2012: Awakening

By Christopher Allen Moeller

I have just finished reading the Mayan and Hopi prophecies. I am a Native American intuitive, and can confirm everything they said and more. One message above all you must all understand that is coming from every area of learning around the world.

From spirituality to science to medicine, even the UFO community, it is finally being remembered, rediscovered and taught that our consciousness has the power to change reality. Superficial differences are meaningless; we are all divine beings, and are in control of our own destiny as a human race.

It is our focus, our beliefs, our perspectives that must change in order to create the peaceful world we desire. This is scientifically proven on many levels. Do not doubt this fact. Our beliefs shape reality, and as we move closer to the empowering energy coming from the center of the galaxy, that ability is being amplified.

Our pattern of fear, selfishness, and abuse must end. Negativity only promotes negativity, and dis-empowers us. Fear and ignorance are two sides of the same coin, so we must all face our fears and learn to resolve them, even if that means challenging our current beliefs and learning the truth.

Scientifically it has also been documented and proven that when we unite on the quantum/spiritual level we significantly amplify the power of our consciousness.

War is not the answer, education and empowerment is the key. Stop trying to fight the system, and instead learn not to empower it. Those fighting to control and dis-empower us can only do so with the cooperation of others. Without servants, they have no power.

You are not alone. We are guiding those of you who ask for it, offering the answers that awaken and empower you. We are the light, and darkness can not extinguish light. They can not stop us from helping you, only try to deceive you and keep you distracted.

Your heart knows that you are capable of so much more than you are being told you are. Follow your heart and seek the truth. The laws of the universe will connect you to the beings and things you need to get your answers.

All of your greatest spiritual leaders have said these things, even though the darkness manipulating the dogma would have you believe differently. Read their teachings for yourself. Talk to God and trust that you will be given the truth you seek. Faith in a clear picture of having what you seek is the key that activates universal power and law.

Christopher Allen Moeller, Knight Development Group www.KnightMC.com

Dear CAM (I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to use your initials–and in looking up the meaning of that ‘name,’ I discovered it means “Beloved.”)
~ Dear ‘Beloved’ [Allen] ‘handsome, peaceful’ [Christopher] ‘Christ (anointed, light) bearer,’

Thank you for sharing these lovely, encouraging words. They remind me of other channeled writings, especially those of Orin and DaBen. They are filled with Light. In fact, I think it is probably more precisely stated: They Are Light.

What a world we would live in if only each and every one of us could open up to the grand possibilities of being One with this purpose and ideal. Many of us are coming to these realizations, and those who have dwelt in them for any amount of time have it within their realm of possibility to encourage the rest. It’s like being on the mountaintop and calling out direction and cheering the others on. Thank you for doing that for us today.

May you see the fulfillment of all you ‘see’ in spirit, and may we all come to know the truth of who we are and who we are meant to be…not just on this planet and plane of existence, but in the universe and time as well. Teresa

Thank you so much for your wonderful, enlightening letter. I totally agree with you. It is ALL ABOUT CONSCIOUSNESS! I recently did a lecture at the University of Florida about 2012 and the Mayan prophecies. The finale of the lecture was the message that consciousness is everything, and that we all have the power to change the matrix. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree