Dearest Ones,
We wish to share with you a new perspective for the engagement of al of your vitality in this new year.
There is a big sigh of ‘relief’ being made available to all earth souls at this moment. As 2018 unfolds, more and more opportunity will arise for each of you to prove to yourselves, that struggle and suffering are not an element of your realities that you want to embrace. If you are wondering how this is possible, let us explain….
No one is “trapped” in the reality which you are perceiving. There is nothing that can hold you back or hold you down in a reality that feels uncomfortable or incompatible with your highest nature, unless you choose to let it! There has been so much struggle of late. There is so much pain expressing itself around you, and sometimes from within you. What would happen if you decided that the pain is interesting to look at, but that it isn’t really you? What would happen if you saw that this lifestream can be chosen by you, and dedicated to the most harmonious expression of you on this
earth? What would happen if you let yourself believe that you are as clear minded, open hearted and aligned with truth as the Angels? What would happen if you knew yourself to be Angels on earth, struggling at times to comprehend fear and pain around you, yet able to bypass all of the confusion and radiate as the sun does?
The Angels guide you on a daily basis to forget the pain, and to see through it, so that you can be your best version of self even in the face of earthly destitution and suffering. When you refuse to suffer, the powers attempting to make you weak, to make you lesser than yourself, have no more influence on you.
Have you felt battered and beaten by the events of the last year, both personally or globally? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just let yourself be your most amazing human representation of the divine? THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO SHINE IN FULL RADIANCE! Global situations may continue to appear impossible to balance. And yet you will find that you do feel more uplifted, more centered, more capable of feeling your stream within the chaos.
So, this sigh of relief is actually a palpable resonance, directed toward all beings engaged in life on planet earth. The destruction and ignorance which apparently dictate the talk of the planet, also reflect the other more invisible side of human nature, which shines out no matter what happens at the visible earthly level.
We are cascading a waterfall of Love and Divine Blessings to all, to be absorbed and utilized for whatever ‘growth’ you are drawn to. Be  Loving with everyone, even those you do not understand or feel compatible with ….
We are here to listen to your questions, your needs, your fears and your vibrations of acceptance of Love as the sustenance for existence…
With Blessings and Love for 2018,
Anatara and the Angels