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2015 – we are not alone

Cherie Predicts for 2015:

2015 is the year of mainstream acceptance of not only the possibility of alien life off planet Earth, but a growing awareness of the facts and documentation that will point to this truth.

Believing and having scientific proof that we are not alone in the Universe. This will happen in two ways.

One will be by us as a planet venturing out and discovering life outside our planet. The other way will be more contact with Aliens and UFO's.

People talk about disclosure but disclosure has been happening for a very long time. People see what they want to see and discount what does not match their belief system.

This year will be one of deep questioning for some and believing for others that we are not alone and there is intelligence outside Earth.

The scientific community reach beyond their own boundaries to bring us closer to understanding life and intelligence that is not of this Earth.

This will happen in a logical way, not a fearful way. There will be so much evidence that it will be hard for the general public to deny any longer.

Much historical documentation long denied from public view will make it's way into mainstream.

As seen with many shows such as Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, people will have access to information long hidden. The scientific community will bring more to our attention by venturing out into space and slowly feeding the public what can be digested.

2015 is a leap forward to galactic communication.

Technology is helping us as a planet realize this truth.

No landings on the White House lawn. No invasion of alien forces.

A growing awareness of interdimensional beings and alien civilizations will become more mainstream in the coming year. Namaste, Cherie

So what do you think? Have you had experience with alien connections? How would you feel if you discovered that your neighbours actually came from a different dimension? Cherie is very interested in your thoughts on the subject of alien contact and UFO's, We invite you to share your stories here

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