Sheep/Goat prefers tranquility, has good taste, finesse – even elegance. We'll see the desire for peace gaining strength; all around the planet, everywhere a desire for harmony expressing itself…. people more willing to work together, to come together as a united front, for peace and love…. compassion a tone of the times.

Goat brings some much needed relief from the stress and conflicts of the last few years. Goat/Sheep brings gentler times, a greater desire for harmony, balance, a focus on the arts, music, theatre, and yes, even peace. 

Goat energy is Yin: feminine, subtle, flexible, adaptable, creative, even tranquil, elegant, tasteful. But is also eccentric, unpredictable, obstinate and hot-headed, so don't be fooled. There is more going on under the surface than one might believe. 

Still, the Sheep focuses us on our homes, our lifestyles, our personal values. It will become more fashionable to be loyal and compassionate, to care for others in our communities. We'll be more interested in bringing harmony into our lives, whether that's through redecorating or redoubling our efforts to bring peace in our personal relationships.

The trouble is that Sheep energy is not strong enough to bring about a lasting Peace, so the best we can hope for is that Sheep can slow things down a little, give us all a chance to breathe – and to prepare. Unfortunately, Sheep also enables a certain amount of subterfuge and manipulations, so be alert! And Political accords reached this year are likely to be deceptive… bids to buy time or public approval…. 

The good news is that this is a fine year for marriage and many folks could unexpectedly find themselves face to face with their future life partners – and getting pretty serious about making plans with them – before the end of the year. And folks should find that the financial stresses are easing up this year, money flowing a little more easily. We'll be more personally creative this year, and interested in expressing this through the arts, crafts and entertainment. 

This will be a year for stay-at-homes, more of an introspective time than 2014, when horse spun us into all kinds of activity.2015 is a year to use mental abilities over brute force. For those who wish to be aggressive, expect to be out-maneuvered by strategy and common sense.

Sheep brings more focus on the environment, it brings drought and desert storms.

Goat energy is earthy and so we can expect the Earth to react this year, and we can also expect problems associated with water – an uneven distribution of water, both drought and flooding, depending on where you live… desert and mountainous areas will tend to be dryer than ever, while lowlands and coastal areas may suffer from serious flooding, especially through the first 8 months of the year. Drought, however will be the predominant story, and watch for problems to develop in the deserts this year… and many earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and more raging fires.

Gentle Goat will encourage a sense of celebration this year, we'll be feeling festive and light-hearted, glad to be alive, and ready for love and loving. Couples will find themselves reaffirming their vows to each other, soul mates will find each other at long last. This is definitely the year to dream of that amazing love affair – and then to act on it. Get out and socialize this year, you'll be glad you did!

But, where last year we were wanting to get out and about, this year, we'll be more interested in home and hearth and activities connected with our homes and communities. A great year for backyard bbq's and house parties!

Happy day! Most of us will have the money to do a little entertaining and enjoy being in love. For 2015 should bring some relief also around our personal financial stresses. Folks should find it easier to advance in their professions, careers and businesses. Expect the unexpected this year and  know that  not  all  things  are as they seem  on  the surface. Best  results  are  attained  by remaiining positive and flexiible.

The Year for Each Animal

How Goat Influences Your Sign

Rat: A feeling of celebration in the air this year, how wonderful! You are living with a sense of abundance this year. Relax, enjoy the party. Watch for a new love to appear, if you're looking…

Ox: On the move this year, but beware the Goat and the clashes, unexpected changes that rock your world. Be careful while travelling, especially in desert or mountainous areas. Uncertainty makes you anxious – use that energy to get prepared for next year, and perhaps a new love. 

Tiger: another good year for Tiger, lots of travel, opportunities to get out and see the world. Don't be a couch-potato this year, this is the year to get out of the house and expand your world. A year of passion and drama.

Rabbit: you thrive in the creative atmosphere of the Goat! Harmony, peace and comfort are the strongest tones for this year. Make the most of these easier days. Focus on balance and beware that fickle side of your character.

Dragon: it'll be hard for you to get much attention this year, so be patient with your plans, wait for more opportune times to start any major projects. Be moderate, enjoy the love you find at home. Mind your budget.

Snake: you'll be feeling a bit insecure this year, wanting to shore up your foundations and to consider your options. Go slow, be quiet, bide your time, use this energy for some fabulous creative projects.

Horse: another good year for Horse people! Harmony and abundance come into your life. An especially good time for career, business, work in general. You can make progress again this year – but you'll need to be ready to work for it. Keep love and business separate this year.

Goat: this should be a good year for Goat, but… expect the Ram's horns to appear, there could be clashes this year, so be careful you're not butting your head against a brick wall!! This could be your year for love, so go for it!

Monkey: the easier flow of last year continues for Monkey, a year to be in action – and to watch where you step. A year of auspicious changes, just tend to your good health.

Rooster: so, you might as well start those deep-breathing exercises now, you'll need lots of practice this year when you'll be feeling stressed to the max. Just try to relax, knowing that this too shall pass. Just don't pass on that love affar – this could be THE ONE..

Dog: if you work hard this year, and stay focused on the task in front of you, you could see some real advances in your career and business in 2016. Not a year to look for rewards. Watch your health – especially your stomach!

Pig: ahh!, you can relax this year, love and money come more easily, life has a gentle and harmonious flow to it – if you let it. A great year to start a business or get that promotion. Just watch your digestion.

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