Greetings Dear Ones,

Last year at this time we spoke about gaining mastery over ourselves, so that no person, no government, no idea could keep us boxed up and unable to  guide ourselves as individuals and communities. This was almost prescient beyond belief when you consider how this last year has unfolded, and what has been presented to us.

We also emphasized that there is a way to be master of the guidance system that will keep us on track.

What is this ‘track’ ?

In bearing witness to the global confusion which has erupted all over the globe this last year, it often feels like any kind of ‘mastery’ is a rough and impossible notion. Merely a speculation or a hope of the wildly confused. It often feels that we are a species in free fall, spinning out of control. This lack of sustainable reference points, adds to the confusion mentioned above. It appears that there is nothing for us to grab onto, nothing that we can rest beside, nothing that we can trust. There are so many layers of things occurring that it is almost impossible to hold on to one specific opinion over another. This luckily is proving to be very futile.

So let’s now look again at the track that we are actually on. Humanity is on the brink of a dramatic transformation. This energetic movement has been building and developing for eons. And we are finally here! Ready and willing to take this next step in this mastery that we have been dancing with for months now. It is our hope that over the last year you have discovered ways, hopefully new ways, to find joy and blessings in this new world. Have you been able to look around the fear, pain and hardship of yourself and others to the dramatic opening to the new that is becoming evermore available? Even with all of the challenges, have you been able to resonate with the cooperation and Love that abounds in so many areas of life, locally and globally?

Keeping this in mind, we advise that you waste no time choosing sides, or arguing right from wrong. It is possible to exist simultaneously with others who cohabit this planet with us, even if they have a different perspective than ours. There is no danger in varying understandings or perceptions of things. The danger occurs when you dig in your heels insisting that you are the only one who could be ‘right’. It is quite a peaceful existence when you let yourself be accepting of differences, and leave it up to a higher perspective to bring all to a cooperative understanding. This does not mean that all will have the same perspective always. It does however mean that cooperation is then possible. That working together in Love and harmony is possible, and that fear is unnecessary.

It is becoming clear that you can choose fear or adventure. We can help each other with this transition/transformation … we must help each other with this transformation! If we try to do anything alone, we will miss the mark and the opportunity which is being presented by the new world order. The new order is being driven by us. It is being driven by our hearts. It is showing us that the ultimate ‘control’ of things is available through surrender to our highest beingness. Do not be scared by this. Be enthusiastic and excited!

Love is all, and love will only, and always be the answer …

Have you found ways, hopefully new ways to find joy and blessings in this new world even within the challenges we have all faced? The issues presenting themselves are much smaller than what we are here to face and ‘correct’.  The gaps in human understanding that have opened up all around the world represent only the surface of our transformation. The real issues are much bigger, and are actually in our purview to access and alter.

There are what we might call ‘strange’ things ahead that will unfold in front of us. This is alright, and it is as it should be. Try not to resist anything. Balance that which you do not appreciate with Love, and openness.  Remember always that you are one with everyone else, even if you don’t ‘like’ them.

Ask daily that you be connected to your higher self, your I Am presence.

Ask that you be connected to the I Am presence of all beings on the planet, knowing that at an essence level you are all the same.

Share the Love that you are …. Be the Love that you are….

We have the opportunity to celebrate what we can! Every challenge offers the opportunity to look for solace and inner peace. This is especially true when we feel isolated or misunderstood.

As other ‘normal’ things seem to be paused, look at the inner growth. Become more familiar with the typical dialogues that abound in your minds cycles. Which of these messages are valuable to you?  Which are just creating confusion?  Be your own master … be your own true companion and friend. Invite all living beings to connect with you on the highest level, so that you can all change together.

We are as always, available to be in your hearts and your thoughts, to assist in your own inner guidance and mastery.

With Love and Blessings,

Anatara and the Angels