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2013 – a Snake Year

by Psychic/Astrologer Heather Zais

This is a number 6 year as 2013 added together becomes a 6. It is also the Snake year in the chinese zodiac (beginning feb. 10th). 6 is ruled by the planes venus, copper, pink, balance and justice. Focus on settling down, education, health and human rights and what is best for society in general; find your comfort zone.

 A time for marriage or cohabitation. Make decisions on home or home land – where you belong or your roots. More will seek love, peace and democracy under the influence of venus.

All medical personal, parents, caregivers and welfare workers come under the influence of the #6 also. Set goals. Take a stand; even things out. Seek what is fair. Decide who you are. Business will flourish. There will be additional heath and educational programs. Take responsibility. Be progressive.

Avoid gambling or unsecured speculation as consequences would be hard to recover from as the Snake year has no mercy. Underground activity and dealings increase; doing things “under the table”. Other focus on the underground will deal with secrets or behind the scenes deal making; some necessary. Further influence underground includes – mining, tunnels, tombs, subways and earth changes. Some explosions, upheavals, revolutions or cataclysmic events are natural or man made.

Volcanic activity, quakes, rattling and rolling continue. This will be a rain year as well – rising water, melting, waves, tornado’s and outages to deal with. Twister and cyclones included.

 The personality of the snake is intelligent, intuitive, sensual, secretive, shrewd and business minded. The dark side of the snake is treacherous, striking without warning with devastating results. Coups likely. An example of snake activity was the strike on pearl harbor in 1941 ( a #6 snake year) also. Conflicts from last year will escalate, so drastic action will be needed, triggering other events. When efforts at peace fail, it usually means war or unrest. Great efforts need to be made to avoid war; allow room for saving face.

Caustic venom and gossip will be spewed; much scheming afoot. The media will be filled accusations, scandals and “hissing” back and forth. Fangs bared, and going for the jugular. Some try to use an alias to dodge the attention or justice.

Remember the crash of 1929 (a snake year). Be proactive in staving off a repeat of the past. Avoid treachery, uncontrolled spending and the markets. Trust must be gained or restored.

The fashion industry will be more elegant and fluid. Arts and theatre blossom as more sophistication is desired. A balanced combination of curves and being thin is vogue. Shimmer and clothes like a second skin popular.

Science and technology will benefit with a focus on the spine and skin. The use of venom in medicine. Advances in treatment for whiplash, cancer and aids.

Other news items this year will include stories about:

Coins, drugs, Mexico, Texas, japan, Russia, Rome, Canada, Iran, NYC, Ogopogo, pigs, NRA, Guns, Police, Hunters, Jungle, Big Cats – Lions, tigers, cheetahs – owls, soft frost, melting, wine, solar flares, rail and pipelines (things that snake along) lightening strikes, Mars, rover, hikers, reptiles (caimans), indians, FOX, hypnosis, magic, forked tongue, fish, potato, Sam, Gray, Gates, Clintons.

For each sign:

aries – Take a more prominent role when bringing about change. Clarify position.
taurus – Prioritize when it comes to personal or business relationships. Plan ahead.
gemini – Love life is in focus; marry or attend weddings. Travel and seed adventure.
cancer – Connect with powerful or important people who can help with your wishes.
leo – Others respect your opinion or expertise. Your influence changes procedures.
virgo – Your position becomes more important with community. Involvement is good.
libra – Make long term plans. Locations become more important. Let go of the past.
scorpio – Keep things to yourself in order to have control; the velvet glove approach.
sagittarius – Your easygoing manner attracts favors and additional income. Travel.
capricorn – Show your strong, responsible side. It enhances your status or income.
aquarius – You transform into something others admire. Opportunity is open to you
pisces – Plans to expand are successful. Work with power brokers for financial gain.

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