.

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