by Teresa

I honestly can’t believe another year has come and gone. In fact, I’m still struggling with how far into this ‘new’ century we are…second decade already!?

But here are some thoughts that have run through my brain concerning this next year: 2013.

This number (2013) adds to 6 (2+0+1+3), and is the number of structure-function-order as well as space-power-time. I will also speak to the ‘13’, as we seem to use this ‘abbreviation’ quite often. Thirteen is the numeric equivalent of the Hebrew words for ‘unity’ and ‘love.’ I think this is very significant, considering we are now embarking upon Aquarius’ path. (Goodbye, Piscean Age of Fisher Kings and opposing forces! Hello, Divine Feminine whose thoughts help the balance of emotions! Love and Unity, here we come!) *big grin*

Six, the Hexad, is intimate with both Monad and Triad, the circle and triangle, unity and trinity, wholeness and balanced structure, applying their principles in an advanced way. This sounds very Aquarian to me.

And here’s the deal with that whole ‘space-power-time’ idea: Scientists have recognized that separating space and time is incorrect, but there is also a third factore power, which must be included. Every whole event occurs at the intersection of these three aspects. Hexad represents their framework.

Because the six is the doubling of three (the only other number in the Decad to do this is the Decad itself), it partakes of the Triad’s principle of balanced structure. How interesting…that is what the symbol of Aquarius does, too (balance).

Also interesting is how this year’s six is ‘created’. Ancient mathematical philosophers noticed that six is both the sum and product of its divisors, the first three terms (1, 2, and 3). Thus, to the ancients, six represents the parents (1 and 2) of all numbers with their firstborn (3), thus making a completed whole. The ancients called this the Perfection of Parts. These are the same numbers of the coming year…with a zero thrown in to boot. *grin*

There is much to be said about six, but I will just add this: the hexagram star (Star of David, Seal of Solomon, Mark of Vishnu, etc) signifies rising aspiration from below met by the descent of grace from above as well as Divine Feminine meeting Divine Masculine…a balance once again.

OK. So now the reading of the cards for this coming year’s first month:


This first card, Queen of Staves/Wands/Fire—Queen of the Thrones of Flame, is mature and self-possessed but also an accessible and popular ruler. Ah, Aquarius, we are so glad you are here! This queen has an affinity with the world of Nature, something we have sensed Aquarius would have as well. She is connected to the astrological sign of Leo (which Phil can explain far better than I). She is a queen of power as well as restraint. This, to me, is very good, as it could be quite possible the temptation to be overpowering in the face of what feminine and Divine Feminine have endured for centuries. This will be a time of aligning with Divine Feminine principles and finding balance as soon as possible. (This card was drawn in such a manner it tells me we will have a little difficulty with this last thought, but keep on keeping on. We’ll get it soon enough. *grin*) We will need to practice both courage and authority. We will see how to be both loyal and insightful in our relationships. Aquarius may be strict, but she is fair.

For January especially (and as long as you need to do so thereafter), explore the sources of your personal power and set your own limits. If you are a woman, you have the capacity to feel secure in your emotional needs; if you are a man, begin to see where you are already (or can begin to be) in touch with the feminine aspects of your personality and recognize them as a source of inspiration.

The fires of hearth and home will warm you as this new era begins. You will see it come as spring and begin to bud.


II Wisdom/The High Priestess, ruled by the moon…another Divine Feminine symbol. Gimel is its Hebrew Path (letter), the letter of Reward and Punishment. Jewish sages teach that the gimel symbolizes a rich man running after a poor man to give him charity, also an Aquarian ideal. The word gimel is derived from the word gemul, which in Hebrew means both the giving of reward as well as the giving of punishment. In Torah, both reward and punishment have the same ultimate aim: the rectification of the soul to merit to receive God’s light to the fullest extent.

Reward and punishment imply that man is free to choose between good and evil. This, too, is reminiscent of balance, is it not?

On the Tree of Life, this tarot path reaches to the very peak of creation, the first sephirah: Keter, the Crown. Wisdom is crowned with an element of untaintedness…unsullied and virginal. Ah yes, the Old Has Passed Away, Behold, All Things Have Become New! New Age. New Year. New Hope. New Manifestations! Woo hoo!

We are being called upon to enhance our powers of intuition to receive higher spiritual inspiration. I, personally, have been seeing this since the portal opening on 12/12/12. We may find ourselves tapping deeply into earlier memories, incidents from the past, and situations of conflict. There is an element of reserve and mystery in this card. She is guarding secret knowledge!!! We may now begin to see that which has been hidden. We will be guided from within.

We are opening ourselves to our intuitive potential and heeding our higher spiritual guidance. Keep calm and tranquil, and trust your own inner voice. Be a vessel for Divine Intuition.


XVII Grace/The Star, ruled by AQUARIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her Hebrew path is tzaddi, the letter of righteousness/rightness with All That Is!!!

This card, too, is associated with intuition, balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine (sun and moon), and balancing of opposing forces (which I can’t help but think is the balancing of that which came about in the Piscean Age. Wow. This is SO cool!!!!!!!!!). She also is connected to water (emotions) as well as the solidity of earth (demonstrating she can transit her intuitive powers to the physical world. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been experiencing this already, and wow!

She is related to the sphere (sephirah) of Netzach (Victory) on the Tree of Life. She signifies hope, inspiration and good health. Wow, what more could we want as the New Year and New Age begin?!?! Everything about this card is positive—we are truly blessed. You will receive the gifts of love and spiritual guidance, your life will be filled with purpose and happiness, and your intuitive powers will be greatly enhanced.

When we are a vehicle for the cosmic life energy, our life is filled with abundance and promise. When we trust the guidance (notice the ‘dance’ in abundance and guidance) of our inner light, our powers of love and creativity flow forth in the world.

This is going to be a great dawning of a New Year/Age! Step into with faith and hope and joy. Reach for the golden ring. Nothing is out of your reach from this day forward!!!

Happy 20-13…may Unity and Love enfold us all! Teresa

(Remember, both Unity & Love = 13 and really, at least to me, seem to symbolize the idea of the Age of Aquarius)

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