2018 was hyped up to be a very auspicious and magical year. 

Because the Numerology of 2018, when all of the numbers are added together, 2+0+1+8 , is 11.
Have you been seeing 11’s everywhere? On the clock and the microwave? The 11’s are a message from your Guides saying: 
Keep going. You’re doing great. You’re on the right track. 
The number 11 reduces to a 2, when 1 and 1 are added together. The 2 ties into your Sacral Chakra, the area in your pelvis that relates to your closest relationships, how you create in the world, and manifestation and abundance. This area relates to drawing in more money and abundance to you than you need to survive and calling in your desires into your actual physical reality. 
This 11 year has also been about harmony. When a year is about balance, it doesn’t necessarily allow it, but it points out ALL the ways life is NOT in balance, sometimes dramatically. 
The issue with 2018 was that many people on the planet have not been feeling ‘enough’. We haven’t been feeling worthy and deserving of all our desires, in this life or in many past lives. This past 11 year has magnified the areas in our lives that we’re no longer happy with… all that we’re done with and ready to release and heal and it’s accentuated our desires for what we DO want. 
This new year, of 2019, is a 3 Universal Year. This is about confidence and personal power. 
This WILL be a magical year as long as you allow yourself to make all the changes you realized needed to be made in 2018. 
2019 is about YOU. 
It’s time to fill yourself up with goodness, enoughness, and worthiness and act out all your desires. You CAN be the person you want to be. You already are. You just need to release what’s been holding you back (all those obligations that feel like cement blocks) and truly make your own needs and desires as important as everyone else’s. 
This 3 Universal Year is a year that you can create the body and health you desire, that you can call in the abundance you’ve been dreaming of in order to buy the new house and take the vacations. It’s also the year that you can decide to call in a more serving relationship, and build a business that showcases your talents and serves a lot of people. 
Act on your desires this year. 
Do your best to stop overthinking. When you’re faced with a decision, ask your heart what it really wants and if the decision is for your Highest Good. If it is, act on it, especially if it feels like it’ll be outside of your comfort zone. That’s where the magic happens.