by Rebecca

What will it most help people to know or do in 2018?


You ARE living through a time like no other, and many things ARE breaking or falling apart, their weaknesses revealed and insufficiencies exposed, a clear result of the repeated Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn that has been impacting humanity – and her institutions and systems – since July 2010, and is only now fading.

Many feel like they are living inside a spring that’s being wound much too tightly – and that is actually quite a perfect metaphor for what IS occurring.

The cosmic function of this time is to expose and clear away that which doesn’t work or is unsustainable and no longer serves, so that new structures, systems, innovations, and reorganizations can be created and implemented to replace them.

In the more etheric realms/dimensions, increasing light and function are easily imagined and developed. But implementing increased light and function in the more dense 3rd dimensional plane of the human world is, as you are seeing, a much slower and more halting, challenging process, especially now, as existing things are either exploding or crumbling.

So, for all of you who love the light, and long for greater peace and fairness for all humans living in your world, as well as animals, plants, oceans, and the earth itself? The most important thing you can be or do is to be one who holds fast to your visions of and hopes for an improved and kinder world future.

Why? Because this will bring you the greatest personal upliftment, empowerment, and relief from stress, while it also contributes to the critical mass of and for the good that is needed to complete the shift into the new paradigm, a shift which will continue and expand for the next several generations, but which you can bolster and hasten NOW.

So, turn away from shadows and deceptions as you:

Envision your highest good and celebrate your light!

Envision world wide good and celebrate in the light of the many millions of souls who share your visions and good will!