Energetic, good with money and very fond of travel, Horses are the nomads of the Chinese Zodiac, roaming from one place or project to the next. This is the year when that long thought of move across the country may just work out. Others will take that big leap of faith and change professions, careers and jobs this year.

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Folks will want to get out more often, if for nothing more than a meal. We should see a rise in attendance at the theater, concerts, and especially any outdoor events.

But the bone specialists, physiotherapists and massage therapists may find themselves busier than usual this year. Folks will tend to play harder, sports enthusiasts will be more competitive, and there will be more injuries as a result.

Since horse is a worker, reliable and strong, willing to do what is necessary to get the job done, 2014 should be a year when we can get a lot accomplished. However Horse is easily distracted, loses interest rather quickly unless he is well-motivated… so, by year-end, we may see a trail of prematurely ended relationships  and find that there is long list of projects left incomplete, or prematurely ended.

Whoa Nelly… that’s how we’ll feel this year! But what a ride it will be – filled with opportunities and action for all if we can keep cool, stay flexible and willing to compromise.

It’s going to be a fast-paced year and not for the faint of heart. With the Wood Horse in charge, we can expect a turbulent, chaotic year. A year of unexpected wake-up calls. With Wood fueling the fiery horse, we can expect flare-ups when least expected, and unusual excesses among our leaders. People will fight for their ideals this year… conflicts will arise.

With fire energies running strong this year, we can expect some significant volcanic activity and some devastating fires come summer. International tensions and conflicts will persist, as will events involving fire-related calamities, volcanoes, explosions, air and sea accidents, wind disasters such as Katrina, as well as environmental challenges related to air, oil and water.  

Watch out for danger originating from the directions of south, north and northwest.

The energy, finance, entertainment and textile industries may be flat.

This is a year when we could hear some historic speeches, some amazing oratory, words that last through the ages. But money flows too freely, reserves are tapped and our leaders may end the year facing scandals.

2014 will be an enterprising year when entrepreneurial efforts and small businesses can flourish. Money matters will be high on almost everyone’s agenda. Things will move very quickly this year, a year of constant motion – another year of great change. The Earth itself will shake, rattle and roll this year. We will not be able to ignore the environmental issues. So despite the favourable influences that some will experience, this is a year to be wary, to avoid excesses, to carefully maintain your balance. This will be a year of incredible highs – and horrific lows.

After fire, Horse is has made the greatest contribution to the civilization of mankind…

How Horse Influences Your Sign

Rat: Be careful, Rat! This is a year to keep your head down, and your eyes on your wallet. On the upside, past efforts can pay off this year.

Ox:  If you are able to accept change and learn to adapt at the beginning of the year, you will do well in 2014 and could see many good opportunities come your way throughout the year.

Tiger: a good year for Tiger , especially in love and money…   Promotions, abundance, romance and contentment—committed Tigers can have it all this year.

Rabbit: Rabbit’s resourceful effort, kindness and good conduct bring positive recognition and personal happiness this year.  Good career prospects this year, just be patient when you get to feeling frustrated. Social life picks up as well as many family events, but budget your time and money. 

Dragon: This is a good year to slow down and take stock.   Avoid risks. With some determination and perseverance, you should be able to make the year of the Horse a successful and satisfying year.

Snake:  A new cycle opening for you. Finances are good but watch big expenditures by doing due diligence first. Spend time and vacations with people you love. The year might be busier than some snakes will enjoy, and romance could be on again off again… but overall, snake should find that they can make it through the year without too much stress.

Horse: A Great year for horse to get things done! but don’t be taking anyone or anything for granted.

Goat: Could be a good year for Goat, lots of new opportunities opening up. This is a great year for you to pay off debts and put aside some savings.  

Monkey: Not a bad year for the Monkey, there could even be some really good luck, especially in career and work! But don’t take any big risks this year, and beware a tendency to overwork.

Rooster: Career change, new or improved love life, advancement, perhaps a new home—2014 could be a year of big changes – a relief after the struggles of the last years.

Dog:  2014 can be a very satisfying and proactive year for the Dog where they can achieve a great deal with many satisfying rewards both emotionally and physically.

Pig:  A terrific year with opportunities in store for your career which will advance to the next level. Lots of social events happening but mind your budget – and your diet.  Could be a good year to find love.

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